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7 reasons to work in HP for working professional

You must have heard of Hewlett- Packard or HP, right? HP is mostly famous for their incredible printers and laptops but HP is obviously more than that. HP is an American multinational IT company. Many IT working professionals want to start their career with HP because of multiple reasons. So, we here, at careerguide.com, are going to list some of the reasons why a working professional should work for HP. HP provides many benefits and opportunities for working professionals. The following is the list.

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Work and Social Life balance

The most important thing that you get in working for HP is that you have a perfect work and social life balance. HP believes in keeping the two apart so they provide monthly leaves with sick leaves. You can enjoy your time vibing in the outside world without taking stress on your work. It is all sorted in HP. You will also up to a week of Christmas vacation. Your working gigs will not interfere with your daily personal life.

Work with latest technologies

With HP, you can work with the latest of the technologies. They provide such a great work experience with new technologies. There are multiple types of tech available to work on. They believe in innovation. They tend to innovate something new and lets you be a part of it. There is a transparency between hirer and employee. There are new laptops and other products available to work on that you will feel pumped up for most of the time and enjoy your work life in HP.

Looks good on resume

It is a very important reason why working professionals should work in HP. Working in HP looks super good on your CV and gives a kick start to your career. You can get appreciated and get great treatment in an interview after working for HP. It is best for freshers. They have a great advantage working in HP. They improve their resume and profile to a great extent by working with HP.  You will easily get a good job after working with HP. They are a leading company today.

Fun events

There are multiple fun events which takes place in HP offices. There are annual events for people to showcase their talents and to lift up people’s spirits. They organize sports tournaments to keep working professional pumped up. They also have internal conferences in which sometimes heated debates takes place in which people can openly present their views on different topics. Also, there are IT competitions annually in which cross team collaborations take place. It is all fun whilst learning new skills and discovering new talents. These events are helpful to working professionals.

Work with talented people

While working with HP, you have the golden opportunity to work with new people who are very talented and make innovative mindset. Interacting with these kinds of people daily will benefit a working professional to develop new skills and talents themselves. They can communicate with these talented people and network well so that they can open new doors and possibilities for themselves. Working professionals get to present their own ideas to these people. There is no restrictions on sharing new ideas and principles. You can openly present your interests for the well being of the company and they will listen to you and if they like the idea, they will apply it. HP has a new entrepreneur mindset in them.  


Working with HP helps you to prepare for a skill that is useful in daily life too. You learn how to handle pressure and have a competition. It is not very well hidden that HP has competition with IBM, so you get to work kind of against IBM and you then try to over take IBM in every possible way you can. It gives you a sense of motivation and working spirit. So, working with HP helps you to manage competition in your life in a smooth way.


As the name suggests, this portion contains a lot of useful benefits which are mostly common or general. Firstly, one benefit is in terms of money. The average salary is around 7.89 Lakh rupees per annum for freshers which is decent. They allow casual wears and atmosphere in their offices. Also, they provide paid leaves, life insurance and with the addition of memberships of gyms, spas and health clubs. Also, they have multiple offices spread around India. They also provide paid vacations to working professionals. They can be really caring towards their employees.

So, above was the list of reasons for working professional to work in HP. Hope that it was of some help. Best of Luck!!!


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