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Top 10 Canadian Companies that hire Civil Engineering graduates

Civil engineering graduates are taught the design and construction of various buildings and large infrastructure projects. If we talk about Canada, civil engineering students ordinarily go through four years of university education before becoming civil engineers professionally. The top 10 Companies that hire Civil Engineering graduates are : Here is an article on Top 10 Canadian Companies that hire Civil Engineering graduates.


AECOM has grown well over the year and is known for working on some of the biggest landmark projects in Canada, including the CN Tower in Toronto. It is proud to host so many of the best employee programmes like the AECOM Women Inclusion Network and the Military Employment Transition Programme. It is committed to provide employees a safe and sound environment where they feel like they are working with their family and not just a company for money.


CNRL, or Canadian Natural Resource Ltd, has its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta. CNRL has been publicly traded for more than twenty-five years and is focused on conventional crude oil and natural gas operation.

Civil engineering graduates who want to work at CNRL can expect to work in environmental roles, as an environmental field coordinator.



Golder was founded in 1960 and has clients across the world in industries such as oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, infrastructure, etc. The company has multiple engineering services like consulting and design. Golder focuses on safety and environmental sustainability.

Civil Engineering graduates working at Golder will be actually helping Golder’s clients to achieve their sustainable development aim. After being accepted, the graduate will join a team of amazing engineers and scientists, with a great chance to grow their network. Civil engineering degree holders can work here as project coordinator and CAD designer.

PCL Construction

PCL is a construction company with headquarters Edmonton, Alberta, and has many branches all across Canada. The company is an employee-owned company, which means 100% of the company’s shares are owned by its employees which is really amazing.

Employees here receive competitive salaries and share of the profits that PCL generates if they are PCL’s shareholders.PCL gives newly hired civil engineering grads the opportunity to glorify their skills. Graduates can work in the company’s Project Management, Virtual Design, and Construction, Field Construction, etc.

Worley Parsons

Worley Parsons has it’s headquarters in Calgary, Alberta. It gives a large variety of consulting services in procurement, construction, and engineering. Civil engineering graduates who want to work at Worley Parsons have a major role in the company’s infrastructure field. Here the graduates can focus on any resource infrastructure or urban infrastructure. Working with an amazing company like Worley Parsons means being in a team of over 26,910 people worldwide. Some of the very popular projects ny this company are oil platforms in the Arctic, and Africa’s largest wind farm.


Pomerleau is civil engineering companies in canada has been in business since the 1960s. It has good relations with the province of Quebec which saw a boom in infrastructure development in the 60s. Pomerleau has developed and grown from a small family-run business to a construction giant.

Civil engineering graduates who want to work with Pomerleau will be working for a major company in the Canadian construction industry field. You can choose from civil & infrastructure work to specific projects, such as the Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International Airport expansion. civil engineering companies in canada

Kiewit Canada

Kiewit Canada is a huge construction and civil engineering companies in canada. It is employee-owned and has grown significantly in size to have multiple district offices all across the United States and Canada. It specializes in many types of construction work, hence civil engineering graduates who are looking for a career in construction can work here.

Bird Construction

Bird Construction is a Canadian contractor and dates back to the 1920s. On this date, Bird Constructions is publicly traded on the stock market and employees have majority shares.

Civil engineering graduates who want to work at Bird Construction will work for a company that aims at safety, professionalism, teamwork, and friendliness.

Career opportunities: estimator, project coordinator, project manager, etc.

Chandos Construction

Chandos Construction is another employee-owned amazing civil engineering companies in canada and a winner of many national awards. Moreover it is also the first B-Corp certified commercial contractor in Canada. Some of the companies best projects are: Canadian Nuclear Laboratories in Chalk River, Ontario, and The Botanica Building in St Albert, Alberta.civil engineering companies in canada

Civil engineering graduates expect a work environment that promotes safety and friendliness. Collaboration between employees is encouraged and roles like a project manager and BIM coordinator are given.

Graham Group

Graham Construction started in 1926 by the construction of many railway stations in Estevan, Saskatchewan. The civil engineering companies in canada has grown so much since them and has become one of the leading construction companies having headquarters in Calgary and fifteen offices across North America.civil engineering companies in canada

Graduates in Civil engineering who want to join the Graham Group can apply to one of the company’s amazing positions like project coordinator, project manager, construction manager, field engineer. There are benefits like annual bonuses, a health & dental plan, 12 paid holidays etc. for the employees which sounds great.

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