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Every company’s website acts as the face of the company on the internet. The probable clients take an immediate decision about choosing that company for products or services based on the first impression they made by looking at the website. Keeping in mind such consumer behavior companies are highly crucial while selecting web developers for the projects. Due to such high demand for web developers, many graduates are inclined towards working for those best companies. Below we have listed the top 10 US companies that employ web developers.




IndiaNIC is involved in the development of such websites that can properly integrate with the physical stores of the client, such kind of websites are not developed by anyone in the market. Their team has years of experience in programming and web development because of their expertise in PHP, .NET, Java to build CMS, E-commerce, and business application. Not just from scratch development, they can also support the client’s team with back-end, front-end, and API solutions.


Unified Infotech


Unified Infotech works with the main objective of accelerating the client’s business. They are an award-winning business that provides tailored services to the client as per the requirement of their business. They work with forward-thinking start-ups, profit-making SMEs, and other enterprises that operate globally and provide them with custom-build software, web apps, and mobile applications. They are able to accelerate the client,s business through their smart planning, design thinking approach, and use of the latest technologies.

From the very beginning, they are focused on adapting their business with changing environment and technological developments. They welcome all individuals to join them who can rapidly adapt to changes and are innovative thinkers. 




Eleks is a global outsourcing company operating in almost 30 countries. They are a team of 1500+ experts who provide services across Europe and the U.S. to global clients with a full range of software services. Their services include custom software and product designing, quality maintenance services, R&D, and support and maintenance services. Due to their work, they have placed among the top 100 positions in the industry. They have partnered with enterprise clients and SMEs to provide better service by using their innovative technologies in their work, right now they are providing their services in the agriculture sector, to governments, the healthcare sector, and the industrial sector to help them digitally transform their business.  




Selleo is a software development company originally based in Poland but also have a headquarters in New York, United States. They have successfully completed their 150+ projects with clients from all over the world. They are backed up with a team of agile developers and some partnerships with other specialized companies who not only know one skill but are also experts in developing new skills rapidly enabling them to cater to even the most complex business problems.

Because they work in an agile team they require professionals with abilities to adapt to changing environments and can learn new skills. Developers can learn a lot in this company.




Iflexion is the market leader since 1999 in providing companies belonging to different industries with custom build applications regardless of the domain in which they are operating, their geographical location, and organizational structure. They are backed with a team of 850+ IT professionals to serve the client’s interests through the development of custom software. They have developed expertise through years of experience in full-cycle custom software development, business commitment, and trusted communications with their customers and partners, these factors have supported them in shaping their tech knowledge.




OpenGeeksLab is involved in the business of the development of websites that add real value to the user’s business. They have proved that how a strategic approach at the time of planning further process provides an estimation of required resources and development time estimation, planning for the deadline, and makes further working on the project easy. They believe in their team-leading capability and their leadership in technology along with their 8+ years of experience from which they make sure that client’s projects will go in the right direction. 




S-pro is a technology partner to many innovative startups and other enterprises, they empower these businesses by digitalizing their whole business process and synchronizing them as per the industrial requirements of the company. They conduct research on the market in which customer is running the business and provide a customized solution to them. Their R&D department applies their background and world best practice of in-depth market study, business, and develops a comprehensive version of the solution.




Spec India is a web designing company headquartered in New Jersy, United States. With their team of 300+ consultants, the provide quality solutions to customers at a global level. In over 30 years of their journey, they have provided their services to even Fortune 500 companies. They have obtained expertise in providing consultancy in the field of Custom Software Development, Web & Mobile Apps Development, BI & Analytics Solutions, Automation & Security Testing, Legacy Software Migration, Product Engineering, and IoT Solutions.

Spec India welcomes you to enrich your career to the next level, to provide you an opportunity to work with industry experts. 




OpenXcell is a software development company incorporated in the year 2009, headquartered in California, United States. They are known in the industry for their faster adaptation of to latest technology and innovative approach towards client’s problems and hence became one-stop destinations by offering end to end business and technology solutions. They are involved in the development of industry-leading & most reliable software and web and mobile applications and also client’s business-process synchronized websites due to which the managed to make a stellar reputation in the technology industry.  


DCSL Software Ltd.


DCSL Software Ltd. is a web development company based in New Jersey, United States. They are one of the best web development companies in the US. Not only web development they are also involved in the development of web and mobile applications, and customized systems to streamlined business processes and create new revenue generation streams for innovative start-ups and other enterprises. Their main focus is on doing all this in a cost-effective and intelligent way.   



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