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E Salary HP Login : Creating, Manage, Access, Updating, Security

An employee portal run by the government of Himachal Pradesh can be accessed through the E Salary HP Login. Authorised users can examine their GPF/PRAN account balances for a given financial year as well as their income information, including monthly net salary and details, on this platform. It’s crucial to remember that the content on the portal appears to be for informative purposes only and might not be up to date.

Getting Started with E Salary HP Login

1. Download the application, if necessary:

  • You can get the official eSalary HP Govt Employees app from the Google Play Store if you hold an Android smartphone or tablet. To download and install the app, search for “eSalary HP Govt Employees” in the Play Store and follow the on-screen directions.

2. Login Information:

  • You’ll probably need your Employee ID (or a similar identification) and some sort of login information supplied by your company in order to access your eSalary HP account.
  • Important: Since the app description makes no mention of creating an account, it’s likely that your HR department or another authorised Himachal Pradesh government entity will supply your login credentials.

3. Obtaining Compensation Data:

  • When you log in, you ought to be able to see your monthly salary details, including net pay and a breakdown of deductions.
  • You can use the app to view the balance of your GPF/PRAN account for a specific fiscal year. PRAN is for Permanent Retirement Account Number E Salary HP Login, while GPF stands for General Provident Fund, an Indian government employee retirement savings plan.

4. Restrictions:

  • Remember that the software appears to be geared towards looking at previous data, thus it might not always represent the most recent details.
  • It’s best to check with the payroll office or designated authority in your department for the most recent information regarding your pay or account balances.

Extra Advice:

  • Try restarting the app or your device if you have any trouble using it or login in.
  • You can get in touch with the app developer E Salary HP Login or the IT support staff in your department for more help (National Informatics Centre) through the contact information available on the app store listing.

Creating Your E Salary HP Login Account

Currently unavailable
As of today, April 9, 2024, creating an account on the eSalary HP platform appears to be unavailable.

Potential Ways to Log in:

Information at hand suggests that signing up for an account might not be the usual method of gaining access to E Salary HP Login . It is most likely your employer, or the Human Resources department, that will supply your login credentials.

E Salary HP Login

Download the App (Android only)If you have an Android device, download the “eSalary HP Govt Employees” app from the Google Play Store.
Launch the AppOpen the app on your device.
Enter CredentialsEnter the login credentials provided by your employer (likely Employee ID and password).
LoginTap the Login button or similar option.
Access InformationOnce logged in, you should be able to view your salary details and account balances.

Extra Information

  • The answer to how to get a forgotten password back is unknown. Please get in touch with your designated office or the Human Resources department if you need help remembering your credentials E Salary HP Login .
  • The mobile app is covered by this table. A web portal might have a different login procedure, but details regarding it are not yet accessible.

Understanding the Dashboard

FeatureDescription (assumptions based on available information)
Monthly Net Salary
This section likely displays your most recent net salary after deductions.
Salary Details
This might provide a breakdown of your salary, including basic pay, allowances, deductions (e.g., income tax, provident fund), etc.
GPF/PRAN Balance
This section could show your current balance for the General Provident Fund (GPF) or Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) for a specific financial year.

Important Information

It’s possible that the data on the dashboard is merely informative and does not represent the most recent statistics.

Managing Your Profile on E Salary HP Login

Profile Management
Based on available information, the eSalary HP app likely does not offer functionalities for managing your profile directly.

Potential Situation:

  • Since your employer appears to be providing the login credentials, the IT E Salary HP Login or HR departments in your department may be in charge of maintaining the information on your profile.


  • For assistance in updating any personal data, get in touch with your assigned office or the Human Resources department.

Accessing Payroll Information

Download the App (Android only)
If you have an Android device, download the “eSalary HP Govt Employees” app from the Google Play Store.
Launch the App
Open the app on your device.
Enter your credentials provided by your employer and log in.
Select Month (if applicable)
The app might allow you to choose a specific month to view your corresponding salary details.
View Salary Details
Once logged in, navigate to the section displaying your monthly net salary and salary details breakdown.
View GPF/PRAN Balance
Locate the section showcasing your GPF (General Provident Fund) or PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account Number) balance, likely for a specific financial year.

