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BBA Placements: 8 Tech Activities to Boost Your Resume

The essential step while looking for a job after completing BBA is to share your resume with the interviewer or the HR department, and hence your resume should be impressively strong enough for you to get a job. A resume is a reflection of your personality, and it is vital to send the right signals to the recruiter. Since the number of applicants is high everywhere, it is imperative to have a strong/boost resume. Your resume should cover all the essential points so that the company gets a clear idea of your qualifications and skills, which in turn increases your chances of getting shortlisted for your dream job. Here in this article, we will be discussing all the essential
the information that will help you to boost your effective resume. 

boost your resume

Foreign language

With the globalization of education and opportunities in India, Learning a foreign language in the 21st century has many advantages and can help your employment chances. Studying a foreign language broadens your vision and adds value to your overall education. Candidates who want to work abroad, learning a foreign language can do miracles for them. It adds a huge advantage to your CV and brightens your chances of getting good colleges.

Join a tech community

Tech communities enable members to upscale their technology skills, but they also provide them high visibility among recruiters, giving them a unique opportunity to be identified and offered incredible careers and packages. They make you more socially visible and you get to interact with like-minded people.

boost your resume

Social Hobbies 

Hobbies make people more interesting. It works as a rejuvenation therapy for them. Apart from having specialized knowledge that they can teach to anyone interested in the same topics as they do, they also have stories and experiences. Hobbies also help relieve stress by keeping you engaged in something you enjoy, thus making you more patient. Recruiters always are keen on knowing your hobbies.

Apply Technology to an Existing Hobby

When advanced technology like AI is portrayed in popular culture, it is often aligned with numbers and challenging math. It can seem like tech and creativity are on separate ends of a spectrum. Thus with fusing technology to hobbies, we explore new dimensions of both. 

boost your resume

Personal Projects 

Professional projects accomplish everything a resume attempts to do and more: They demonstrate your hard skills coding like design, sales, and marketing and also show off your soft skills like critical thinking, grit, creativity, ambition, and writing. Make sure to enlist your personal projects on the resume. They serve as a cherry to the cake. They make you more
interesting and allow showing off your passions. Another benefit of personal projects is that they help you build a social network, which we all know is how most people get their jobs anyway.

The very act of putting your projects out into the world will help draw like-minded individuals to you that could lead to substantial professional opportunities. This tip helps you to boost your resume for a better job.


Internships are not jobs, but they give the exposure of the real-world outside. They are a great way to apply knowledge, which will provide you with experience and increased marketability. Internships offer students the soft skills needed in the workplace and in leadership positions, and most importantly, they can help you build a strong resume.


If you have some prior volunteering experience, always put that on your resume. Hiring managers do like to see some volunteer work. If it’s relevant, add volunteer work to your resume experience section. If it’s not appropriate or has lots of paid experience, include volunteer work on your resume in a separate area. Volunteering shows the compassion and empathy side of your personality.

boost your resume

 Attend Seminar 

Attending a seminar has myriad benefits, including improving communication skills, gaining expert knowledge, networking with others, and renewing motivation and confidence. Seminars can be an open environment for practicing professional communication techniques. Seminars give you intensive exposure to a topic and meet other people who share common interests with you.

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