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5 Tips Why computer science ranch isn’t stairs for success

Engineering is the most demanding field of study from the start and it never left its hype. Students sometimes dive into engineering without knowing it’s pros and cons. So, I request you all to not do the same mistake just get some research done so that you know that you are even studying the right thing or not and getting into something which is for you or not. As this that to make a career in engineering or not there is some more depth that is “WHICH BRANCH TO CHOICE IN ENGINEERING”. In this article, you will find that Why computer science/computer engineering ranch isn’t stairs for success.

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Is the branch really matter?

We all know that in engineering computer science is the most demanding branch in today’s world. You get paid more in computer science you have more scope and computer science and that shouldn’t be the reason to take computer science. you shouldn’t take computer science or IT just because you are being paid enough because there are a lot of careers that will be paid enough that doesn’t give you a reason to choose it you should always choose a career that gives you the satisfaction of doing the studies as well as work. Students have the pressure of doing engineering first of all and then then they get into the pressure of taking computer science or IT, just because they will get placement after 4 years of their studies. No, computer science or IT student don’t get placed because they are studying computer science or IT branch but because they have so much talent that they get placed if you are even into chemical engineering or any Branch of engineering you will get placement. The world Is not running because there are a computer science or IT students it is running because there is a combination of every career every and every branch. So, You shouldn’t get away from your interest even if your interest is not computer science you should go for your opted branch because you are going to excel in your own field.

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The way to success is engineering?

Success isn’t in any body’s control if you are going to be successful because of yourself not because you choose this branch of engineering in your college days. Every career leads to some point because even if you see out there are people reaching up even without being an engineer or doctor. Used to be the definition of success is engineering or doctor but today is released only and only on you so never think that your Engineering branch is going to make you succeed.

Sample classes

If you really have confusion about what branch you should go for you should watch YouTube videos and do some digging what career suits you. Have some knowledge of your particular branch and then see what suits you. Go to a career counsellor make your counseling done and then decide there is no hurry that you should jump into a computer science branch or any famous branch just because it has the hype. It doesn’t mean that if it has the hype it belongs to you. From childhood there must be some subject that might be interesting you, see that if you are getting that engineering branch for your career then take it or not if not, get some other course done as you Should never compromise with your subject because if you’re not going to have fun with your subjects you are not going to have fun to make a career out of it.

Reaching out

Reach out to people who are already studying it either they are in 2nd year, 3rd year of 4th year of there Engineering, they are the students which is already in a career which you are going to opt and they can give you some insights of the subjects And knowledge for the branch you are going for. Try talking to every branch student because something or another thing we don’t know and things aren’t as it seems from outside but the student which is studying that particular branch can tell you the lot extras of Engineering branches. We don’t know certain things by just reading its name but when we study its far different from what we have assumed by just reading that branch name. Even try to reach out to the person who is doing a job in that particular branch because you should even know that what you are working for after 4 years.

engineering in computer

Don’t fear from following your interest

Never ever fear because fear is only going to hold you back it won’t let you have a lead, fear is something which is not made for you always remember. “You will succeed and you have to succeed” even if you choose any branch of engineering and even if you don’t choose to engineer you are going to be successful you just have to be willing and have faith in yourself. Nothing is more important than having a self believes because you yourself are going to make yourself successful not your Engineering branch. Important as well as your willingness as I have told you all about the branches you can go for there a lot more branches that we don’t even know get some dicking do some research talk out people and then get into your career because when you get into something you have to complete it there is no returning back and there shouldn’t be any space of regrets. 

engineering in computer

Good Luck and really have a good career ahead of you make your decisions wisely and don’t ever look back. Do a thousand times of thinking but when you do that thing don’t even look back because you should never regret the things you have already DONE.

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