Extra Information

  • This table is predicated on the app operating as stated. The real interface might be a little different.
  • Keep in mind that the data may not represent the most recent statistics and may simply be for informative reasons E Salary HP Login .

For Up-to-Date Information:

  • See the payroll office or designated authority in your department for the most recent information regarding your pay and account balances.

Updating Personal Information on E Salary HP Login

Update Through App
Based on current information (April 9, 2024), the eSalary HP app likely does not have a built-in function for updating your personal information.
Contact Human Resources
It’s recommended to reach out to your employer’s Human Resources department or designated office for assistance with updating any personal details.
Provide Required Documents
You might need to submit specific documents (e.g., proof of address change, new bank account details) depending on the information you need to update.

Extra Information

  • You will receive guidance from the HR department on how to update your information in the proper manner E Salary HP Login .
  • Your employer’s internal system can include a specific form you need to fill out or an online portal you can visit.

Security Measures for E Salary HP Login

Security Measure
Description (Inferred based on best practices for secure login systems)
Strong Passwords
Your employer might require the use of strong passwords for login credentials. Strong passwords are typically at least 12 characters long and include a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
Secure Login Protocol
The login process likely utilizes a secure protocol like HTTPS to encrypt data transmission between your device and the eSalary HP server. This helps protect your login credentials from being intercepted by unauthorized parties.
Two-Factor Authentication (Possible)
While not confirmed, some government institutions use two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security. This would involve an additional step during login, such as entering a code received via SMS or generated by an authentication app.
User Access Controls
Your employer might implement user access controls to restrict access to the eSalary HP system based on job roles. This helps ensure only authorized personnel can view sensitive salary information.
Data Security Practices
It’s assumed the Himachal Pradesh government adheres to data security best practices to safeguard employee information stored on the eSalary HP platform. These practices might include data encryption, regular security audits, and employee training on data security awareness.

Important Information

  • The data presented in this table is derived from popular online portal security measures. There may be variations in the precise security measures put in place for E Salary HP Login .
  • It’s best to check with your employer’s IT department or, if it’s accessible, the official eSalary HP platform documentation for the most recent information on security procedures.


The eSalary Through a dedicated app, HP Login offers government employees in Himachal Pradesh a convenient method to access their income information on an Android smartphone. For a given financial year, you can check your monthly net salary, salary breakdown, and GPF/PRAN account balance. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though E Salary HP Login , that the data may not represent the most recent statistics and may simply be for informative purposes.

Here’s a brief summary of the main ideas:

  • Provided by your employer (probably the HR department), your login credentials.
  • Account Creation: Not accessible at this time; it appears that the login is preconfigured.
  • Data Accuracy: For the most recent information, check with the payroll office in your department as data may not be current.
  • There is no profile management feature in the app E Salary HP Login . To update any personal information, get in touch with HR.
  • Security: Probably uses two-factor authentication, secure login procedures, and strong passwords—all of which are industry standards.

In general, E Salary HP Login functions more as a reference tool than it does to provide an insight into your pay specifics. If you have any questions about your pay, account balances, or need to change your personal data, it is advised that you get in contact with your assigned department or HR.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How do I log into my e salary?

Ans.  For availing Employee Login facility, for the first time Employee has to enter his Payee Code as User Name and same as Password, i.e. The Employee code is his User name as well as password also. The first screen that will appear is for verification of the employee information and changing his password.


Q2. What is the salary slip of government employees?

Ans.  This is a legal document that acts as proof of your employment. A pay slip is an important document with all important details about your salary structure, like basic salary, medical allowance, conveyance allowance, deductions, and other information like your employee code, date of joining, bank details, etc.

Q3. How do I download a payslip?


Check if your company provides an employee portal or HR software. If so, log in to your account, navigate to the payroll or salary section, and you should find an option to download your salary slip. If not, a quick request to HR should get you the digital copy you need.


Q4. Can I check my salary online?

Ans.  You can access the internal employee portal or the company’s payroll software to view the salary slip online.


Q5. Can I see my salary slip online?


How can I get my salary slip online? The organisation of the employee issues salary slips every month generally through email. You can download or print your salary slip for each month. You can check your salary slip online on the company payroll software or the employee’s internal portal of your company.

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