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10 Necessary Apps for Working Professional

Apps are nothing but antidotes to almost all of our problems. From apps to remind you to drink water (only to be ignored), apps that bring food to your doorsteps, apps that help you to sleep, to apps telling you to keep your phones aside because it’s been 17 hours since you last blinked. In hindsight, (some) apps sound a lot like our mothers. Point being, apps have made our lives easier than anyone would’ve thought 100 years ago. They’ve helped us to lead our daily lives as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, except the times when they stopped working and gave up on us, but let’s try to overlook that for a few while. We need their assistance for virtually every task, especially at workplace. Thus, we’ve listed down 10 necessary apps for every working professional. 

Evernote – Organizer, Planner for Notes & Memo

necessary apps

When you are a working professional it becomes necessary for you to note down everything, and we mean everything, to prevent any blunders. Evernote is like a digital notebook that lets you make notes, add comments and corrections even on other documents. You could even organise and plan your days using it.

AppBlock – Stay Focused (Block Websites & apps)

When you are interested in every notification you receive, especially those that tempt you to order food every 3 minutes, AppBlock is the perfect way to one up on them. It enables you to block apps, notifications and websites for specific period of time. It also maintains your distraction statistics to let you be proud of yourself when you’ve done well or to convince you that nothing can stop you from procrastinating, when you’ve done bad. 

Money Manager Expense & Budget

Money Manager

As it claims, its the easiest app to manage your expenses on the basis of your budget. It lets you assess and manage expenditure on daily, weekly and monthly basis almost like a professional accountant.  You could also sync it with your bank account or other transaction apps. It will help you to save money even if you can’t. Also, it’s colour coded!

LinkedIn – Job search & business news

LinkedIn is a corporate or professional networking app that lets you stay connected to not only your colleagues but also with professional of other companies (no, that does not imply you’re cheating on your workplace). It lets you keep an eye out for new job or internship opportunities. Its a great platform to keep you updated about business and corporate world. 

Trello – Organize anything with anyone anywhere

As fun as post-its are, they are tiny and can easily fall off without you noticing. We wouldn’t want you to replace post-its, they are too cute, rather you could also inculcate the use of Trello for planning and organizing your work day or your work from home day. Trello is a visual and elaborate organizing app. Unlike many other organizing apps, this one works offline too. 

Skyscanner – Flights, hotels and car hire

Skyscanner Hits 100m Monthly Users and Reveals New Mission for ...

Skyscanner is a very reliant app when it comes to finding cheap and budget-friendly flight tickets. Although its mainly used to surf flights and their rates, it also aids you to find convenient hotels and cars for hire with added discounts. Among other things, it does not charge any booking fees. Its extremely useful if your work demands you to travel frequently. 

Inshorts: 60 Words News Summary 

Often when you are so engrossed in your work you hardly have time or capacity to actively surf the web for what’s happening around the world. Inshort fills you up on every tiny or breaking news of the hour in precisely 60 words. As a working professional it is as essential for you to complete your targets as to be updated on current affairs. 

CRED: Rewards on Credit card bill payments

This is one among the multiple chic apps. CRED enables you to pay your credit card bills as smoothly and efficiently as you can. In fact, it even rewards you on every bill transactions which wins you CRED coins or CRED gems. These wins can be further redeemed in various ways you wish. It’s an overall great app if you’re a working professional or are just rich and use credit cards frequently. 

Audible: Audiobooks and Original Series


When you are a working professional it is usually difficult for you manage to read a book with your work schedule. In such cases, an audio book is easier to consume and be hooked to. Audible has a charming collection of audio books as well as series. This becomes very handy if you commute long distance to reach your workplace. 

Duolingo: Learn English Free

When you are a working professional you might have to deal with clients or colleagues who aren’t from the same country as you are. These instances might require you to converse in their native language to effectively communicate. Duolingo facilitates easy lessons to learn multiple languages. It includes frequently issued phrases that locals use that can help you converse decently if not fluently.

This was our list of 10 apps that are extremely handy if you are a working professional. 

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