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Relationships can be a very integral part of our life; our partners can influence our life into a very positive direction. But it depends upon who we are with. Most of the time, we could land up into a relationship which might breach or hamper our mental peace, you are into a toxic or abusive relationship. We must keep in mind that it is necessary to immediately leave if a relationship is taking away our mental peace.

A toxic relationship affects us in many ways, it is very essential to stay away from people who you think are manipulative and too controlling. We look for partners because we need that emotional care and support from people, it is always a good feeling to be with someone who has a special place in our hearts. But it is not okay for us to jeopardize our mental peace for that person, we will find many other people in our lives who would be ready to offer us love and respect.

It is always essential to prioritize yourself first, you should not make any compromises when it comes to choosing a partner for yourself. Thus, you must understand that a toxic relationship can turn your life up-side down, it becomes very tough to distance yourself from your toxic partner. That’s why, you should be alert about certain red flags, and be open to end the relationship before its too late. Don’t let anyone manipulate you and always listen to your instincts, you can make a perfect decision for yourself if you are ready to listen to your heart and mind. Also, please remember that you do not owe anyone any sort of explanation for choosing to not being with them; if you feel that they do not make happy, then you must leave that person.

Today, we are going to talk about a few signs about an abusive relationship, if you think that you have encountered any of these signs, then you must leave your partners.

You are afraid of your partner-

toxic and abusive relationship

The last thing you want to be in this world is afraid of your partner. If you are close to someone, you must feel free around them and you should not worry about how they would react if you do or say something. These fears stem from a relationship, whose entire foundation is laid upon fear and control.

People feel this way because their partner have shown many signs of anger, frustration and even violence. You must stay away from a person who has extreme anger issues and who often lose control over themselves. It is essential to know that the true meaning of a relationship is highlighted when you are with someone whom are completely comfortable with. If you are always worried about what your partner will say or do, then that person is problematic and you need to start addressing the fact that you are into an abusive relationship.

When they blame you for everything-

toxic relationship gif - Szukaj w Google on We Heart It

If you are in a relationship with someone, it is likely to have both good and bad days with them. It is natural for us to start sharing about our day to day incidents with people we are close to; we often even rely upon their advices and we closely try to follow what they tell us. Relying upon our partners emotional support whenever we go through a rough day is natural, it is always cathartic to have someone to listen to our problems. People who are in a healthy relationship, tend to talk about their problems and discuss about what went wrong instead of blaming each other.

If you find yourself in the situation, where you partner always blame you for their ruthless and insensitive behaviour, then it is absolutely not okay. You are not in control of your partner’s life; things might go wrong in their own personal life and the least they might expect from you is to hear their issues. Your partners cannot blame you for everything that has been going out of control in their personal life, similarly, they cannot take out their frustration or vent their anger on you.

 They constantly want you to change-

Pin on Vampire diaries

If a person you are in a relationship with constantly tries to push you to change your habits and way of doing things because they don’t like it, all they are trying to do is trying to get a proper hold over your life. You should not let someone decide things for you, and you should not give anyone that authority to manipulate you into doing something that you are not comfortable doing.

They always follow you-

 toxic and abusive relationship GIFs

We all need our own solitude, even if we are dating someone. Just because you are in a relationship with a person does not indicate that you are answerable to them throughout the day. If your partners do not respect your boundaries and tries to breach your privacy by constantly keeping an eye on you, you are into a toxic or abusive relationship and you would want to go away from that toxicity.

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