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The hotel management industry is booming and buzzing right now and more people are wanting to study in top hotel management courses and understand the career path and working in the hotel management industry. The students are getting more and more aware of the importance of this industry as the economic revenue and the booming need of this industry are getting importance in popularity. The students who are willing and wishing to courses to choose and from which college should they pursue that course. There are numerous career possibilities in this industry which makes it a little difficult to understand what specifically they want as a future profession but it also gives multiple options to choose from. After the student completes a degree or any course in hotel management they have numerous career path options to choose from.

The fastest-growing and most populous city in India is Mumbai. People from all over the country travel to Mumbai to study as well as to search for their ideal professions because of the city’s numerous career prospects. The hotel industry has many exiting and rapid. The hotel management is the kind of course that can never be just read about or studied about, the students need to see the working and the administration of the hotel industry in order to understand what they are being taught. Students who have completed degree or certificate programs in top hotel management courses will be in high demand because of how quickly this business is expanding. There can never be enough hotel management professionals because everyone will always require food and drink, people will travel and need a place to stay, they will need the room services, and they will need hotel services in general, there can never be enough hotel management specialists.

To pursue their interests and goals, students from all over the world travel to Mumbai, which is renowned as the “dream city” and “film city.” And if you are one of those students, this blog will be very beneficial for you.

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Here is the list of top universities or colleges that delivers the best education in the field of Hotel Management:-


The best place to study hospitality management in India is at the CII Institute of Hospitality. Due to their affiliation with the EHL Switzerland, it has relevance not only for Indian students but also for students from other countries. This university not only offers admittance to international students but also gives foreign businesses the chance to be placed there. The Swiss International Professional Diplomas are available from the CII Institute of Hospitality and have VET approval (Vocational Education and Training). The largest hotel operator in India, ITC Hotels Limited Company, which operates over 100 hotels across 70 distinct sites in India, is a partner in the courses being given. The ITC manages a number of opulent hotels and offers its visitors luxurious services in an ethical manner. 

The ITC chain includes all of India top five-star accommodations. Only ITC offers such high-quality services on this scale. Students are given the opportunity to experience their own hotels, observe how hotels operate and gain a deeper understanding of the entire sector. The fact that ITC is affiliated with the CIIIH provides students with an added benefit because they can train and learn while getting to know the business side of the industry. In addition, the CII Institute offers hands-on experience, educational excursions, industry visits,  seminars, workshops, and guest lectures. Its faculty members are among the most qualified, experienced, and committed to delivering top-notch instruction. Each of the 18-month diploma courses offered by the CIIIH has its own unique characteristics. Along with learning about hotel management, the students also receive training for careers in business. The entire process of personality development takes place over the course of these 18 months, which is crucial if you want to succeed in the hotel management field.



The majestic ITC Maratha reaffirms the understated grandeur and ethos of warm Indian hospitality. The stately ITC Maratha confirms the understated grandeur and culture of genuine Indian hospitality. It is ideally adjacent to both the domestic and international airports, as well as the economic hubs of north and central Mumbai. The hotel is the ideal choice for a business trip to India’s financial capital or to spend a vacation at the gateway to Maharashtra because it features exquisitely furnished rooms and suites, distinctive cuisine, bespoke wellness, and a variety of elaborate banqueting facilities. Beaches, forts, wildlife sanctuaries, vineyards, hill stations, and places of worship are just a few of the tourist attractions found in Maharashtra. Hence Many high-quality hotels and resorts may be found in Maharashtra. The main hospitality market in India has always been in Mumbai, the nation’s  commercial metropolis. In the past ten years, top hotel brands have turned this city’s financial center into a top travel destination. The Swiss programs aid in a student’s overall development and ensure that they are equipped to handle any difficult situations that may arise in the future. In any area of hotel management administration, they will be able to resolve any issue. 

The programs offered by the CII Institute of Hospitality- ITC Maratha are:-

1. Culinary Professional Diploma

2. Rooms Professional Diploma

3. Food & Beverage Services Diploma



The Inspire Academy is well known for its exclusive programs in Aviation, Hospitality Management, Hotel Management, and Travel and Tourism Management. This academy offers programs that prepare students for corporate life. The courses that the Inspire Academy offer are well researched and updated regularly to stay relevant to the newer technologies. This academy has tie-ups with the finest hotels in the Industry, many airlines, and cruise liners which helps the students to see the real and corporate world working in the Hospitality and Travel industry. The Inspire Academy has one of the best campuses in the entire world. There are many on- campus facilities that are provided so that the students can learn, study and have fun. The classrooms of the Inspire Academy are audio and visually equipped. It also has a great and giant library that encompasses all the books that the students will be needing while they are at the institute. Also, the pantry of the academy is regularly stocked up for the students. All these facilities help the students in saving time and focusing on their studies. Inspire Academy is one of the best college which provide top hotel management courses:-

1. Bachelor in Culinary Studies

2. Bachelor in Hospitality studies

3. BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) in Travel and Tourism

4. Diploma in Hotel Management



The Institute of Hotel Management delivers a high-quality education while also providing industry oriented practical exposure to the students. The IHM is one of the oldest institutes of hospitality in India. The main aim of the IHM is to provide comprehensive education and has succeeded in doing so for a decade. That is why the Institute of Hotel Management is also known as the “ The Center of Excellence”. Which makes it one of the best hotel management universities. The Institute of Hotel Management also offers the only vegetarians hotel management courses also. 

