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8 YouTube channels for Young Entrepreneurs

The invention of technology has been a boom for us. It has made many things easy for use. In fact, it has opened numerous doors for education and employment. The internet brought the world closer and made it easier for people to exchange and gather information. Now it is possible to learn and be inspired by just sitting in the room. We at Careerguide.com have made this list for our young entrepreneurs to be inspired and educated. These YouTube channels will give you the most basic knowledge regarding how to become an entrepreneur. Some of these YouTube channels are operated by the entrepreneurs themselves. The job of an entrepreneur is not easy but these videos can make it simpler. Hence, we believe that watching the videos from here will be almost as same as watching their live talks.

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We at Careeguide.com believe that motivation is the first step. It is indeed an essential element in everything you do. This YouTube channel will be the perfect place to get inspired. They show the life that the top 3 percent of the people live. This will excite the viewers and keep them wanting to work harder to want these things. Right from super cool hatch to fancy private planes, this channel brings the essence of luxury to your doorstep.

To visit this website, click here.


This is the channel of an entrepreneur, by the entrepreneur and for the entrepreneurs. Gary Vee is the chairman of VaynerX which is an esteemed company. As the advice from this video comes from self experience, it is so simple yet effective for anyone to follow. He is also a highly respected public speaker and also a New York times best selling author. Due to all this experience, he is also very efficient at sharing his experience about the job of an entrepreneur.

Noan Kagan

In the event of being the best, some people become the best of the best. Noan Kagan is an excellent example of this analogy. He is the founder of AppSumo. This brilliant application is a must have application for young entrepreneurs. Therefore, this is what makes this app so special. And this also highlights the strategic thinking of Noan Kagan. He makes numerous tutorials and motivational videos. He also makes videos which include interviews. Also , he makes 2 to 3 videos every month which can be a very beautiful source of motivation.


Hubspot is the perfect website to start with a business idea. In fact, this is the place where different entrepreneurs meet to exchange their idea. The YouTube channel based on the mane of the same website is hence the perfect place to learn about some secrets related to the concept if entrepreneurship. This YouTube channel can be the sacred place to get tips and tricks from the best. Moreover, the young entrepreneurs can be ahead of their competition if they regularly visit this educational hotspot. Therefore, we definitely suggest the viewers to check out this YouTube channel.

Fast Company

During the path of success, it is often seen that we get stuck at multiple points. This can be demotivating for few people and can lead the emergence of self doubt. But do not worry. If you ever feel stuck during your venture to become the best entrepreneur, this is the YouTube channel you need. The advice given through this YouTube channel comes directly from the pockets of successful entrepreneurs. This is the most unadulterated advice the viewers can ever get. The prime reason why the readers should surf through this channel is because it contains videos which render advice from some cery famous brands. And some of these famous brands include Apple, McDonald’s and CocaCola.


We appreciate the fact that the job of an entrepreneur is tough as it means coming up with an original idea. But the tougher part is about expanding the idea! And things would not reach the masses unless you do not expand and export them. This channel made for entrepreneurs make the concept of expanding very easy to understand for the viewers. It gives the golden advice on how to work on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). As we know SEO is the need of the hour to improve and augment the outreach of our content. Therefore, all the young entrepreneurs should definitely take tips from this channel.

TED Talks

Ever since the Ted talks started, there has been no shortage of motivation. And the motivation and advice given by Ted talks is versatile. People from different streams can benefit after watching the same Ted talks video. Ted talks is hence an essential tool for young entrepreneurs. This YouTube channel not only has great motivational videos but their Ted-ed channel also have short videos that teach key concepts about various subjects.

Video Creator

Many entrepreneurs try to have a Channel on YouTube as it is the most used platform by many people. Here, the advertising will be the best. Hence, many young entrepreneurs might consider to advertise their brand or company on YouTube. After all, the job of an entrepreneur is to keep expanding his or her brand. But to do this, it is essential to learn the art of video making. This YouTube Channel is operated by Tim Schmoyer. It gives invaluable advice regarding the making the proper use of YouTube as a advertising and branding platform. We highly recommend our viewers to visit this channel.

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