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XAT 2019 Question Paper

XAT 2019 Question Paper : The paper follows two sections, the first section covers language and comprehension abilities, decision-making, quantitative ability & data interpretation, while the other deals with general knowledge and essay writing. We have been offering the PYQ for 8 years and have several test modules of the PYQ available on our website.

XAT with Previous Year Question Papers and Solutions

Introduction to XAT 2019 Question Paper

One of the most important things to do to succeed on the Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) is to prepare for the XAT paper. The XAT is one of the hardest and most competitive MBA entrance examinations in India, thus you need to make sure you are ready for each component of the test by taking a calculated approach. This blog will explore the value of XAT question paper practice, their potential to enhance your preparation, and practical application techniques. This thorough guide is meant to be your go-to resource whether you are taking the test for the first time or want to do better than you did the last time.

XAT 2019 Question Paper Overview

One of the key elements to passing the Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) is preparing for the XAT paper. Being one of the hardest and most competitive MBA entrance examinations in India, the XAT demands a calculated approach to make sure you are ready for each component of the test. This blog will discuss how to use XAT question papers effectively, why it’s important to practice with them, and how they can help you prepare. This extensive guide intends to be your go-to resource whether you are taking the test for the first time or want to improve on your past score.

The first step to efficient preparation is comprehending the format of the XAT Question Paper. The various components of the XAT exam are intended to assess distinct talents. The following are the important sections:

  • Ability to Communicate and Think Logically.
  • Making Quantitative Decisions and Interpreting Data.
  • Common Knowledge .
  • Composing Essays

XAT 2019 Question Paper : Highlights

It is essential to fully comprehend all of the exam’s details prior to taking the XAT. This knowledge will contribute to better comprehension and more effective planning. The following are some crucial points to consider:

XAT Exam Structure

XAT Exam Structure

Exam Details Information
Number of sections 5
XAT time limit 3 hours and 30 minutes (210 minutes)
Number of questions 105
Total marks 105
Number of answer choices Five
Mode of examination Online
XAT marking scheme +1 mark for correct answer
-0.25 marks for incorrect answer
-0.10 marks for more than 8 consecutive un-attempted questions
No negative marking in GK section

Detailed Breakdown of the XAT 2019 Question Paper

There are two portions to the XAT Pattern, and a total of 101 questions are anticipated. The anticipated question distributions are shown below:

Sections Total Questions Time Allotted
Part 1
Verbal and Logical Ability 26 175 minutes
Decision Making 22
Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation 28
Part 2
Mock Keyboard Testing 5 minutes
Part 3
General Knowledge 25 30 minutes
Essay Writing 1
Total 102 210 minutes

Marking Scheme for XAT 2019 Question Paper

It is essential to comprehend the marking scheme in order to plan out your exam attempts. The XAT exam uses the following marking criteria:

  • Right Response: + 1 point
  • Erroneous response: -0.25
  • Unattempted Questions: There is a penalty of -0.10 marks for each question that is not attempted after the first eight.

Key Highlights of XAT 2019 Question Paper

  • The XAT exam lasts for three hours, or 180 minutes.
  • Negative Marking: Strategic response is necessary when receiving a negative mark for an inappropriate response.
  • Time management: With the various portions and differing degrees of difficulty, efficient time management is essential.
  • Sectional Cut-offs: Candidates may have to meet unique cut-offs in each section.

XAT 2019 Exam : Section-Wise Analysis

As you can see, the XAT Pattern has been slightly altering throughout time. This makes preparing for the XAT Exam a little more challenging, but since the sections haven’t changed, it is still possible to get an overview of the syllabus.

1: Verbal and Logical Ability

The VARC and LR sections from the CAT Exam are combined into one component. Other than reading comprehension, the subjects that are typically assessed in this section are:

  • Terminology and Analogy
  • Jumbled Paragraphs and Completed Paragraphs
  • Critical Thinking
  • Statements and Hypotheses

2: Decision Making

This section of the CAT, or any other MBA admission exam, is completely test-free. There are six paragraphs from the prior year, each with two to three questions.

No special preparation or curriculum is needed for this part, as the candidate’s capacity for clear thought will be the deciding factor. Furthermore, the series of questions ensures that the answers provided by the candidate are consistent with one another.

3: Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation

Similar to section 1, this section combines two CAT Exam sections. The questions on quantitative ability and data interpretation are included in this section. Three to four questions typically follow the Data Interpretation sets.

The Quantitative Ability exam follows the same syllabus as the CAT, with the following topics being the most commonly asked:

  • Work and Time Percentage
  • Loss and Profit
  • Calculations
  • Number Schemes
  • Algebra;
  • Geometry;
  • Clocks
  • Measurement
  • Venn Graphs
  • Tables
  • Bar Schematics

In XAT 2025, the section was divided into 25 QA questions and 3 DI questions.

4: General Knowledge

The general knowledge section of the XAT 2025 is expected to encompass anything from trivia to current events and not have a syllabus. The questions combine broad knowledge based on historical tendencies with current happenings in a balanced manner. The syllabus for this part could include anything from technology to politics and literature.

5: Essay Writing

The essay writing section was reinstated in the 2019 XAT pattern, giving applicants a selection of three essay options. There is no syllabus for this section, and essay subjects are often provided based on abstract concepts and conceptual frameworks.

XAT 2019 Exam : Difficulty Level

According to the analysis of the previous year’s XAT exam, the exam’s complexity is expected to vary from moderately demanding. The following table displays the precise level of difficulty for every section of the XAT 2019 exam:

XAT Sections
XAT Sections Difficulty Level
General English Moderate to Difficult
Analytical & Logical Reasoning Moderate to Difficult
Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency Moderate to Difficult

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How frequently should I use the question paper for practice?

It is advised to regularly practice using question papers. Since efficient preparation requires consistency, make it a weekly goal to incorporate these papers into your study schedule.

2. Can a paper from the prior year aid in time management?

Yes, by mimicking exam conditions and estimating how much time to devote to each part, studying with past year’s papers aids in the development of good time management abilities.

3. Should I base all of my preparation exclusively on last year’s papers?

In order to ensure thorough preparation, it’s crucial to incorporate additional study resources, mock examinations, and practice questions in addition to the question paper.

4. How can I improve my preparation by using the XAT 2019 Question Paper for practice?

A: It aids in exam pattern comprehension, time management enhancement, strength and weakness identification, and confidence building.


The XAT 2019 Question Paper is a crucial tool for those trying to score well on the test. Through in-depth examination of the question paper, comprehension of the degree of difficulty, and consistent practice, you may increase your readiness and raise your chances of success. Recall that the secret to doing well on the XAT exam is to be consistent and dedicated. If you use the information from the XAT 2019 question paper to inform your preparation approach, you will have no trouble reaching your MBA goals.

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