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Top 5 common interview questions and answers

There are many questions amongst the people going to or are in the professional world about the interview questions they are going to be facing in an interview. It’s certain that the questions are different as per the field of profession, but there are few questions which are found out to be common in every profession.

Job Interview

As it is said; “Practice makes man perfect”, everyone wants to look confident, witty and smart in front of the employers, so everyone practices the answers because they know few questions which are prepared to hire particular job professional. Practicing will also calm and relax your mind and you will also be mentally prepared for the questions in the interview. So to help you, here are the top five most common interview questions and the answers to them so that you can create a strong impression on them.

Tell me about yourself.

This is most of the time the very first question of an interviewer. For any professional it is stressful to pass an interview, so to break the nervousness the interviewer starts with ease. In this question they will see your ability to express yourself in not more, not few but in limited words. You can tell them about where have you grown up, your education, your hobbies, what are your interests.

 They want to see that whether their candidate is fit for the company, so don’t narrate your CV here; just give them a quick insight about your interest in the job. 

Example of the answer:

“I always found myself obsessed over managing things. In school I have participated in many programs and have co-managed many of them. Building team-work is the key element I would like to have in my team. Initially, during my college I worked as an intern in an event-management company and found out that managing excites me the most and later I post-graduated in MBA. Reading books is another interest; it relaxes my mind and motivates me to work harder. As it is said; “Books are your best-friend; no complaints, no demands”.   

Why are you interested in this job?

This question is to see whether you are keen to work with their company you are there for just a job?  Before going to the interview, you should research about the company and their works and recent projects going on. You should know their team the role of your job in their company. This would give them the details of your professionalism and that you have really prepared yourself for the job.       

Example of the answer:

“Ever since Tata Motors have introduced the Nano car, I have been keen to work for the company. I am very passionate to give my contribution to the company with innovative ideas and this role is a link to my passion and work, that too in a company I believe would never fail”. 

What are your greatest strengths?

Easy question isn’t it? – Well no, this question isn’t as easy as it appears to be. Yes, it’s just a matter of telling what you are good at, but keep in mind that you don’t speak up too much about it. They want to hear more about the strengths you adhere according to the role, so here’s a tip, read the job description very carefully, tell them about your strengths according to the job described and also add other few skills you have like communicating. Be truthful and clear about what you say and have good backup answer for each of them.

Example of the answer:

 “Well, I am good in building team-work and creating an environment for the team players so as they enjoy working. I have been said that I am good in communication skills and can motivate others through my speech. Also, I conduct a weekly meeting with all the team members in my current company where I lead the discussion about the objectives and motives of the company”. 

What are your greatest weaknesses?

Telling that, “I have no weaknesses and I am perfect”, can lose interest of an interviewer as it states that you are over-confident or not self-aware or you are lying. On the contrary, telling them too much will also create bad impression of you.    

 Be honest and tell the weakness which is not the related to the job. Give them an assurance that you are working on that and willing to improve. This will show them that you are not negligible and wish to overcome your loose points. 

Example of the answer:

 “I tend to ignore my health very often; also I don’t have a good sense of humor but I am working on both of them”.  

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Everyone tends to change the job in frequent years especially the young, talented and ambitious people in search for greater opportunities; therefore you need to assure them that you are not going to leave the company. To do so, you can go in a higher-level position you would want to be in the next few years- through your interests, passion, and work-experience. This will make sure that they will know that you are ambitious and seeking to work in their company. 

Example of the answer:

“I see myself as a team-leader. By the time I will be working in management department for over 10 years and would be ready to lead a team and create more strategies and ideas for the company”. 

Every interview differs from each-other, but practicing these questions with some spicy and witty answers will build self-confidence before your interview. This can blow off the mind of the interviewer and it’s all that you need to convince them to hire you.   

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