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With every passing day, the pandemic seems like being less in conversation. Today the world is infected with more than 33 million COVID-19 patients and the youth couldn’t be less bothered. There have been more than 1 million deaths all over the world yet the fear of the virus seems to be shrinking around the world. It has been around 10 months since the Wuhan virus has crossed the borders and infected people all over the globe and yet there’s still no end to it. The pandemic has been a 10-month long nightmare for people and now everyone has started to become reckless about it. There’s still no conclusive explanation or evidence to put a stop to the virus rather it has been quite the opposite. People all over the world have started to brace for the second impact of this coronavirus pandemic. When this period of second-wave is up around the corner, their denial behavior is exhibiting the ideas of pandemic denial and pandemic fatigue, specifically among the youngsters.

pandemic fatigue

What is this idea among the youth about the pandemic?

The term, pandemic denial suggests that people are still in denial of the idea of it being a global pandemic. They are more deviant towards the idea that this just another flu and it shall pass. However, the ideal truth that it has been ten months since the spread, and yet there’s no cordial vaccine for it, people tend to believe catching it won’t make of a difference. On the other hand, staying at home has made them tired of the virus, and hence the pandemic fatigue. People have become irritated by staying in a closed space and not being able to see their close ones. Especially, for the young adults, since the lift of the lockdown, they’ve been trying to meet their friends and acquaintances and thus, increase their exposure to the virus. This pandemic fatigue has rather resulted in negative effects on young people. As they became more and more likely to eat out, to meet their friends or relatives, they come at a higher risk of transmission or being a carrier. People tend to think it’s a hoax and that the researchers are exaggerating the pandemic just to contain them in there. They are more likely to think it has been enough of staying at home and as the regulations relax, it is time to be ‘free’. According to them, this catastrophe will do no hamper to them. According to them, life must go on and it shouldn’t be in a standstill. People have started to step out. They are going back to their offices, visiting malls, temples, restaurants and going shopping, and even dining. According to the young adults, they have learned to live with the virus and it is okay being acquainted with this ‘new normal’.

pandemic fatigue

What should we be concerned about?

The year has been a toll on all of us. 2020 as it is, has been a toll on all of us and has mentally impacted us on of all. This year has not been over it and yet there’s still no sign of a proper vaccine. The United States, one of the most significant nations, is still ranking the highest with being the most impacted by the virus. There have been more than 7 million cases in the USA. According to reports other nations in the Midwest have reported a high and daily spike in the number of affected people. In Europe, the situation has been more worried some, this is where there is no chance seen in any sought of reduction. There are more than 49 lakh cases and are now facing the second wave. For the past 10 days, France has been coming across more than 10,000 cases daily. When we talk of our country, we have still not faced the second wave as we have still not recovered from the first wave. Here, rather the case has gone from bad to worse. People are in a festive mood and are in constant denial of the amount of time they are exposed to the virus on a daily. There have been more spike in the rate of the affected people in one day after the lockdown than during the time the nation was in a complete lockdown. Initially, there was less testing, however, with time the progression has advanced and people are getting more tested. India is being considered as the new global epicenter of this pandemic. The cases have passed 6 million in the country and people are still being so reluctant about it.

pandemic fatigue

It is important to understand, especially for young adults, that the virus is not going anytime soon. It is high time we act as responsible citizens of the country so that we can take care of ourselves and our dear ones.

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