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6 things to ask yourself before leaving a job

Not to offend anyone, but nowadays it is like a trend to just leave a job and pursue a “passion”. Many working professionals, following this trend, leave their well-paying job for making a career in something that they just ‘like’ and they really don’t have passion in. They try to show themselves as cool and end up screwing their career for doing something that they don’t even love. So, we here, at careerguide.com, are going to list a few things to keep in mind before quitting from a job. You should ask these questions before leaving a job. The following is the list.

Am I financially stable to live a few months without getting paid?

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The first thing to ask yourself before leaving a job is that would you be able to live without getting paid for a few months. This is because it is not necessary that you will find a job just after quitting. These are difficult times and getting a job today is very difficult. There is a lot of competition in market. So, make sure that you have a good amount of bank balance before leaving a well-paid job. It would not be nice to ask or loan some money after quitting a job. 

 Will it affect me and my close ones in a drastic way?

Another important question to ask yourself is that whether it would affect you or your close ones in a drastic way, because if it does, then you must wait till things are levelled and then think about quitting. If your family is having a crisis and having money problems and then you decide to quit your job, it can put a lot of pressure and hardship on them. They can face difficult times due to your one mistake which you didn’t thought about clearly. So, taking all those things in perspective, decide whether you want to leave the job or not.

Is it worth it?

Considerably, the most important question that a working professional should ask themselves before leaving a job is that is it worth it? If you leave a job and after some time you think about it and are not happy about the decision you made, then it would not be worth it. You should be happy while leaving the job. Because at the end, the only thing that matters is your own happiness. You have to answer that question to yourself before leaving. If you get a positive response, then only quit the job or else you will regret your whole life ahead. Think whether you will regret this decision after 5 years or not. You will then automatically get your answer. If you will regret this decision after 5 years, never choose that decision.

What will I do after leaving this job?

An important thing to do before leaving a job is to plan for your future. You should be aware about what you would be doing after you quit your job. It would be very disappointing, even for you, to sit idle in your home and make no money. You will then start to self-doubt and may ruin yourself. So ask yourself what you will be doing after leaving your current job.

Am I being realistic?

The Realistic Job Preview: Everything You Need to Know - Harver

This question is very important for you to ask yourself. You should always check whether you are being realistic or not. If you are leaving a job due to a grudge or a quarrel and you think that you will easily get a job anywhere, calm yourself and think clearly. Repeatedly ask yourself, whether you are being realistic or not. You should be sceptic and think clearly and honestly. You know yourself better than anyone. You know your strengths and weakness and only you know the truth of whether you will get a stable job after quitting this one. So, think accordingly before taking any decision.

Can I give this job another try?

So, the last thought to give before leaving a job is that whether you can give this job another try or not. If you are capable and able to give your current job one more try, give it and try to make the best out of it now. Think broadly and now try to make things right which were not before. You may end up in your current job and even get a better post. It is all destiny.

So, above was the list of things sk yourself before leaving a job. Hope that it was of some help. Best of Luck!!!


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