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Why people are afraid to get in relationship

If you want to know why people are afraid to get into a relationship, you are in the right place. Have you ever felt that you like someone a lot and still afraid to get involved in a relationship with that person? You know that they understand you the most and even you care about them a lot. You know that their presence gives you sort of butterflies in your stomach but somehow you are afraid about your feelings. Maybe you know that both of you are inclined towards each other but still, there’s a fear of getting attached together right? Well, there are a lot of reasons why people are afraid to get into a relationship in spite of liking someone a lot. Today I’m going to talk about a few reasons why someone is still afraid of commitments. So let’s get started.


Well, yeah. You may still not be able to recover or heal properly from your past traumas and it’s probably possible that you are still not over your ex. You may like someone a lot and may love spending quality time with them too, but you may still get flashbacks of the relatable memories that you have with your ex. This is one of the reasons why you are afraid to get into a relationship. Maybe you have moved on from your ex but not completely healed, as a result, you are afraid of any more commitments. It may even happen that you ask yourself questions whether you are still confused about the fact that you still love your ex more or the person who is a part of your life at present.

Family issues

Well, this is a serious matter. A lot of people cannot make a decision or are probably not allowed to make a decision against their parents, no matter how personal the decision is. Okay, let me make this point more clear to you. Suppose you are like someone who has a different religion from yours. Religion doesn’t matter, right? But suppose you know that your parents won’t ever be happy with this decision of yours and you would never want to hurt them intentionally.

As a result, you choose to step back. It may be possible that you both like each other a lot, but due to the fear of the excessive pain that you have to suffer in future, or imagining that you are going to lose your parents for this tremendous decision of life, you choose to stay friends and avoid complications. So this is how family issues play a huge role which actually holds you back to step into any commitment. This could be another reason why you are afraid to get into a relationship.

You lack self love

This is a common factor if you have experienced past traumas and people in your life before had always made you insecure about yourself, could be a reason why you are afraid to get into a relationship. Even after coming out of the group of such toxic people, you are still not happy about your life. For this reason, what may happen is that even if you tend to like someone, you will never think about getting involved in a relationship with them because you don’t want to spoil their life. Your self insecurities with make you feel low. As a result, you will basically not be able to connect with someone you love. So you see, self-love is the most important thing.

You both want different things from life

No matter how much you like a person, it’s difficult to think about your future with a person who wants different things from life as compared to yours. You may like them a lot but when it comes to thinking about your future with the same person, you definitely step back knowing that you both have different goals from life.

Long-distance matters

In spite of liking a person, you might not like the fact that they travel a lot because deep down you know that you would not be able to maintain or balance a long-distance relationship. Even due to a lot of travelling, you may find that the person you like is casual about relationships. As a result, you will not choose to make any commitment with such type of person in spite of liking them right?

So you see, there are so many reasons for a person to not get involved in any relationship in spite of liking someone to the utmost. But one more thing that I would like to say is that please learn to understand the difference between someone who is afraid to get into a relationship and someone who doesn’t want commitments because they want to play with your feelings. So the fact is that a player will want all sorts of benefits from you and still not want to get into a relationship with you. But when someone is afraid to get into a relationship with you is because they already like you and don’t want to ruin the bond that they share with you at present. So please learn this difference and act accordingly. Hope you like this article. Thank you for reading it till the end.

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