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7 white collar jobs

What are white collar jobs?

Jobs that involve the job holders to perform professional duties usually in offices are called white collar jobs. These require atleast a bachelor’s degree and an advanced degree often. Employees are paid on an hourly basis. Managerial, desk and administrative jobs also form the white collar jobs. The term ‘white collar’ derives its name from the white collar shirts that were worn by the employees in the Western countries throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. These jobs are high paying that involves the employees to perform highly skilled work.

Here is a list of some white collar jobs that pay well:

Database Administrator

If you are interested in the field of IT (Information Technology), you should consider this as your job. Data Administrators utilize softwares to keep a track of a company’s data. They store and organize the critical data of a company. Such data is available only to the users who have authorized access. The databses should be continually monitored to ensure an error-free database that can withstand cyber security threats. Increase your chance to land up your dream job through mastering database languages like XML, SQL, XQuery, etc. along with major in a similar field (Computers, IT, etc)

Photo of Database Administrator

Minimum qualification required: Bachelor’s degree

Average salary: Around ₹ 5 Lakh Per Annum

Applications Software Developer

If you are someone who can solve tech problems in a snap of your finger, you should consider this as your job. Software developers are the mastermind behind all of the applications you are currently using. While some jobs require you to create a specific application, some of them require you to create giant networks to trigger other applications. The role requires designing solutions for the organizations with the use of technology. Increase your chance to land up this dream job by gaining some experience in one or more programming languages.

GIF of Applications Software Developer

Minimum qualification required: Bachelor’s degree or Diploma

Average salary: Around ₹ 5 Lakh Per Annum

Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst helps the companies analyse what services or products they should offer to the people and how much money the people are willing to pay. They come up with ideas of campaigns and of ways to gather data to analyse useful information. Surveys and polls aid them to analyse such information. A lot of factors like consumer behavior, competitor activities and market conditions are studied and researched thoroughly. They play a vital role in the marketing, distribution and design of the products offered by the company.

GIF on Market Research analyst

Minimum qualification required: Bachelor’s degree

Average salary: Around ₹ 3 Lakh Per Annum

HR Executive

An HR Executive maintains the HR records and manages the personnel of the organization. HR Executives also act as a leader of HR staff. They attract new talent to the organization and make sure that the present employees are satisfied and motivated with their positions. They process paychecks and hire the finest talent. They determine the staffing requirements of the organization, write employment notices, organize recruitment fairs and conduct interviews. They also ensure the compliance of the government labour laws by the organization.

GIF on HR Executive

Minimum qualification required: Bachelor’s degree

Average salary: Around ₹ 4 Lakh Per Annum

Data Analyst

A data analyst, as the name suggests, analyses data using statistics after collecting and processing it. Data analysts help the organizations to make better decisions. They figure out strategies for organizational growth by analyzing various types of data, be it market research, logistics or sales figures. This study of data helps predict the future and identify the current trends. They assign numerical values to the business functions so that their value can be assessed over a period of time. There is a large scope for data analyst in today’s growing world.

GIF of Data Analyst

Minimum qualification required: Bachelor’s degree

Average salary: Around ₹ 5 Lakh Per Annum

Business Development Executive

A business development executive is responsible for boosting up the sales of the company by pitching in new clients and convincing present clients to purchase other offerings by the company. Such job holders train and mentor the staff too. They are familiar with the products and services offered by the company and keep a close eye on the feedback of the clients. They suggest upgrades to the current offerings of the company and remain tuned to the current trends.

Photo of Business Development Executive

Minimum qualification required: Master’s degree

Average salary: Around ₹ 3 Lakh Per Annum

Real Estate Appraiser

Real Estate Appraisers provide an appraisal of the property’s value. They estimate the property’s value before it is mortgaged, sold, taxed or insured. They must be aware of the concerns that may affect the value of a property like environmental issues. They have to consider the present condition of the property and the surrounding near it to assess the true value of a property. They observe the factors, do research and then estimate the true value using methods.

Photo of Real Estate Appraiser

Minimum qualification required: Bachelor’s degree

Average salary: Around ₹ 4 Lakh Per Annum


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