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Best 6 Online Platforms to learn new skills

This pandemic has created many new normals and online learning is one of them. Colleges, Schools have taken classes virtually. Many sectors have employed work from home policy to ensure that their work goes smoothly despite the pandemic. However, Schools and Colleges are done with their exams and are shut until further notice. This has left us with the most crucial and useful thing that is time. The time that we have got in this pandemic can’t go in online gaming or regretting any canceled future experiences that we could have. Skill development in these times is the best and most productive utilization of time. Many online educational platforms have come up at affordable prices and many people are improving themselves through these platforms.  The availability of many platforms confuses a person as to which one matches their own interest, needs, and goals. This article is going to expand upon 10 famous online platforms and explain what each has to offer and how much they cost. You may have heard of them before. Reading about these 10 in this article will make you a lot clearer about which programs to purchase. This article also explains different premium plans these platforms and what each of the premium plans has for you.


Skillshare is an open online platform where anyone can upload courses in their areas of expertise. Skillshare offers short courses ranging from 16 hours long courses to 15 minute long courses. The category of the courses ranges from Art&crafts to Photography and music, Web- Development to Lifestyle& Self Development, Leadership& Management to Digital Marketing. There are many categories to explore in this platform. There are monthly, yearly plans at a free one month trial as well. When you sign up for basic, you can also get a mail for buying premium for 2 months free that is a really great deal. The monthly payment is $15 and if you buy it yearly (billed annually), it can be around $99 per year ($8.25 per month).


Coursera offers courses from many renowned universities in the world. The courses can just enhance your knowledge about subjects such as politics or economics or teach you many crucial skills such as web-development or problem-solving. The universities offer courses in many disciplines here and you get a certificate if you clear the courses successfully. You are required to give exams, quizzes, and submit projects to get through the course successfully and earn a certificate.

Many Indian Universities also have ties with Coursera that offer their students free Coursera courses. The best feature of Coursera is that courses are offered by the best universities such as Yale, Duke, or Michigan University. Coursera does offer free courses however you are required to pay for the course if you need a certificate. The payment can range from $30 to $100 as well. Coursera also provides monthly subscription. Coursera offers many specializations as well for monthly payments. However, the courses you choose depending upon your need can do wonders for you as they are taught by the experts. Coursera offers financial aid as well for the students who are unable to pay for their certifications. 

online platforms learn new skills


Udemy has over 10000 courses and millions of subscribers. However, the courses on Udemy can be very costly for some. Udemy does provide the option of trying the course for a month with a refund policy. Some courses are available at a lesser price than the original price during sales. With more than 10000 courses, you can get confused while choosing the courses. However, Udemy does provide preview lessons that can clear out your apprehensions and you need to be aware of any weekly ongoing sales. The instructor has the freedom to put prices on their courses and some courses can be costly without great quality. Some courses can be really great as well, one should check previews, reviews in order to choose the best course for themselves. 

online platforms learn new skills


Duolingo has become the one-stop destination to learn a new language or enhance your knowledge of your known language. Duolingo is free and it can be used to learn many new languages at different levels. Having in-depth knowledge about the nuances of different languages can also teach you more about cultures, beliefs, etc. Most importantly, it improves your communication significantly in multiple languages. The vocabulary improves significantly in the second and one’s own language. Many part-time translators jobs also require good knowledge of a second language, Duolingo provides you a solid foundation.


With Codeacademy, you can become an efficient web-developer in a span of three months if you learn with commitment. Coding and web development are the skills that are in most demand right now.  If you on a portal such as Internshala, most of the internships are going to be about web development. Codeacademy has emerged as a very famous platform to begin one’s coding journey. Codeacademy offers both basic and Pro package. The basic package is free and contains many limited courses and offers very few privileges. The basic plan can be good for beginners, however, if one wants to learn full-fledged web development, A pro plan is necessary.  Pro-Plan is available at 1199INR per month. Discount coupons and offers are also available at certain times. 

online platforms learn new skills


Edx and Coursera are very similar in the sense that they do offer courses by renowned universities via online platform. Courses from almost all disciplines such as History, Computer Science, Music, Philosophy, and so on are there. The courses without certification can be done for free, however courses with certification require one to pay for the course. Many professional courses are available for working professionals as well, they offer courses for corporate training as well. Edx also has a need-based financial aid model. Auditing courses can be free and certification can cost around $50 to $100.

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