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Top 5 Hollywood Movies for Working Professional

If you have seen Hollywood movies, you know they are pretty awesome, right? Not only the VFX or the CGI, they have extremely good production and even better scripts. The sole reason why everyone loves the movies produced in the foreign is the quality of script and the messages they give. Their movies are really inspirational and motivational and enjoyable. There are multiple movies which are worth to give a shot. So, we here, at careerguide.com, are going to list a few of the best Hollywood movies for a working professional to watch, enjoy and to get inspired. The following is the list.

The Martian 

The Martian - Home | Facebook

The Martian is a special movie as it is one of those movies which takes a special place in your subconscious. I remember, when I first say Martian, I thought about it for days and days. The Martian is a 2015 sci-fi drama movie which revolves around Mark Watney, an astronaut and botanist who gets trapped on Mars during a mission. Crazy right?

This movie develops showing his troubles as he is alone on Mars and there are many problems such as food, atmosphere and no communication to earth. Movie shows him not giving up and trying his best to survive. He grew potatoes on Mars with his skills and built a vehicle to travel. His only option for rescuing is a mission to mars 4 years later. Movie showcases that no matter what situation you are in, never give up and keep fighting. A cinematic brilliance in my opinion. Click here to watch.

Money Ball

Moneyball' Trailer Is a Little 'Oceans Eleven,' a Lot 'Friday ...

Moneyball is a 2011 sports biographical drama movie which takes us through the struggles of a general manager Billy Beane. Billy Beane has just faced his team’s loss and now with his limited budget he has to form a team to play in the upcoming game. The movie follows with him joining hands with Peter, a Yale graduate, who together builds a team by using multiple odd methods and analysing undervalued talents. Movie is really exceptional and gives a great message that we can achieve anything with right mindset and hard work. We can overcome any obstacle in our way with never giving up. Click here to watch.

127 hours

127 hours ending Movie - So sad ending movie - YouTube

127 hours is a brilliant 2010 survival movie. The movie revolves around Aron. Aron is a mountain climber, who is very good at it, and he gets stuck in a canyon while adventuring in Utah. The movie follows his struggles and desperate measures to survive in the canyon with no help. 127 hours shows us that how we should never give up and should always push forward. The movie shows his desperation to get out of there. He even had to cut off one of his arms to rescue from there. After struggling for a total of 127 hours, he is finally rescued. The movie gives an edge of seat experience and makes a pretty good motivational film. We can motivate ourselves to never give up and give our best in everything we do.  Click here to watch.

Ford VS Ferrari

Ford v Ferrari 2019 Full Movie Reviews – Entertainment

Ford VS Ferrari is a 2019 action and racing film which gives you goose bumps in multiple scenes. This Hollywood movie is based on a true story. The movie is about Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles, a brilliant racer, who together build a sports racing car for Ford to beat Enzo Ferrari. Enzo has a past of pissing off multiple creators and companies and his arrogance is depicted properly in this film. All working professionals who loves to watch cars and racing, this movie is a gem for them.

Aside from this, movie gives us valuable life lessons and struggles of a working man. It teaches us to be loyal towards your colleagues and friends. It tells to never loose hope even if you fail multiple times. Movie also makes us realize what sacrifices a working professional has to make to keep his/her family feeding and happy. Click here to watch.

The Social Network

The Social Network Retrospective. The Social Network is a ...

All of you have used Facebook and heard of Mark Zuckerberg, right? Well if you ever wondered how he started Facebook; this movie is the answer. The movie follows Mark a 19-year-old Harvard student having problems in his personal life. This movie showcases that he always was a bright student and had many ideas in him. The movie perfectly captures him and his attitude and struggles. The movie tells us that age never matters. No matter who you are, what you are, you can achieve something big and become big. Click here to watch.

So, above was the list of top Hollywood movies for working professional. Hope that it was of some help. Best of Luck!!!

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