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All about Doctorate at Tulane University, USA

The Medical College of Louisiana was established in 1847 as the University of Louisiana, which was later changed to Tulane University in appreciation to the generosity of Paul Tulane, a wealthy merchant who donated more than a million dollars to the university. After more than 180 years, the Tulane University has become one of the most respected educational and research institutions in the country. Tulane has become part of the Association of American Universities and has been ranked as a university with “very high research activity” for the high advancement in teaching by the Carnegie Foundation. In 2014, President Mike Fitts played an important role in promoting the perfect ambiance to learn and grow for the students. Their mission is to create, communicate, and conserve the knowledge for enriching the capacities of individuals, organizations as well as communities to think, learn, and act and lead with wisdom and integrity. The Board of Tulane and The University Senate work together in providing quality education and in guiding the university’s executive leadership.

Doctorate Courses

The university offers 200+ master’s and graduate certificate programs in and across 9 schools. Some of the best and special doctorate programs offered by the University are:

Aging Studies: It is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program which focuses on the processes of aging at the individual and societal level. It helps students examine how people change over the adult life course, the interrelationships between older people and social institutions, and the societal impact of the changing age-composition of the population.

Anthropology: The program offers 4 subfields of anthropology for the student to concentrate on. They are: archeology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology and linguistic anthropology.

Tulane University

Art History and Latin American Studies: It is a Joint Program of the Art History Program of Newcomb Art Department and Stone Center for Latin American Studies. The university offers a high quality education with the help of the Latin American library and the Stone Center. The joint PhD program combines a disciplinary base in art history with the broad and comparative perspective of Latin American Studies.

Ph.D. / Dual Ph.D. program Biomedical Sciences (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology concentration): The program aims at providing broad training in Biochemical Sciences. It focuses on research in areas like growth signaling and cancer, DNA and RNA binding proteins, and protein/peptide structure, function and folding. The training uses tools of modern biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, bioinformatics, biophysics and chemistry.

Bioinnovation: It is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Bioinnovation that focuses on the developing innovative biomedical technologies and products through the combination of science and engineering.

Tulane University

Biomedical Engineering: The program aims at academically preparing the students in the fields of engineering, mathematics and life and basic sciences.

Biomedical Sciences: It is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in which the student can customize their program according to their personal interests. The core courses include Advanced Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Human Molecular Genetics, Biostatistics and Systems Biology, and Basic science to create a firm foundation for research.

Ph.D. / Joint Ph.D. – Biostatistics: The program aims at preparing students in theory and application of biostatistics and data science methods. Students will be educated in the advanced theory of probability and statistical inference which is combined with practical application.

Cell and Molecular Biology: The program provides 2 research focus areas for the student to concentrate on. They are Neurobiology and developmental biology.

Tulane University

Ph.D. – City, Culture and Community: It is a program sponsored by the Department of Sociology, the Urban Studies program and the School of Social Work. It combines study of social sciences, social work, architecture, law, and the humanities to examine and develop solutions for the challenges faced in Urban spaces.

Ph.D. / Joint Ph.D. – Environmental Health Sciences: It is an advanced research degree that trains students to apply laboratory and community approaches to address adverse environmental health impacts and find possible solutions to various issues. Students use applied research methods to examine the consequences of chemical as well as non-chemical disasters and stressors.

Ph.D. / Joint Ph.D. – Global Community and Behavioral Sciences: The program aims at creating experts in this field through research, development and application of theory, and teaching. It is a highly specialised program that integrates research and theory in a focused and substantive area of global importance.

Ph.D. / Joint Ph.D – Health and Policy Management: The program aims at imparting management skills for students who aim to lead in healthcare organizations, who are eager to work in organising, administering, and managing health systems and who wish to prepare and analyze health policy.

Tulane University

Neuroscience: It is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program which focuses on preparing students for research-related careers in biomedical science. The areas of study include areas regarding sensory-motor disorders, stress disorders, pain mechanisms, function, cortical structure, signal transduction mechanisms, learning and memory, neuropeptides, and developmental neurobiology.

Political Development: The program focuses on development of political institutions and the ways in which they adapt to the changes and challenges due to globalisation. It strongly trains students in 2 areas, Political economy and development and Politics and the institutionalization of rights.

Tropical Medicine: It is an advanced program which prepares the students to pursue their careers in tropical medicines. It imparts knowledge regarding the wide range of tropical diseases and also a sustained experience in the conduct of research in one or more content areas.

Campus of college

Other Ph.D. programs offered by the University are:

  • -Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • -Chemistry
  • -Earth and Environmental Biology
  • -Economics
  • -Epidemiology
  • -French Studies
  • -History
  • -Latin American Studies
  • -Latin American Studies and Art History
  • -Linguistics
  • -Materials Physics and Engineering
  • -Mathematics
  • -Pharmacology
  • -Physics
  • -Physiology
  • -Psychology
  • -Spanish and Portuguese

All Ph.D. programs require a graduate degree in the field of research that the student is interested to pursue their doctorate in. Each doctorate program has its own criteria for admission in terms of marks, according to which the student will be enrolled for the program.

Campus of the college

The general application requirements for entering into the university are:

  • -Application form
  • -Application fees (if required)
  • -Transcripts from undergraduate and/or graduate schools attended
  • -Letters of recommendation
  • -Statement of Purpose
  • -Resumé/CV
  • -Standardized test scores

Requirements of each program differ according to the field.

Tulane University is ranked #3rd in the list of colleges with happiest students by the princetonreview.com and #2nd in the list of the most fun colleges in America by businessinsider.com.

So the students searching for variety courses and an amazing academic experience can always opt for Tulane University.

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