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Job opportunities for working professionals pursuing MBA

By having an MBA degree paycheck has a probability of increasing from 30% to 70% per annum. Most people pursue an MBA for good pay job but it is good to master skills in the profession you are already in and expand yourself in that particular field unless you are interested in an MBA.

As a working professional if you want to do a job while pursuing MBA then you should choose your job wisely. Jobs should be flexible in timing so that you can complete your assignments and study properly. If you do a job while pursuing MBA then it is going to be hard to maintain both job and scores. It is highly recommended to do a part time, while studying.

Jobs (while pursuing MBA degree):

Data entry

This job is a no brain job which can be helpful while pursuing studies as there is very less mental drainage.

Work placements

This job is for HR bachelor degree or with master degree, it helps a company in placement of new talent.


Internships are a healthy way to earn while studying as it adds certificates and qualifications to oneself which becomes helpful in job searching after completion of MBA degree.

Casual employee or Freelancer

This is a really interesting job which you can do while studying and you can do this at the comfort of home. In this job there are projects to be completed and have to be submitted by deadlines.

Online jobs

There are many other options of jobs for which you can apply while studying. Jobs like transcribing, online data entry, virtual assistant, graphic designing or blogging.

Positive points about pursuing MBA

After MBA a working professional can really get the benefit of it. To do the MBA after a bachelor degree is like icing on the cake.

Job opportunities after MBA degree as following:

Human resources manager

In this a person has to oversee the human resources department. Human resources managers are responsible for bringing new talent into the company. They choose the most skillful and talented people for the and motivate them to maintain a good working environment in the company.

Business development executive

A Business development executive helps a company to grow business. They are high-level professionals who are experts in sales. They help a company to attract more clients and help them sell their products and help them expand their products range. Business development managers are highly in demand and they have a very good scope.

Project manager (IT)

Usually these projects are about software and hardware installations aur about new products of the company for technological advances. This requires information technology knowledge and with an MBA degree a person can enhance their management skills and take them to the next level.

Investment banker

This is about investing funds wisely to earn better and a person who opt for this has to deal with specific people, companies or sometimes institutions. They have to work strategically, and can help to plan about future investments.

Chief technology officer

A person should be skilled in information technology, management experience and should have leadership qualities. Chief technology officer looks over technology development of the company and deals with other executives for a better future of the company. This requires training and a lot of experience to master the skills and to perform better.

IT directors

An IT director has to look over all the IT operations in a company and have to reach out to sellers for best deals and they have to provide good leadership for the IT department under them.

This job requires experience of several years in management as it is a high ranking profile.

Senior management consultant

In this job the use of analytical, leadership qualities and problem-solving skills are needed. You have to manage teams for particular projects and should be able to improve the organizational level with their skills.


Above mentioned jobs are in scope in India. These are top-paying jobs in India after MBA degree by working professionals. Only to do jobs if you feel satisfied by results and assignments while doing an MBA.

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