IHM is one of the  institute which provide the following top Hotel Management courses:- 


B. Sc Hospitality and Hotel Management

3 Years

Diploma in Food Production

1.5 Years

Craft Course- COOKERY

3 Months

Craft Course- BAKERY

3 Months

Hospitality Training Program in Food Production

8 Weeks

Hospitality Training Program in Bakery

8 Weeks

Hospitality Training Program in Food & Beverages

6 Weeks

Hospitality Training Program in Housekeeping Utility

6 Weeks


MCHMCT is a college that has specialized experience in imparting knowledge in the stream of hotel management. The faculty of this college has great experience in the field of the hotel management industry, and are teaching the students practical knowledge to the students. The students are prepared for working in the professional world and solve any issue that they face regarding working and administration. The MCHMCT has a panel of the hotel management industry and they come together to guide the students in choosing the right career path and imparting the valuable knowledge that they have gained over the years working in the hotel industry. They also assist the students in the placement and help them get the job and package of their dreams. This college has been one of the best hotel management industry education providers. 

MCHMCT is one of the institute which provide the following top Hotel Management courses:-

1. Bachelor in Science (B.Sc.) in Culinary Arts
2. Bachelor in Science (B.Sc.) in Hotel Management
3. Diploma in Hospitality Management



ITM Institute of Hotel Management is one of the top colleges in Mumbai which provides the best education and internships and placement opportunities. The curriculum of the ITM IHM is very precise and high-tech. All the necessary subjects and skills are incorporated into the curriculum of hotel management at this institute. Everything a student needs to learn and know about the hotel industry is in their courses. This institute also has many collections and associations with hotels, resorts, and also many professionals in the industry. They also provide internships and placement opportunities with the associate industries which help students get a kick start in their careers and also a chance to gain practical exposure to the industry. 

The placement opportunities offered by the ITM Institute of Hotel Management are with top-notch organizations and firms. It not only prepares the students for working in the hotel industry but also helps them gain more professional and soft skills that will be beneficial for the students in the long run such as language abilities, personality development, professional grooming, and code of conduct in a formal surrounding and many more. These skills not only help in the hotel management industry but in any career path the students choose.

ITM is one of the institute which provide the following top Hotel Management courses:-

1. Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Studies
2. Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Studies
3. Bachelor of Arts in International Hospitality and Tourism Management
4. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in International Hospitality and Tourism Management
5. Bachelor of Arts in International Culinary Arts
6. Diploma in Patisserie and Confectionery
7. Certificate course in Cruise Operations




The RAGC is an academy that offers vocational studies and educational training to students. The Rustomjee Academy for Global Careers is also the title holder of “The Best Vocational Training Provider” by the FICCI and UK British Council. The RAGC has two campuses in Mumbai which are:- Thane and Dahanu. This academy has been the provider of one of the best vocational studies in India and has gained recognition accordingly. They have a specialized education system for informing and coaching the students in the hotel industry. The divisions in which the RAGC has expertise are Food and Beverage stewards, a Multi-Cuisine Chef, and Housekeeping and Pastry Chef. They believe in educating the students in order to make the students the manpower that this country needs. The education structure they follow is with the specific principle of making the students capable of leading the industry one day, creating the future business persons who will build their own multi-national companies and aid us all from the disease of unemployment that India is suffering 

RAGC is one of the institute which provide the following top Hotel Management courses:-

– Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc) in Hotel Management
The duration of this degree is 3 years which encompasses 6 semesters.


The Rizvi College of Hotel Management has been the provider of information, technological skills, and technical requirements for the hospitality industry. This college has been recognized for its way of educating students for decades. They believe that the hospitality industry is growing so fast that there will be a lack of employees working in the hospitality industry and that is why they are working on young minds and helping them become the future leaders of this industry. This college teaches the exclusive skills and abilities that you will need while working in the hotel industry

RIZVI is one of the college which provide the following top Hotel Management courses:-

1. Bachelor of Science (HS)
2. Diploma in HS
These are Mumbai top-tier universities that offer top-notch instruction in the hotel management field. These fields offer students the best educational frameworks and opportunities for appropriate practical and industrial exposure. These programs prepare students for careers in the corporate world and the hotel management sectors. They also help you develop and shape the student’s personality so that they are capable of handling any problems that arise in the course of their employment. Hotel management students receive instruction that extends beyond the requirements of the industry. They learn teamwork, leadership, analytical, and logical skills that are applicable to any job path or stage of life. The hotel management sector has experienced the strongest growth in recent years and will continue to be crucial.
So, best of luck with all of your future endeavors.

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