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7 ways career counsellor mentally helps students

Career counselling is a very important element in today’s life as we go through a lot of stress and anxiety in what we do. There are counsellors for every different field like marriage counsellors, career counsellors, and many others. People are shy to go to a counsellor due to peer pressure and due to the fear of others judging them. But it is very important to go to a counsellor when in need as they are well educated to help one solve their problems. Students life is very confusing and busy as they need to decide for their future at every step like what they want to pursue, from where who should they trust and many such questions, here are some points how career counselling helps students: 

career counsellor helps students

Proper future planning

Students many times know what they want to pursue in their lives but they are unaware of how they should pursue their interests. Well, educated career counsellor helps students decide and plan their future, they help them find colleges and courses related to their interest and help them decide on how they can achieve them. Many times parents are confused and students struggle because of this, here counsellors can help parents by clarifying their doubts.

Acceptance towards non-academic courses

Students Problems

Many times parents are concerned about their child opting for non-academic courses for their future as they fear that their child might end up becoming a failure or a low pay scale job, they also fear about the social status. Because of this many creative students end up pursuing something mainstream in which they are not interested. To prevent this, career counsellors can help students by informing parents about the scope of the various non-academic fields and help students pursue it and help students to become more creative. 

Helps you get organized

Some students are confused about what they want to do and how should they pursue it. Many times students are unaware of what they want to do. In such situations, career counsellors can help students by analyzing and discussing the opportunities available out there and educating them about the various courses they can pursue according to the students’ interests. They can also help parents clear their doubts. With proper sessions and analysis, counsellors can help with a proper plan and backups as it is difficult with so many advancements to select what is best for one without taking professional help. Many times students end up selecting wrong career paths and regret it in the future.

Speak To Counsellor

Helps fight negativity, depression, anxiety issues

During the admission process many students face problems because they could not make it to the college they aimed for and this leads to anxiety and depression issues. When one is not able to fulfil their goal in life they feel low and if not handled properly this may lead to depression and hypertension in students causing some serious health issues. Counselling can prevent such crises as the counsellors know both human behaviour and about the colleges which can be considered as an option. When students don’t achieve the success they intend to achieve, negative thoughts that are not good for them takes place. Career Counsellors can help students fight negative thoughts and direct the students in a positive and constructive direction. 

Career Counsellor

Decrease confusion and get better ideas- After proper discussion with the counsellors, most confused students achieved the stability of their minds. Career counsellors can help the students by educating them about the scopes and work included in a field. many times during pursuing a field students feel confused as they are not performing up to the mark and feel to quit, here career counsellor helps students by communicating and finding out the difficulties they are facing and by giving ideas for the future. 

Counsellors are trustworthy and aware support- As it is the job of the counsellors to stay up to date about the courses and details related to the career of the students, they become trustworthy support. They know there work and can guide the students without much trouble. They are a reliable source where students can get an unbiased opinion. Students are seen trusting counsellors more than anyone as counsellors are the one who listens to the problems they are facing without being judgemental and students feel safe with them.

After discussion strengths and weaknesses are identified- After a healthy discussion and sharing with the counsellor students can identify their strengths and weaknesses. By knowing these, it makes the job of deciding what to pursue in the future simple, for both parents and students. And career counsellors identify what is most suitable for the student without any bias.

By these points, we can definitely say that it is very important for students to consult counsellors for their career advice at least once before making any big decision. It reduced stress, confusion, and doubts students have before selecting a career. 

Hope this article helped.


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