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The Best Things In Life Are Free

It is said that life is the product of our choices and decisions; we can turn our life into a paradise or in a curse. Our methodology creates a difference- whether we may live like a frog in the well, or we might be mindful enough about our environmental factors. God has presented us with numerous honorable elements of an upbeat and reliable life.

best life

We came in this world with some blessings, and these were relied upon to be with us for the long-lasting. But would we take them along when we depart from this world? No, it isn’t so as everybody comes single and goes single from this world. The very much played expression of this materialistic world is that nothing comes free. However, why is this so? It is so because now needs have been changed, and we have made our carries on with simple. On the off chance that we have cash in our pocket and can cause the world to feel our essence, everything is under our feet. Yet, there are some most fundamental and most basic things that no world’s intensity can buy and rule. Indeed, even the most extravagant man on this planet has insufficient sacks of cash to possess them.

best life

What are the free things in life ?

  • Most importantly, it is our LIFE that hits the rundown. We are breathing now since God has caused us to result in these present circumstances world, and we have not paid anything to him for this incredible effortlessness. We made relations like companions and family members after entering this phase of dramatization; however, there were two such people whom we were organically associated with us even before opening our eyes. Those were our PARENTS who instructed us to separate among good and evil and enlivened us to utilize the entire life. Individuals from OUR FAMILY are the most treasured people for us on the planet, and we pleased them to have with us; however, what paper affirms that we own them or they own us on account of our such and such installment. All things considered, they are with us since we were bound to live with them, and fate consistently comes free regardless of fortunate or unfortunate. This is one of the best thing in your life for free.
  • Values OF LIFE were with us when we conceived (and they were generally devout), yet around then, we were too youthful to even think about understanding them, and they gradually changed with the Earth around us. Our way of thinking of life got blended in with those of our loved ones, which brought about another arrangement of philosophies to manage us in the entirety of our later choices. It has made one a most loved individual like Gandhi and another a most scrutinized one like Hitler; however, they two have a few qualities for us to learn as one indicated the way to follow, and the other demonstrated the way that isn’t to follow. The most astonishing thing about this is it is for nothing. It relies upon us what we can pick up and what we can lose. This is one of the best thing in your life for free.
  • Other liberated from the cost jewel of our life is NATURE around us. We have the sun that brings another morning consistently; we have green fields to make that morning wonderful, tweeting winged creatures to push us to wake up, growing blossoms to see the excellence of life, and streaming water to soothe our eyes. This beautiful excellence of nature is the most lovable and the most esteemed present to the men that requests only a sharp spectator to respect. The incredible thing is that we have still paid nothing to appreciate this paradise on the Earth. This is one of the best thing in your life for free.
  • Relations or Friendship acts like ethical help during disappointment. Since the old times, it has been demonstrated that it is practically difficult to accomplish a target without relations. Also, at the hour of disappointment, relations are the best things, and again Relationship, companions are treasured. Relationships are priceless things in day-to-day existence. This is one of the best thing in your life for free.
  • Love is a raw string between people, which helps in making a decent connection. One can not make relations with some other individual based on the arrangement or any condition. Love is a sort of inspirational picture in existence to celebrate or handle any fortunate or unfortunate circumstance in a day to day existence. In everyday life, the best model is going through an end of the week or occasion with the cherished one at home instead of burning through alone at any top-notch inn or any seashore. This is one of the best thing in your life for free.
  • Memories are those pieces of life that can fulfill an individual, miserable or nostalgic/passionate. It is the last memory or experience just, which will be consistently there with a person. One can without much of a stretch actualize his/her previous involvement with present-day life or circumstance, yet it relies on singular how he/she sees his/her past. Great recollections are frequently recalled by everybody except individuals propelling themselves from past experiences once in a while accessible. Comprehensively there are two sorts of people in this world who persuade themselves from their past experience, another who fled by retaining his/her awful experience. The first sort of propelling individual will fruitful individual. So whatever sort of individual would recollections are consistently the best thing throughout everyday life.
best life


But now values are changing and men also. Men are moving towards money and have become materialistic. Feelings of love, affection, compassion, co-existence, and peace are losing their grounds.

It’s true that we are lucky enough to have some valuable things with us since our birth and are likely to have them till our last breath, but only if we could preserve them realizing their utility. If we start to take them for granted, then results would be disastrous.

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