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Top 8 Colleges to study liberal arts in the USA

Almost all the major colleges in the USA offer Liberal arts as one of their choices. They may be purely liberal arts without offering any other course. Liberal art is meant to promote freedom of choice in your subjects and communication skills. Critical thinking ability and exposure to multiple disciplines are what liberal arts colleges aim at. It is a myth that liberal art only promotes humanities and social sciences as its primary subjects. It offers natural sciences, formal sciences as majors and minors as well.

Computer Programming, Entrepreneurship, Business Studies are also offered in a liberal educational program. The demand for liberal arts is growing day by day. This article is going to enlist some of the best, affordable liberal art colleges in the USA for international students that give the best return of investment.

This article is going to use rankings given to different colleges by the reputed journals and newspapers. All enlisted here are the latest updates from 2020. Many of these colleges offer significant need-based financial aid and their approach to admission is based on the holistic credentials of a candidate (it includes past academic record, hobbies, extra-curricular activities, and Statement of Purpose). 

Williams College, Massachusetts 

Williams College was ranked no. 1 by the US top news and ranked no.3 by the best value schools in terms of return of investment. The yearly fee can be around 60 to 70 thousand USD. However, need-based financial aid is available to assist you with your finances. The student-teacher ratio here is 7:1. Almost 52 percent are on financial aid and 17 percent pay nothing at all as per the college’s official website. The college has been ranked no. one for several consecutive years. 

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Swarthmore College, Philadelphia 

Swarthmore College is a private liberal arts college situated in Philadelphia. The college offers more than 600 courses in different streams across streams such as humanities. They offer significant need-based financial aid and their financial aid model is dependent upon the income of one’s family. The location of the campus is considered one of the best in the country due to its close connection with nature. At an acceptance rate of 11 percent, the college has some promising courses to ensure your multi-disciplinary excellence. The college was ranked #3 in the country by US News in Top liberal arts colleges and emerged in the top 25 colleges in terms of return of investment. 

Aerial Parrish colleges usa

Amherst College, Amhrest, Massachussets, USA

Amherst College situated in Massachusetts will be turning 200 years old in the year 2021. The aim of the liberal arts degree is to create transformation in the thinking process of individuals. For both international and domestic students, 100% financial aid can also be availed if your family is not incapable of paying the fees but you are good enough to get into the college. The major and combinations of major-minor that the college has to offer ranges from arts&social sciences to business studies and physics/biology to theatre/dance. The college has plenty to offer for you to transform and touch your lives closely. It was ranked #2  in 2020 by US news in top liberal art colleges. 

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Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont, USA

Middlebury College is aimed to provide you a multidisciplinary perspective of different disciplines. The aim is to make Middlebury more affordable to all the students. 46% of the students receive some form of a grant or aid. The campus located in Vermont has world-class infrastructure at an affordable price. Liberal art college has streams from sciences to mathematics and humanities to arts. The college can also be an amazing destination for all the athletics and sports enthusiast. 

Middlebury College

Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota

Carleton College situated in proximity to nature in Minnesota. The college is also committed to 100% affordability for all of its students. What sets it apart is the intellectual curiosity and its stellar faculty. It has been ranked in the top 10 liberal arts colleges in India by several reputed magazines and newspapers. $55.8M worth of financial aid to the students as per the need of the candidates and the financial standing of the student’s family. The campus is multi-ethnic and promotes inclusivity in the truest sense. From very particular subjects such as Asian or African Studies major, it also offers broad disciplines such as NeuroScience or Philosophy. 


Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Wellesley College promotes many values of a liberal arts curriculum and incorporates in their courses. It intends to create future women leaders in the world. Their liberal arts course is comprised of international studies, interdisciplinary majors, and minors with a wide variety of summer internships to provide you a wider experience of human inquiry and understanding deeper processes of the world. Nearly 60% of the students receive financial aid. Need-based financial aid is available here as well.

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Pomona College, Claremont, California

Pomona College, from fascinating subjects from Russian and European Studies to mathematics, science technology &society. The liberal arts course has many interdisciplinary majors to offer you that will assist you in diving deeper into human inquiry. The liberal arts have 48 majors and 8:1 student to faculty ratio to pay individual attention to the needs of each of their students. 

Pomona College Aerial 0

Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine 

Bowdoin College offers A to Z courses (many courses) ranging from Anthropology to Visual Arts. Situated in Maine, the aim of the college is to ensure that your financial standing does not hinder you from taking a world-class liberal arts education. The site has a detailed and specific calculation around the precise amount of fees that you need to pay. It has stellar faculty. They evaluate the students holistically and also take into account the writing style and community engagement of their students. 

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