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One of the most difficult jobs to do is to interior design. It takes a lot out of you. You need to apply every skill and trick you know to make your interior perfectly. Many interior designers struggle to find new ways to design and desperately need tips to improve themselves. So, we here, at careerguide.com, are going to list a few tips for interior designing working professional to consider and apply. These are well researched and very informative. You can rely on these tips and can use them extensively. The following is the list. 

Use more Wood

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Now, one thing we all can agree on is that wood is the best thing you can use while interior designing. It looks classy and great when polished. You should use some creative wooden chairs near the entrance to make a mark. Also, another thing you can use wood in is that you should do white coloured hard wooden flooring. They look exotic and pure and can go with any colour you decide on the wall. Use the best kind of wood or if it sounds bad to you and you want to be eco-friendly, use other substances with wooden appearance.

Use Wallpapers

Home 3D Wallpaper at Rs 3500/roll | 3D-वॉलपेपर - Concept ...

Another tip for interior designers is that you should use Wallpapers on empty walls. They look brilliant and attractive and are eye-catchers. You can also use them in bathrooms and ceilings. They are colourful and are appreciated by everyone. And there are so many designs you can choose from that it will never increase your problem. This will only decrease your tension and make the interior more appealing. 

Go Green

One of the best ways you can design your interior is to go green. You can place green plants around the house. They look really cute and moral in houses. Also, you can place small plants on tables. They will look decorative and you are preserving nature by this way. Also, you can use products and substances which will not harm the environment and are environment friendly. You are saving the environment and making your interior more interesting at the same time. It would be a great initiative by your side. 

Know your Lighting

One place where many interior designers mess up is during lighting the house. The lighting should look decent around the house and well places. You should know the right types of bulbs and holders to use. You should also use lamps as they are very beautiful. Also, You should use colourful lights according to the room. You can also hang lights from the wall in a beautiful way. This would look new and modern. You can select different styles of lights for different rooms. The main room should be well lighten up and should look gorgeous. Knowing your lights are important.

Add a bar

A great add-on an interior designer can do is to add a bar in the designing. Bar should look attractive and neat. It should contain imported stuff with many glasses. The lighting should be according to the mood and should not be too bright. You can use various designs for bar. It is a great add-on which many people catch an eye of and are perplexed by it. Bars look decent and mature in interior designing and they are great conversation starters. Networking over drinks are common, so you will do a great job by adding a bar.

Combine Ancient and Modern

It is an important tip which many interior designers don’t give away. If you are an interior designer, it can literally be the best tip for you. You should combine ancient and modern objects and set-up. You can use modern style around the room and ancient style tables. This is just an example. Think it yourself. Ancient and modern always goes together. You can add wall paintings and put of frames and it would look classy. It would feel different and new for someone to try this new and old interesting set up. Give it a try.

Trust your intuition 

It is very important for an interior designer to trust and know their intuition. Some times the best ideas strike your mind and you overthink them and then they get scrapped. Listen to yourself more. And also, not be afraid to use different colour combinations and schemes. You can pour out your creativity and it would be fine. Believe in yourself more. You should also remember the 3 rule. 3 is the golden number in interior designing. Placing things in the set of 3 are very attractive and virtuous looking. 

So, above is the list of tips for interior designers. Hope that it was of some help. Best of Luck!!!

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