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What are blue collar jobs?

Blue collar jobs are the jobs that involve manual labor. They are the ‘working class’ jobs that are paid on an hourly basis. Such jobs involve not only unskilled labor but also skilled labor. Such work involves the build or maintenance of things. The term ‘blue collar’ originated in the 1920s as such workers used to wear blue-denim uniforms. The blue color of their cloth helped conceal the dirt or the grease present. Thereby, the workers appeared cleaner.

Here are some of the blue collar jobs:


A welder joins metals together or repairs the holes in metal constructions. Welders work on manufacturing, industrial and construction applications. The specific duties of welders vary on the skills they possess and the industries they work in. Welders are demanded worldwide as their skills are needed universally.

Average salary: Around 3 lakhs per annum


An electrician is responsible for installing and maintaining power systems in the homes and other organizations. Electrical equipment in the organizations are also installed and maintained by them. They fall in two categories: inside wire-men and outside linemen. They also troubleshoot the wiring systems to ensure smooth working of the electrical equipment.

Average salary: Around 2.5 lakhs per annum


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A carpenter constructs, installs and repairs the structures made usually from wood. Carpentry involves different types of construction ranging from the construction of bridges to the construction of furniture. Carpenters are divided mainly into rough carpenters and finished carpenters. A carpenter should be proficient in calculations and critical thinking skills.

Average salary: Around 3 lakhs per annum

Delivery drivers

A delivery driver transports the items from one place to another. His job is to ensure that the items delivered are in a good condition and at the designated time. He also receives the payment of the items as and when required. He must see to the completion of necessary documentation with the customer after checking that the goods are in good condition. Sometimes, he also packs, unloads and loads items.

Average salary: Around 2 lakhs per annum

Field Recruiter

Field recruiter usually recruit, interview and hire the workers. They determine the staffing needs, conduct interviews and ensure that the staffing needs are achieved. They also conduct reports on employment activity. Along with this, it is their job to perform background checks on the applicants and inform them of their job duties and responsibilities and conduct employees’’ orientation and keep employment records.

Average salary: Around 3 lakhs per annum

Elevator mechanic

Photo of blue collar job

Elevator mechanic assemble, install, maintain, repair and replace elevators, lifts, escalators etc. This includes installing the electrical equipment along with their wiring and reading as well as interpreting blueprints. They are required to test all the equipments with meters and oiling them for smooth connection. They must ensure that the equipment works properly, is cleaned and conforms to the safety codes of the building and other safety regulations. They are also called elevator installers, technicians, repairers or constructors.

Average salary: Around 2.5 lakhs per annum

Air traffic controller

Photo of atc room

Air traffic controller mostly work in approach control facilities, control towers or route centers. They coordinate the air traffic and the movement of aircraft so that distance is maintained between them. They are responsible to keep the aircraft and the people traveling in them safe. They are authorized to change flight paths as and when required. They control the movements of the aircraft not only in the air but also on the ground. Instructions regarding takeoff and landing are issued by them.

Average salary: Around 7 lakhs per annum

Here are some more opportunities in aviation industry.


Photo for blue collar job

Boilermaker are the people who cut, shape and weld steel to repair and construct metal structures for ships, boilers and other vessels. They use blueprints to carry out the work, install pre-made boilers in buildings, test the boiler systems for defects, repair and replace broken pipes or valves. Boilers are made of iron, copper or steel. Since they are meant to last for long, the boilermakers are responsible for maintaining and upgrading the parts of the boilers.

Average salary: Around 4 lakhs per annum

Journeyman lineman

Photo for blue collar job

Journeyman lineman are responsible for the build and maintenance of electrical power systems. From the point of generation in the power plants to the customer’s meter, all the work is handled by the journeymen linemen. They must ensure the proper working of the systems. They are hired usually by electrical utility companies. They must possess the technical knowledge required to ensure the proper functioning of the systems.

Average salary: Around 4 lakhs per annum

Locomotive engineer

GIF for train

Locomotive engineers are also called train engineers. Their job is to drive the train from one destination to the other safely. They ensure that the trains run on time and smoothly. They also make adjustments to the locomotives after checking them thoroughly. They also communicate over radios to know about the changes in the train’s schedule and delays.

Average salary: Around 6 lakhs per annum

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