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Popular Bartending Colleges among Students in India

While bartending is not a formal degree or program in India, there are several institutes and schools that offer courses and certifications in hospitality management, which includes bartending as a specialization. Here are some popular bartending colleges among students in India:


Bartending is a popular career option now. It is regarded as rather unconventional but is still one of the most interesting careers in the food and beverage industry, which in turn is an important part of hospitality. For those wishing an exciting and career-playing person, the bartending as career is quite an interesting career option.


In many of the institutions offering bartender training, both diploma and certificate courses are directly accepted. The 10+2 examinations in every other stream are included in the minimum qualifying for the bartender course. A diploma or certificate course is offered to students.


Since the last few years, with the growing pub culture, there have been increased employment opportunities. The number of nightclubs, bars, resorts, hotels and pubs has increased, and thus job opportunities for trained bartenders have been rising. Bartending as a job chance is now offered in full time and part time.

Top colleges for Bartending in India

1. Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition

Bartending colleges

IHM Goa was established in 1968, formerly called the Food Craft Institute. In 1984 IHM Goa began offering graduate courses and in 2002, graduation programmes. The hospitality school falls within the remit of the Indian Ministry of Tourism.

IHM Goa is a member of the NCHMCT and the courses are offered in collaboration with IGNOU. IGNOU offers a BSc training course.

2. IHM Delhi

Bartending colleges

The Catering & Nutrition Management Institute (IHM), in Pusa, New Delhi, is the top Indian hospitality management school, which is situated in Delhi, India. In Pusa institutional area (New Delhi) IHM Pusa is located. IHM Pusa has been known for its placements, faculties, disciplines and students as the country’s top hotel management institution over the last five years in succession. This college offers bartending course.

3. Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism, Shimla

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As the chain of governing institutions, Heritage Institute of Hotel & Tourism (HIHT) is expanding. In Agra and Shimla, the HIHT had two campuses. Millions of tourists in Himachal turn each year, because the site is rich in heritage. HIHT Institute in Shimla was founded so that students could effectively shape their dreams.

4. MDU Rohtak - Maharshi Dayanand University

Bartending colleges

Rohtak is an institution that has 38 postgraduate departments and 11 teachers founded in 1976 by acts in the Haryana Legislative Assembly, Maharshi Dayanand University (MDU). In 2019, it was accredited for its progressive graph ‘A+’ by NAAC.

5. Institute of Bar Operations and Management

Bartending colleges

Bar Operations and Management Institute, operated by Sandy Verma in Ghitorni, ND since 1996. since 1996. He began bartending in India and has passed 12,000 students in India with 3,000 students outside of India. The best thing is to give all bartenders passing through his institution a 100% Job Assurance. This college offers bartending course for the students.

6. Mixoflair Institute of Beverage Studies

Bartending colleges

Nagpur’s first and one-of-a-kind registered and certified beverage organisation is the Mixoflair Institute of Drink Studies (MIBs). The MIBS’s Educational Trust is managed and controlled by the Maharashtra government. It was founded in 2012.

7. NIMS University, Jaipur

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NIMS University, located in Rajasthan, Jaipur, is one of the largest, best-funded universities in northern India. It was founded under NIMS University, Rajasthan Act 2008 under Rajasthan Government by UGC, the apex level regulatory boards. The college offers bartending course. The University of NIMS is known for its well-maintained state-of-the-art infrastructure and international facilities together with its uncompromising education and placements.

8. Parul University, Gujarat

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In 2015, Gujarat University was established. The university is recognized by the Commission for University Subventions. In addition, the University of Parul, Vadodara, was accredited by some of the top governmental institutions, including the Scientific and Industrial Research Division, NBA, NAAC, the Association of Indigenous Universities (AIU) and NAAH (Gujarat).

9. Magarpatta Institute of Hospitality Management (MIHM), Pune

Bartending colleges

It is a private university, which was established and accredited by the NSDC in 2017. Magarpatta Institute for Hospitality Management. The Magarpatta Hospitality Management Institute offers five courses on streams for hotel management. BSc, Certificate, Diploma are popular courses. The college’s placement record varies between streams. In the academic year 2020, the highest number of Lacs was 2.4.

10. Whistling Woods International (WWI), Mumbai


Whistling Woods International has been founded in 2006, and is a private college. Whistling Woods International offers three hundred and six courses in media and mass media, performing arts, Hotels Management, Design streams. The college offers bartending course as well MA, BBA, BA, BSc, MBA are popular courses. The college’s placement record varies between streams. In the 2019 academic year, the highest package was 8 lakes.

11. IIBTTM Indian Institute of Bartending, Chennai

INDIAN INSTITUTION OF BARTENDING (IIBT) is the first and finest Bartending School in southern India located in the centre of Koyambedu City, under the management of the Educational Trust. IIBT is committed to offering unrivalled training courses in the hospitality industry, both in practice and in theory.

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