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6 Self-Study Tips

If you want to know 6 self-study tips, you are in the right place. For most of us, just listening to the classes and taking notes might not help to retrieve learnt topics in our long term memory. Even when we have many inspiring teachers who teach us through the best possible methods and passion, we also have to admit the fact that in every school or college, there will be at least one faculty whose class becomes a lullaby or in the worst case, becomes complete worst of time. Whatever be the case, we have to revise the lessons and sometimes recreate them using our own stories and perspectives to reproduce it effectively.

In this article, we are discussing 6 tips which will be useful for self-study.

Taking Notes

This is the tip which is always stressed out too much. Taking notes in the classroom and taking notes while studying are equally important. While in the class, taking notes not only makes revision easier, but also saves you from zoning out from the class and helps keep your attention.

While reading wide topics or large texts for the first time, making notes simultaneously may not be a good idea. After giving a first quick read and understanding the concepts, you have to identify the important markers or key areas before proceeding to the note-making. Otherwise, your notes might turn lengthier and will replicate the reference texts without simplifying the task for you. This is one of the 6 self-study tips.

Time Management

Time management is crucial while writing exams as well as while studying. Cramming for exams definitely will not help you in the long run. Managing time wisely will let you avoid the last minute rush and thereby makes you stress free during exam days.

You will be having your own areas of weakness and strength. Allocate time to each subject or areas in accordance with your difficulty scale.

Include the time for relaxation, fun or recreational activities and family time in your schedule. Always try to keep the study-fun balance. This is another one of the 6 self-study tips.

Sleep, Exercise and Diet

Proper sleep is very crucial for the efficient cognitive functioning. We have our own sleep-wake cycles. Some people need 7 hours of sleep while some may need a bit more. If you have spent long hours studying hard than usual, then it is natural to feel exhausted and fatigued. During such times, let yourself sleep up to your brain’s requirement. Good sleep can be compensated by nothing else. Depriving yourself from the required sleep can cause serious issues.

Some people feel it comfortable to wake up early in the morning while some others prefer spending late nights with books and waking up late. See what works for you best. But keep in mind that studying very late or very early can be harmful. Waking up early after a good sleep is always preferred but it should not be early like 3 am.

A good amount of healthy food and proper exercise is the only fuel of your brain. Cut off carbs and bad cholesterol foods from your diet and include leafy vegetables, pulses, fruits and nuts. Exercise improves your blood circulation and makes you feel energetic. So, make sure that you don’t run out of fuels. This is one of the 6 self-study tips.

Use multiple resources

If you see, hear and read the same topic, it can retain in your memory for longer duration. Thanks to the digital era that the knowledge is at your fingertips!

You have access to unlimited ebooks as well as videos and even podcasts for studying nowadays. When browsing the web, make sure you rely on the authentic source of information. This is one of the 6 self-study tips.

Avoid distractions

Conducive environment is also required for efficient learning. Digital devices can be helpful and also works the other way in a lot many ways. You may find yourself taking your phone to check the time or responding to a message and not putting it aside for the next one hour. We won’t realize that time keeps flying at these times.

Organize your study table so that all the resources are at your reach. Messy study atmosphere can hinder with your studies. But don’t get obsessive about it and don’t spend too much of your valuable time on organizing your study space. This is one of the 6 self-study tips.

Use memory enhancing techniques

There are many techniques to enhance your memory. Don’t stick to the method of the rank holder. Instead find out which works best for you.

Mnemonics is a widely used memory for better storage and retrieval of data. A pattern of letters, numbers or associations is used to remember the topic. There are many mnemonics like name mnemonics, music mnemonics, model mnemonics, rhyme mnemonics etc. For example, the order of planets can be remembered using the mnemonics My Very Excellent Method: Just Say, Understood Now (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune).

Chunking is another method by which large topics are broken into small chunks of information to memorize better.

You can also use the fixed images of familiar places in your brain to store various information. For example, if you have to store five principles, you can associate principle 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to your door, cupboard, desk, window and chair in your bedroom. This is one of the 6 self-study tips.

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