Top colleges for B.Sc. in Pathology in India!

Pathology is the study of the causes and effects of disease. The word “pathology” refers to study of disease and consist of wide range of bioscience research fields and medical practices. But in modern context, the medical treatment it is the process of tests which fall within the contemporary medical field of general pathology. Here there is analysis of tissue, cell, and body fluid samples. There are many forms of pathology tests that include diseases of cancer or physical ailment and psychological conditions. A physician practicing pathology is called pathologist.


Ways to become a pathologist are-

  • The student should have studies biology and chemistry in high school.
  • They should have cleared Bachelor’s Degree having the major subjects that are premedical studies, biology and chemistry.
  • They can also apply for master’s degree in pathology, microbiology or biochemistry. This is an optional step and makes the pathologist to work in a laboratory or to assist a certified pathologist.
  • Also the students from medical school and received Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree can apply for pathologist.
  • Get your certification and licensed for medical pathologists which should be issued by state to practice medicine.
  • Then they can seek employment in hospital, clinic or laboratory. This field has wide open job opportunities.

The job opportunities available after B.Sc. in pathology are-

  • Medical Technologist
  • Forensic technician or mortuary assistant
  • Cytotechnologist
  • Medical Lab Technician

The working of pathology focus on eight areas, and four areas are commom-

  • Tissues and cells which is studied by histopathologists whose key role is in diagnosing or excluding cancer.
  • The chemistry of the body which is studied under chemical pathologists who help in diagnoses and treatment of diseases like diabetes.
  • Infection which is studied under microbiologists and virologists, where they work together to diagnose and manage infections in patients.

The top colleges for B.Sc. in Pathology in India are-

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi

Christian Medical College, Vellore

NIMS University, Jaipur

Madras Medical College, Chennai

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi-


AIIMS, New Delhi is a medical school, public medical and research university. It is ranked number 1 in India by National Institutional Ranking Framework and 231 in world in the category of Life Sciences and Medicine by QSWUR.

It was established in 1956 through an Act of parliament and operates autonomously under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare AIIMS is governed under medical Science Act.

The eligibility criteria for the admission are that the student need to clear 10+2 in biology stream.

The fee structure for the course B.Sc. in Pathology is around 1600 INR.

Christian Medical College, Vellore-

It is also known as CMC, Vellore, which is a private, minority run medical school, hospital and research institute. This institute includes a network of primary, secondary and tertiary care hospitals located in Vellore, India.  The college was founded in 1990 by an American missionary which has brought significant achievements to India that include College of nursing in 1946, performing first reconstructive surgery for leprosy in 1948.

The eligibility criteria for the admission are that the student needs to have cleared 10+2 from a recognized board with good grades.

The fees structure for the course is around 60000 INR.

NIMS University, Jaipur-


It was formerly known as National Institute of medical Sciences and is a self financed university situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It is recognized by UGC established under NIMS University Act 2008. It is a medical paramedical and technical university.

The department of pathology has a great infrastructure as per MCI norms. It has Histopathology laboratory, Cytopathology laboratory, Clinical pathology laboratory, Immunohistochemistry laboratory, Blood bank.

The museum of pathology department has various specimens, catalogues of the specimens. The department of anatomy library is having latest text books, WHO fascicles and journals.

Also, the department has highly qualified and experienced faculties for teaching and effectively applying studies in the programme for UG and PG courses as per MCI norms.

The eligibility criteria for the course are that the student need to clear 10+2 with good grades.

The fees structure for the course is around 170000 INR.

Madras Medical College, Chennai-

It is a medical school and hospital in Chennai, India. It was established in 1835 and is the third oldest medical college in India.

The institute of pathology has the wisdom and experience of the old and new vision and enthusiasm. This institution was founded in 1934 and was known as “Goschen Institute of Pathology”.

It was in 1936, after the opening of the new Goschen block that was created for major contribution in developing new forum for pathology studies and its enhancement.

A new campus with six-storey building for Madras Medical College was built in 2012 covering 325,000 square feet.  The campus has nearly 1250 students and 400 faculty and staff members.

The eligibility criteria for the course are that the student needs to clear 10+2 higher studies with good grades.

The fees for the B.Sc. in Pathology course is around 50 thousand INR.


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