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7 reasons why working professional choose UPSC

The UNION PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION commonly known as UPSC is India’s premier central recruiting agency. Attempting and succeeding in UPSC is not a simple task-it needs strong determination, commitment and dedication. UPSC is mainly for the posts like IAS(Indian Administrative Service), IPS( Indian Police Service), IFS(Indian Foreign Service), IRS(Indian Revenue Service) and so on, which are the major positions in the country. Working professionals opt for UPSC for various reasons.  So, why do working professionals choose UPSC? Here are 7 reasons :


Passion is something which is to be followed always. Following your passion is nothing but following your heart. Every person has dreams. There are many who aspire to become IAS, IPS but only few are able to achieve it. There might be two main reasons why working professionals think of upsc :

  • One thought of working professional is like, let me work for few days, earn little money and then put that on coaching and pass the examination. That is why they might have kept their main goal apart and started working. 
  • Other thought is he/she might have always dreamt of becoming an officer but some how landed up working and now decided to finally live their passion and opt for upsc. 


As mentioned above UPSC posts are highly qualified posts in the country. IAS, IPS posts are most responsible and high salaried posts. When a person I getting good amount of salary then there is no need for worrying at all, with the salary comes many other benefits too. After retirement, there are pensions too. A government servant’s salary is more compared to a normal job. This might be one of the reasons why working professionals attend upsc. 


After all the procedures in upsc and appointment, they give the person and the family the utmost security because the post itself is something like that. There will be a good job security from the government itself. There is no removal of your job due to crisis and pandemic like of private companies. 


There is huge number of facilities when you are in the IAS or IPS post. They will be provided with maximum of 3 vehicles and entire cost is on the government’s side. Unlike the private company employees they do not have to worry about the household services bills etc everything is taken care by government. For both official and unofficial trips, one can use the government rest houses  and bungalows at no cost in that state . Household staffs are also provided for house chores. Despite these there are many unofficial benefits as well where they get discounts and cutoffs and is treated as VIP. 


Everday and everywhere we are visibly noticing corruption. A working professional who is truely passionate and has the mindset to clear this corruption and catch hold of the culprits will opt for upsc and so on. As the power and position will help one do that. We all want justice but there are at times we are unable to do things such actions could only be taken with the man having  power, who so ever is willing to do it will go through upsc. 


With that 9 to 5 jobs daily, working professionals will only be able to earn little amount of money that too with free tensions and stress but when they think in depth till when the same routine is going to continue? Shouldn’t there be a purpose for life? Just earning for oneself, is it really of any use or will you be remembered except your family members? Acheiving something which is different and difficult makes you different and recognizable in the society. Why go behind the herd of sheeps, better position in society, serving people and nation could be one of the best purposes of life. This is the main reason why working professional choose UPSC.


An educated man’s family will have all ideas about all kinds of job. Every family wishes to say that his son or daughter has cleared all the UPSC procedures and is in a higher post. It automatically doubles the reputation and respect. Who would not want all those privileges and respect by getting into higher posts? There is no description at all. Showers of respect and value be given by the people around you and hence family might push their son or daughter to get into this field knowing its importance and worth. 


Never stop dreaming big in life. Sometimes the circumstances might not favour you but don’t let your passion fade away. Most working professionals are fed up of a daily routine working life and want to achieve something different in life. If you truly believe in yourself nothing is impossible and when getting into higher posts can fetch you so many advantages then why not. 

These might be the major 7 reasons why working professionals choose UPSC. 

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