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Top 8 career Options after B.Tech / Engineering

Hello readers, we are back again with another blog this time we will cover Top 8 career Options after B.Tech / Engineering. You completed your engineering and not able to get your dream job or career you want. So now what you give up! or you fight with more force. That’s how we come into the picture in this blog we will suggest the top 8 career options after B.Tech / Engineering to boost your career.

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Higher study in engineering

We all dreamt to study in top institutions like IITs, IIMs, NIT, or some other but some of us made it and others don’t. Leave the past behind and get your bags to pack and start to prepare to get into one of those institutions. After engineering, one can start with GATE preparation or can also start with TOEFL/IELTS and GRE to get into the top institutions around the world. Students can go for M.Tech/M.E or M.S. degree usually from a foreign university. Also one can go for PHD. or Research fellow.

Career Options After Btech

MBA after engineering

 Many of the students who do their Btech or engineering are not good with their subjects and wish to switch their domain so for those people MBA is a very good option. Students should have skills like leadership quality, analytical skills, reasoning ability, and teamwork efficiency. Students can target Exams like CAT, SNAP, NMAT, GMAT, XAT, IIFT to get into some good institutes. These all exams are aptitude written exams and not so hard to crack and after that one can land to one of the top institutes in the world.  After completing an MBA a student can get into the place where he wishes to go.


 There are so many Certifications are available that can give you expertise in a Niche domain. GOOGLE, CISCO, IBM, REDHAT, MICROSOFT, AMAZON, etc are some of the names one can do a course from. Courses like Robotics, Ethical Hacking, Protocol Testing, VLSI, Embedded Technology, Machine learning, Designing, Blockchain, Digital Marketing, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, etc. Jobs in this sector are better paid and also add a specialized educational qualification and skill to the resume.


 Can start your own startup

In the past, engineers were not very confident with the concept of startups. But, after seeing the success of many Startups like OLA, TikTok, WOBOT, etc the new generation has started to enter this field. It requires a lot of patience but the returns are also very good and sometimes priceless. This is the best option for the person who has unique ideas and for money one can approach an investor. This gives an individual the freedom to express their creativity and ideas. A startup is a new trend nowadays where you can start something of your own with just 2-3  people working with you on a small scale pr sometimes even alone can start ur startup. The government is also supporting this initiative with proper guidance and mentorship programs and there are so many free and paid online courses also to get some ideas about how to start your own startups. They also support it by providing financial support in terms of the loan and other benefits.

PSU Jobs

 One can apply in PSUs like GAIL, BHEL, SAIL, and IOCL that offer great pay, security, and a respectable position in society. They just required a valid GATE score for that particular year.

Prepare for CIVIL services Exams

 More than 700000 graduates prepared for IAS, IPS, IFC, and other civil services exams you can also be one of them. One just required a correct strategy with a corrective action plan and tie to prepare for the same as well. This career option will give you satisfaction every single day that you directly serve the nation along with Good Salary and other government amenities.

career options after btech

Defense preparation

We all watch TV and herd news about the Indian army, airforce, navy, or like the personality of an officer their rank badges or the way they carry their selves. Nowadays defense forces required lots of smart people who are good in a hybrid war, good with technology and communications. One can be an officer in Defence after Exams like AFCAT, CDS, UPSE other exams, and SSB interview with a proper medical check-up.

Can be a teacher

 After your graduation, One can be a teacher one the subject he likes for an exam he can be a teacher of any subject eg: maths, science, engineering for any other subject of his choice. The students who love academics can also join an engineering college as a teacher. The profession gives ample opportunity to grow one’s professional life. The candidate can also give coaching classes to those students who are trying to get admission to engineering for JEE mains and advance. It can also be an additional source of income and will also help in brushing up the knowledge. 

So here is the some career Options after B.Tech / Engineering to boost your Career that can help you choose your career.


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