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10 Social entrepreneurship business

A hybrid model of business which serves both social and business development cause. It is a great way to contribute in society. It is an unique way of success in entrepreneurship. This way of business has a great impact over the public.

It is really a great way to do entrepreneurship for working professionals who have an interest in social work and they want to build a business. This is a trending approach, so sooner is better. As there are many opportunist people waiting to launch themselves. 


This company is known for uniting students and disadvantaged people for entrepreneurial projects. Students work on several projects and then they are put to use in real life. If a student did something related to journalism then it would be published and by this example you would get an idea of how this firm works. And then local people or people who are homeless come into the picture. They are given small jobs related to the work students and people do and then they get paid. 


Biolite is a startup company. This company uses thermoelectric technology. It is used to light wood without getting physically involved. It is a great way to make sure kids are safe. This option is more clean and safe. Addition to this it has a charging point where you can charge phones and LEDs. This company has worked with well known companies like HP, Nike and Johnson and Johnson.  

TCK Learning Centre

This institution is situated in Hong Kong. This entrepreneurship business offer very low cost education especially for migrant workers who don’t earn much. This institution is so thoughtful and offers education to young migrant workers and maids. They offer reading courses, English, technology to these people. Many poor people are able to study and excel in their life, due to such institutions. In addition to it they offer various workshops of music, bookkeeping, graphic designing, video editing, etc. to students who are not able to afford. 


This enterprise will truly shock you. They have got an amazing idea to convert vacant housing units to short term entrepreneur labs and learning centers. Also, They choose houses from Dublin for this. They provide homeless people shelter and teach new skills in vacant housings. Voidstarter gives new entrepreneurs a startup place and utilizes vacant places to help people that are in need of money. 

The Jamble

The Jamble is an online community. There are many projects to which participants can join or they present their own ideas. The Jamble allows people to search for collaborators for their own project ideas or to join pre-existing project ideas. The Jamble in a way, they are creating a bridge for people to shelter their ideas into the arms of reality with support and securance. 

Task Squad

Task Squad has created a system where a person volunteers for money. Then he/she applies for jobs and posts their assignments. This process lets others learn, provides quality working experience and resume building for young people who have just started and don’t know how to proceed. Volunteers must be between 18-25 years old. This service provides rewards and encourages young minds to volunteer. 


Terracycle is a company involved around the idea of recycling. There are many items available in the market that are hard to recycle. This company makes it easier to recycle those items. People can directly ship waste to them or they can just let it go through the whole indirect process. People who directly ship their waste get points which are convertible to money or donation to your choice of nonprofit organisation. 

The Financier: Grameen Bank

Muhammad Yunus is a very famous personality. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for founding Grameen Bank, Bangladesh. He has done a lot of good work to help poor people. Mang times he has operated and given loans without any collaterals and it is a pure good work. 

The Movement: ME to WE

It is a grand community launched by two Canadian brothers in 2006. This social enterprise has inculcated a unique code for each user to see the transparency of the company. The code enables a user to see where their money goes, which was given to the company while purchasing it’s product. Their money makes a positive impact and it lets them be involved in the whole process. 

The Godfather: Ashoka

The godfather of social entrepreneurs is considered to be Bill Drayton. He is credited for tosing the term “social entrepreneur” into the mainstream. His firm supports other social enterprises across the world.


Above mentioned are the list of social entrepreneurship businesses for working professionals. This is really a great list. Just by reading it you will feel different about your surroundings and you will want to help and impact lives. 


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