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6 Free Online Digital Marketing Courses for Working Professional

As we all know that there is a lot of competition in today’s world. It is very difficult for a working professional to survive today. Therefore, every now and then they should be learning what’s the thing which will help them survive in this competition. Learning new skills will definitely benefits a working professional. One such skill is digital marketing. It is not that difficult to learn and this skill is rather moderate to acquire.

But here come the major problems. First of all, there are so many courses of digital marketing available on the internet and so many providers of the courses from which one can choose. It confuses a working professional what would be best for him. And secondly there are sometimes money problems. Some courses are way to expensive and totally not affordable. Therefore, we here, at careerguide.com, are going to list a few providers of digital marketing courses which would help you to choose and they are absolutely free of cost. They can boost your career to a new level and a digital marketer earns around 3.7 Lakh rupees to 4.1 Lakh rupees per annum for a beginner. Once you master this skill, the pay only increases. So, following is the list:


SEMRush Academy SEO Fundamentals Certification | Kristen Schils

SEMRUSH Academy is recognized as one of the best to learn digital marketing. They provide exclusive material to their students. They have online videos for learning digital marketing and SEO. Their course covers the entire basics and core of digital marketing which gives the user an all-around opportunity. They provide the students with a certificate after the course. To earn the certificate, the user has to give some exams too to test their skills and to use them in real jobs too. The top field experts teach on SEMRUSH Academy.

Alison Digital Marketing Courses

Top 5 absolutely free digital marketing certifications -

Alison Digital Marketing Courses provide multiple digital marketing courses. They have courses which offer different fields such as targeting Facebook, Google Ads, YouTube and various other fields. Also, They have experts to teach and that too completely free. They provide certificates for each course. You can learn freely how to promote your business and expand your knowledge in these tough times. 

Copy blogger Online Marketing Courses 

Copyblogger: Reviews, Features, Prices, and Alternative | Scripted

Copy blogger Online Marketing Courses provide internet marketing courses at the best level in one has to say. They provide 16 E-books to learn from and gain knowledge. Also, They teach through 20 emails and the courses are very effective. They claim to have the smartest way to mix social media, SEO and content marketing. The courses are free of cost, obviously, but there is a little set back here. Copy blogger courses doesn’t provide any certificates for their courses. The certifies courses are paid. Anyway, the courses are amazing and worth a shot.

Google Digital Marketing Course

Google Free Digital Marketing Course | Free Certificate | Digital ...

Google provides a digital marketing course to master the art of SEO. They provide 26 modules to take help from and these modules contains all the information and real-life examples too. There are multiple video lectures available and unlimited access. The course is of beginner level and is of approximately 40 hours long only. Once you complete your 26 modules you can take an exam with 40 questions which will test your skills that you have learned that you have to pass to get certified. Certificates are valuable assets in your resume. Getting a certificate from Google is a very big deal and will look exceptional in your CV. You will learn multiple skills in this course such as Business strategies, analytical skills, content marketing, e-commerce etc. it is the best digital marketing course that one can take. 

Click Minded Digital Marketing Courses

The definitive 2017 SEO certification: ClickMinded. Learn more ...

Click Minded Digital Marketing Courses are a little different from all the above. They claim that digital marketing is a lot weirder than people actually say on the internet. They say that as they have seen and experienced all these weird way SEO works, they claim that their teaching style is very different from everyone else and these ways are beneficial. Their certification process is also different. A working professional first has to take 6 different courses and get their certifications. After passing all the six courses, one will earn a digital marketing certificate. 

HubSpot Online Marketing Courses 

HubSpot Academy - Homepage

HubSpot Online Marketing Courses along with SEO, content marketing courses provide email marketing, native advertising, retargeted ads and many others. Courses contains video lectures and they provide great content to the students and users who want to learn digital marketing. They also provide certificates free of cost. HubSpot Online Marketing Courses are one of the most famous and known digital marketing course provider.

So, above was the list of the best free digital marketing courses for working professionals. Hope that it was of some help and you would go to these providers and select your suitable course. Best of luck!!!


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