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10 Impacts of the new education policy on students

Recently the Indian Education system is reconstructed after 34 years, with various reforms and changes. These reforms and changes will help students at different stages in the future. Here in this article, we will discuss some impacts of the new education policy on students which will take place in the next five years-


As the new education policy consists of many reforms and changes. As a result, confusion can take place in teachers as well as students. It will take some to get used to these new changes. Teachers will also get training for the new system in the next few years, and after this, they will be able to guide the students better. Students who are in the middle of their schooling will face difficulty by these sudden changes as awareness about the program is less.


Students and teachers will have to adapt to the new policy which will take some time. Parents are also not aware of the system, and as a result, students will have more difficulty in adapting the system. It will take a few years to adopt this new system, but after it, students will be at ease.

Impacts of the new education system on students, this shows the flexibility of system.

More opportunities and flexibility

As there is no hard separation of streams such as Arts or Commerce, students will have more opportunities. They can choose the subject of their interest and can opt for different fields in their future. With mixed subjects, students can pursue history with statistics and literature with mathematics. As a result, many additional gates will be open for students besides the traditional paths. With the flexible system, students won’t need to compromise with their interests, and preferably, they can pursue whatever their interest is. And there is also change in distribution of standards which make the system for flexible for students.

Minimum eligibility for teaching

After the change of system, the minimum qualification for teaching is changed to 4 years integrated B. Ed degree. By this, students will have better teachers. There were some cases in the past where teachers were not qualified enough, and they were teaching the students wrong. Due to these activities, students face problems. But with this change education given to students will improve. It is one of the most positive impacts of the new education policy on students.

Impacts of the new education system on students, it promotes teaching of regional languages.

More affiliation to regional languages

As initial teaching is required to conduct in the regional languages, students will have additional knowledge of the language. It will also promote local culture in students. And, as the regional languages are diminishing day by day, this policy will help regain the value of the various regional languages.

Online learning

More focus is on online learning that will help students get used to the technology and, it will increase the understanding of students and make the studies easy. Visuals help students understand faster and help them remember it for a longer period. Online learning makes it easy to understand, as various videos and pictures are available online for reference purposes.

More facilities

There is an increase in the percentage of GDP for educational purposes to 6%, as a result, the facilities for students will improve. Various facilities for students will lessen the issues and problems for both students as well as teachers. It will lead to a more comfortable study environment that will encourage students. Some students who have not good financial conditions can get help from this. Students in rural areas many times have to leave their schooling in between due to financial problems, and hopefully, such students will get the benefit from this change.

Open mind

As there is no hard separation of streams, students will not differentiate between themselves based on the stream they choose. The old system had the divisions with set subjects for a particular stream. And, the students used to make fun of and bully others in different streams. With the new system, students will have an open mind towards the other subjects. As a result, there will be more openness and acceptance in students towards others.

Creative learning

Fewer exams will encourage and focus on vocational studies at the school level. Rather than traditional studying, schools will be able to focus on creative learning. As a result, the interest of students will increase towards creative and practical problems. In the work-life, we need employees with practical knowledge and skills as this will help them solve problems with ease.

More skill-based learning

The focus is on skill-based learning than on traditional subjective learning. Students will not need to remember all the details for just writing on paper. Teaching will take place to enhance their skills. Furthermore, the focus of teaching will be on problem-solving than theoretical knowledge. It will help students further in their life. And, the interest of students in studies will also enhance.

These were some negative and positive impacts of the new education policy on students. Hoping this article helped you. Schooling is a very crucial part of every human being’s life. And it is necessary to have good schooling with proper education. We hope these changes will bring some improvements in the education system.


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