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Why we must acquire Good Habits

When an activity is performed and begun subconsciously, it becomes a habit. The essence of human beings is known to be the same but their behaviors are different. It is clear that learned behaviors become the characteristics of people and that these traits begin to define them. We may think of people with unique ways of walking, speaking, acting, etc. Almost all of these people do not know their specific ways, even those that are very obvious and plain to see for all. Although this lack of knowledge may seem like a blessing to relieve them of anything to stress or shame them with their patterns. And the unconscious damaging pressures and stresses in your body will gradually lead to pain and even grave wounds in the later part of your life.

good habits

Various types of Habits

Habits can conveniently be divided into two groups: 

  • Good habits – A behavior also related to high discipline and self-control is considered as a good habit. Examples include a healthy diet and regular exercise
  • Bad habits – A bad habit is a detrimental pattern of actions. Exemplifying, overpowering, and nail-biting are typical examples of bad habits.

Formation of Habits

Habits that make up a behavior are related to the “Basal ganglia,” part of the brain that produces even thoughts, memories, and patterns. It is shown by a psychological pattern known as the habit loop, a three-part process from which every habit begins. Initially, a stimulus or trigger tells one’s brain to go into auto mode and then let the behavior emerge. In addition to this, there is habitual, which is the very behavior as well as the third is the benefit: anything that our brains like, which will help us recognize the habit loop.

good habits

Must Develop these Good Habits 

It is a harsh fact that is hard to develop but once developed then the person’s character is evolved. The individual should be willing and determined to resist all urges to be on another side of the scale. He must be emotionally healthy enough to say a healthy “no” to all vice temptations such as lying, stealing, drinking alcohol, and so on.

One must be with the right people or mates to always be on the correct path. Close relationships with the appropriate person should be cultivated as they are also a part of our personalities. When you have good friends, half the war is won, as they stay with the individual for their entire life, against any kind of fault prevailing in the community.  You can’t be on either side of the line. Thus, certain important good habits should be cultivated to get away from possible wrong habits that arise from time to time. Many good habits can be developed while you are young so try to develop many of them and lead a good life. A few of the good habits that an individual must possess are given below:

  1. Visit NGOs

An individual must form the habit of working in collaboration with an NGO. He would accomplish a sense of pride and satisfaction by becoming used to visiting one of the NGOs in town and starting to work for the underprivileged.

  1. Early to bed and early to rise

The practice of sleeping early and waking up early in the morning should be inculcated. A new day’s work should begin with a fresh brain. It is therefore recommended that the students rise early in the morning. Getting up in the morning has many benefits and should therefore be cultivated as a habit in life.

  1. Leisure activities as hobbies 

Enjoying the activity will also help to keep away from poor habits while at leisure. It is known to calm the mind and relax the body with a recreational hobby. This leaves an individual fresh and comfortable. Thus the creation of a hobby could help a great deal to prevent other activities that might otherwise be detrimental to the health of people.

  1. Become a reading lover

Reading is another healthy practice that an individual can develop from the earliest level. Parents can play an important role in their children’s cultivation of reading by telling their children stories before going to them. This allows them not only to establish a strong character but also to improve their language and their skill in listening and reading. When an individual has become accustomed to reading, they will automatically start to read the books and be free from charming temptations in society.

good habits


One should have had no justification or blame someone else for his weakness for fostering bad habits. An individual should not forget that good habits enable him to boost his mental and physical well-being. Bad habits, however, can undoubtedly generate resentment and ignominy. Therefore, people need to cultivate only these for their own as well as that of society.

Anyone should not have had an excuse or fault for cultivating bad habits for someone else’s frailty. A person should note that these help him to improve his well-being mentally and physically. However, bad habits will contribute to rancor and ignominy. Thus, only good habits for themselves and society must be cultivated. Human beings are believed to be the same essence, but their behaviors are changed. Learned habits become people’s attributes and begin to describe them. This article deals with why it is essential to develop good habits in life.

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