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10 Courses on edx for working professionals

The Internet is a lot of things but it is the biggest platform to learn any and all things, especially to learn those things that you are afraid to be publicly ignorant about (we suggest, never be guilty of being ignorant as long as you’re willing to learn about it). The good folks at MIT and Harvard have collaborated to create edx – an online course provider with a humongous list of student-friendly and university-level courses. It includes credible, precise and overall comprehensive courses. They are mostly of interests related to business management, marketing, programming, humanities and so on. We have sifted through varying interests and found you 10 finest courses that you need to get your hands in immediately. 


Visual Presentation in Communication 

Lori Marra, Rochester Institute of Technology 

Although, corporates prefer formal and subtle ways of doing things, a dull and colourless presentation would most definitely invoke a few shy yawns. Visual Presentation course on edx is the answer to learn more about the impact of visual components in communicating effectively. It also highlights how different colours of visuals call on different types of emotions in people when they see it.  Click here to visit course.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Mike Johansson, Rochester Institute of Technology 

It becomes necessary to perceive and assess difficult corporate situations properly and as it actually is and attempt to solve it as best as you could. The Critical Thinking and Problem Solving course explains how to analyse situations and draw critical solutions to it. And how to evaluate failures to turn them into lessons learnt. Click here to visit course.

Leading In A Complex Environment 

Bernard McKenna, the University of Queensland

More often than not, workplaces are complex, intricate and dynamic. It falls down on the leader to handle and practically tackle problems that arise in such environments. The course, Leading in a complex environment, focuses on dealing with issues about social, global, environmental, geopolitical situations and so on. The course attempts to encourage leaders to find solutions that run deeper than just getting them right off the plates. Click here to visit course.

Digital Branding and Engagement

Sonia Dickinson, Curtin University

A few things no longer work the way it used to in the 1900s, like branding your product and engaging with your target audience. The digital age requires you to thoroughly grasp digital branding and engagement and how to work about it. The course provides deeper knowledge of content marketing and distribution of the same via earned and sponsored media, how to reach your audience and attract prospects. Click here to visit course.

Attending A Networking Event 

Joel Ozretich, University of Washington 

When you are a working professional, networking should be a second nature to you, but its not always the case. Thus, this particular course becomes vital for those instances. It focuses on the ability to positively communicate, impress and form connections with people. And, well, to also learn the art of small talks. Click here to visit course.

Managing Conflicts on Programs &  Projects with Cultural and Emotional Intelligence 

Bill Brantley, University of Maryland 

A considerate and empathetic leader is someone whom, every employee digs for. When an employer is culturally and emotionally intelligent, they form a deeper bond with their employees than otherwise. Thus, the course stresses on utilizing your emotional and cultural intelligence while deflecting conflict and reaching higher levels of productivity.  Click here to visit course.

Introduction to the Internet of Things

Iain Murray AM & Gil Chirst, Curtin University 

Anything that is unlikely to have a digital brain but still has it such as a smartwatch or even a door, constitutes the internet of things. However, that’s not all. This introductory course describes extensive meaning of the internet of things and its uses to achieve greater good in workplaces. It also convinces how to invest effectively in the IoT. Click here to visit course.

Using Python for Research

JP Onnela of Harvard University 

As it is known, Python is a programming language, often considered easy to learn and used for multiple purposes. This particular course, as it claims, is a bridge between an introductory course  and an advanced course. This will, along with a revision of the basics, also help to learn the applications of Python especially for research purposes. If you have previous experience with the language, then this course will be as smooth as water for you. Click here to visit course.

China: Understanding the Fundamentals

Enodo Economics 

China is a massive country with its equally huge markets and economical ambitions. Being one of the largest economies, it becomes vital to know what moves its businesses, stock market, real estate market and other relevant things. This course covers all the fundamentals necessary to grasp the Chinese markets better for investment and other purposes.  Click here to visit course.

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance | edX

Ashok Thampy, IIM Bangalore 

This course is a basic to intermediate guide to learning about corporate finances and what elements play a role in it. 

This course will aid you to generate better ideas and how to act on them and well-judged financial decisions for the company.  Click here to visit course.

This was our well curated list of edx courses for working professional to learn from. Hope you spend some of your time completing these courses. 

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