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Top 10 career options for graduates in fashion industry in USA

If you are studying Fashion and aspiring to work in USA then here is the list of top 10 career options for graduates in fashion industry in USA.

So, have detailed detail information about each career option.

Fashion Designer

1 51

A Fashion Designer no doubt is the highly recognized part of the fashion industry. Fashion Designers create designs of almost all fashion wears starting from dresses, handbags, accessories, footwears, sportswear and list goes on. The average pay for fashion designer with 1 year experience is nearly $45,677.

Personal Stylist

Personal Stylist work with their clients by advising them on personal appearance and style. They choose the clothing, accessories and footwears that should fit with their clients body features and requirements. They also help them with their hair styles, make-up and sometimes also with their home décor. They must have a good knowledge about different body shapes and clothing perfect for them. They have to calm and must be a good listener. Average salary of a personal stylist is  $17.31 per hour.

Fashion Stylist

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1 52

Fashion Stylists role is to provide advice on fashion, choosing outfits and accessories for models or film and Television actors for photoshoot. They even the choose the proper props for the photoshoots. Fashion stylists are hired by photographers or artists to create looks that merge the artist’s idea and fashion. The Average pay of a Fashion Stylist is  $44,274 a year.

Fashion Illustrator

Fashion Illustrator create fashion sketches on the basis of designer’s ideas. They create sketches for dresses, furniture, shoes, accessories, etc.. Their sketches must convey the designer’s idea correctly and must be appealing to the client. The clients often prefer the sketches of the illustrators before making anything. They must have a good artistic skills. The average pay of a fashion illustrator is   $50,000 a year.

Fashion Writer

Fashion Writers have an important role in fashion world. They are responsible for media coverage during fashion launches and fashion shows. They also interview fashion designers and models to acquire and present new ideas on fashion. They present their fashion contents in social media, magazines, newspapers, etc.. They are often called fashion journalists. Fashion Writers also work for the branding of the Fashion businesses and Designers. The average pay of a fashion writer is  $38,715 a year.

Fashion Public Relations

Fashion Public Relations are the mainstay of the brand image. They remain in contact with the media persons and create and maintain the brand image in public. They also are responsible for media coverage during fashion launches. They help different shops and emerging designers in identifying their target customers or audience. They must understand public demand and work accordingly. The average pay of fashion public relations is $39,860.


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1 53

Merchandiser ensure the presence of right stock of garments during the correct time. They work for the profit of the store and maintain the sales and promote the garments’ stock. They select the required accessories and garments with the perfect quantity  for the store to appeal the customers. They work with the potential buying group and predict the emerging fashion trends and advise them with the right quantity of the stock. They also maintain the sale pattern in the market. The average pay of a merchandiser is   $57,227 a year.

Retail Buyer

Retail buyers pioneer the new collection of fashion. They select the fabric, accessories, etc. for the upcoming season. They work along with fashion designers as well as retail stores. In retail stores they select and purchase the perfect quantity of merchandise for the store. To become a Retail buyer after graduation he or she has to complete a Retail Management Training Scheme. The average pay of a retail buyer is  $45,709 per year.

Textile designer

Textile Designers create new innovative designs for different fabrics like knitted fabric, woven fabric, etc.. The designs can be on clothing or non-clothing materials like industrial fabric, carpets, dresses, furnishing material, etc.. They must be up to date with the emerging fashion ideas in the fashion industry. The average pay of a Textile Designer is  $47,983 a year.

Garment Technologist

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1 54

Garment Technologists are involved in every stage of production of a garment starting from selection of fabric, designing, pattern selection, till manufacturing the final product. They analyse the type and quality of fabric. They responsible for maintaining budget friendly production of garment. They work with designers, buyers, etc.. The average pay of a garment technologist is approximately $145,909 a year.

So, this the end od the blog on topic Top 10 Career Options for Graduates in Fashion Industry in the USA.

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