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A humongous company, Tata Group, owned by Tata Sons, is an Indian multinational conglomerate giant with it’s headquarters situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. In 1868, a highly revered businessman Jamshetji Tata, set the ball rolling, for present day one of India’s largest conglomerates, by establishing Tata Group and Tata Steel. For his extensive understanding of trade and industries and a role model for many sought after industrialists, he is deemed as the “Father of Indian Industry”. The luxurious Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai that looks over the Arabian Sea is a fruition of Jamshetji’s long list of ambitions that included, a firm footing in iron and steel industry, setting up a top notch educational Institution, a hydraulic power plant and a one of it’s kind hotel. Though, he only succeeded in cementing the hotel in his lifetime, his family made sure to tick all the boxes in his legacy.

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Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata aka J.R.D. Tata followed his father and uncle’s legacy in transitioning the company into a multibillion conglomerate of over 90 enterprises. He was instrumental in setting up various subsidiaries, namely, Tata Motors, Tata Consultancy Services, Titan Industries, Voltas, Tata Salt and his flagship Tata Airlines (now Air India). His footsteps were soon followed by Ratan Tata, who continually worked to extend the brand name globally.
Being an esteemed group of companies, we would try to give reasons as to why you should work at Tata Group of companies.

Tata Group is a ‘poster child’ for high ethical standards

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When a company has leaders of the likes of Jamshetji, or J.R.D. Tata or Ratan Tata, then the quality of ethical standards tend to move from top down in the company. It promotes inclusivity and offer equal opportunities for everyone irrespective of their caste, race, creed, gender, sexuality, religion, or for persons with disability (pwd) or any other form of discrimination. It rather looks for merit in a person. It conducts various development and skill programmes to enrich it’s employees and improve performance and productivity. It empowers its employees to explore their interests into innovative better ways of business as well as encourages them to take decisions. As it houses over lakhs of employees spanning all the enterprises, it tries to inculcate a sense of fraternity and team spirit among them. The company has extensively invested in improving it’s employees’ work life balance, so that the employee doesn’t get overwhelmed about unresolved matter be it at home or work. Tata Group of companies are believed to conduct business that does not involve corruption or illegal means for larger gains.
Thus, Tata Group is a principle oriented company.

Tata Group believes in their employees’ welfare as well as other philanthropic activities

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Ever since the company’s inception over 150 years ago, their chairs have promoted and believed in taking care of all their employees. J. R. D. Tata, in his tenure in the office, inaugurated an “employee association with management” programme to permit its employees to have stronger voices in matters of the company. In the year 1979, it tried to inculcate an exercise where the company takes responsibility and is accountable for the worker’s safety and security till he reaches his house soundly without any harm. This practice was initiated by Tata Steel for its workers’ welfare as working at a steel industry comes with it’s own set of risks and dangers. Due to Tata Steel’s intervention and introduction of industrial lifestyle in a city called Jamshedpur, named after the company’s founder, Jamshetji, in the state of Jharkhand, the city also developed simultaneously. The city’s way of live improved so much because of Tata Steel that it was recognised and selected as a UN Global Compact City. In fact, the city was titled as the cleanest city of India by Swachh Survekshan 2020, which surveys a city’s hygiene standards with particular motives of promoting safe sanitation and ending open defecation.

Tata Group of companies have historically engaged in extensive CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities. They have actually spent more than the mandatory 2% of their profits in activities that directly help the underprivileged in aspects regarding their health, education, empowerment, employment and so on. It has been involved in philanthropic endeavours that includes, and is not limited to, established esteemed educational institutions like the Energy and Resource Institute, various academies to encourage sports like Tata Football Academy, Tata Memorial Hospital for Cancer and Research among other ventures. The conglomerate’s charitable activities were recognised by the Carnegie family of institutions and accoladed them with the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy. Hence, if anything, Tata Group of companies is a benevolent and altruistic organisation to work at.

These were some of our reasons why we think you should work at Tata Group of companies and their subsidiaries. We hope it was helpful for you.


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