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Overcome lack of concentration while studying in class 9th

A distracted mind gives a distracted result. Being concentrated in what you did can bring out results that even you might not expect. It is especially vital for students in the current highly competitive examination pattern that is prevalent across our nation, as students from as early as class 8th and class 9th start preparation for undergraduate entrance examinations. So, let’s start this article which helps you to increase concentration while studying in class 9th and we wish you the very best for your future.

concentration while studying


The thousands of year old teaching of various postures and exercises has proved itself to be one of the most popular ways employed by both the youth and the adults alike as it not only helps them improve their concentration while studying but to also keep themselves physically active at a time when we are generally bond to our desks for 12 to 14 hours a day sometimes. While it is recommended to do yoga early in the morning with the first ray of sunshine, you can do yoga whenever you feel like, just remember not to eat anything sometime before doing it.


Though still a very debatable method to increase focus, many youngsters and teenagers find this method effective in increasing their focus, especially while doing tedious problems of maths and physics. Due to this increasing trend, there are many apps that offer a playlist of songs that are designed to calm your mind and help you focus for long durations of time. But remember don’t put up songs that are too loud to the ear or way too distracting that they end up distracting you rather than helping you concentrate.


By exercise, we refer to all forms of physical activities like running or just taking a walk, weightlifting or push-ups, anything that is aimed at improving your physical strength and activity, as your work on the body also helps you sharpen your mind in undeniable ways. So, it’s about time you pulled those running shoes out of the dust and get yourself on the track.

concentration while studying


We are not referring to your mobile addicting video games here, we are referring to games that can help you either sharpen your mind or your body while also allowing you to let off some steam from your heavy study sessions without making you indulge in activities that can distract your mind from concentration and studies. So, whether it is table tennis you fancy or a game of badminton, just go out and play, but remember not to spend too much time on the field too.


Possibly the best method on the list, meditation allowed men to do great things in past, from conjuring weapons to seeing the almighty. But you don’t need to indulge in that high form of meditation, all you need to do is spend an hour or 30 minutes a day to keep your mind in a highly elevated state that will allow you to focus better on the task in hand and take your worries away.

study in class 9th

Give up your smart phone

Smartphone provides a lot of benefits, if you want to know them, just try to take away one from a teenager. But with all its advantages, it is one of the most distracting things that can be present in your hands. While giving up your smart-phone means giving up your social life, it is worth nothing when compared to your career. So, it is time you made the switch from an iPhone to a Nokia.

Take time out for hobbies

The harsh studies and excessive pressure about what next often makes students give up their hobbies. While it is not recommended that you spend too much of your time on your hobbies, it is a vice choice if you choose to spend your rest time in developing your hobbies rather than entertaining yourself with smart-phone or television. So, if you paint, do that, if you write follow that but do not spend too much time on them too.

study in class 9th

Listen to ted talks and motivational speakers

Most great minds often tell their own unique ways that helped them keep a check on themselves on their journey to greatness. While these methods may or may not be the ones that will help you start concentration in the study for the class 9th more, they surely open your mind to new ways that are present and can even help you discover your own unique way that can be part of your own ted talk someday. So, do listen to the best in the field, learn about their journey and put in as much effort as you possibly can to achieve your all-important goal, that should be to get the best possible grade in your 9th examination as even your 10th mark sheet contains the scorecard of 9th.

We hope this article helps you to increase concentration while studying in class 9th and we wish you the very best for your future.

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