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We think extracurricular activities for children are good but for adults,  they are very important as well. With working, one should learn and do some courses to develop the self. Enrolling for new courses and pursuing makes one’s personality shine and that is why working professionals should enroll for such courses. Sometimes people get stuck in an old career choosing system and they do jobs that they don’t want to and if by opting for extra courses, you are able to fulfill your inner desire then you should surely apply for the below courses which seem to you more like ‘you’.


7 Advantages Of Doing Mba After B.tech

Masters in business and administration is really a great course to learn more about how businesses run. This course can seriously make your salary go up to 30% – 70% of your previous amount. This course impacts more than any other course from mentioned below. You always have an opportunity to apply for this course online for part-time or full-time.

Journalism and mass communication

Journalism Principles in the Islamic Perspective - Maeeshat

Some people love to write and are really good at communication and if they want to upgrade those two skills then they should opt for this course. Journalism and mass communication is a course which definitely is helpful and gives new perspectives. In this course, you will be able to learn how you are able to spread messages to a large audience.


Image result for psychology

This is one of the best courses you can ever learn to know how human emotions work and why people do what they do. This course may not have any impact on your resume, however, it will definitely have an impact in your life.

Spoken English

Spoken English Classes Surat: Speak 101% Fluent English
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Many people struggle with speaking English and that makes their self-confidence low. According to me, you should never judge yourself by your capability of speaking one language. But if it becomes an obstacle then you should face it. And should gain knowledge, knowledge always comes in handy. And learning some English doesn’t hurt somebody!!

Personality Development

Image result for personality development

There are many personal development courses available online and offline which you can always dive in. This sort, of course, changes your posture and body language which helps you stand out. This is not a difficult course where you have to write assignments and have to give most of your time and energy. This is done by a logical understanding of the aspects which affect our body language and they are simple things which skip our mind.

Machine Learning

Image result for machine learning

Machine learning enables you to know about machine languages and how machines work according to instructions programmed by the user. You see applications, websites, robots, television to your calculator, anything required programming can be learned how they work by machine learning courses.

Python language

Image result for python

Python is a coding language. By learning python you can get deeper into learning how to do ethical hacking and how to secure your data. Python language is also used for the data science department where the python language is used to manage data given by the company to use in applications and make software for the company.


Image result for linguistics

This course can enable you to learn different languages. Learning different languages can be fun, in many countries due to online sources more than 25 percent of citizens know more than 3 languages. Learning language activates our brain in a way that makes your thinking part and memory sharper.


7 Visual Building Blocks To The Elements Of Art

Art based courses come with huge options where you can learn creative courses to enhance your inner creating and makes your logical neurons’ connection stronger. And can be a good activity apart from your work as a break for your brain and you can learn more too.

Talent based

When you apply for a talent-based course then you unleash your favourite part of your inner self. When you apply for such course, it will be like walking on cake as you already love what you are doing i.e. dancing, singing, painting or anything you are interested in. Gradually you can progress in that field and earn a lot, then if you want to pursue the field you are talented in, then you can.


All the above-mentioned courses are essential to growth according to your requirements, despite many people who think that right now whatever money he/she is earning is enough but life is beyond money can ever reach. Some are free or in some mediums, you have to invest money but the huge source which 55 per cent people use is YouTube, without any investment of money.

There are applications like Coursera, Udemy, Unacademy, etc.

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