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Become a Radio Jockey in 2021

Becoming a Radio Jockey (RJ) requires a combination of skills, including excellent communication skills, a vibrant personality, and the ability to entertain and engage listeners. Here are some steps you can take to Become a Radio Jockey in 2021. 


Description for Radio Jockey


A Radio Jockey is an individual who conducts a radio program on the radio, which is popularly known as an RJ. In short, RJ is the hotchpotch of a radio broadcast. RJ is an interesting and promising profession for music lovers and chatting that is highly demanding.

Radio Jockeys or RJ’s are called to amuse the caller by connecting electronically via telephone, online chatting, or email, which are transmitted via the radio. RJ needs to be able to get the listener to connect with their speech and vocabulary and how the material is delivered to the listener or spectators.

If you want to be a radio jockey player, then having a spontaneous, fun, and polite personality is very essential. If you want to begin your career in this area, it is great to always have strong leadership over language and a good voice. Besides this, you will also be listening to popular RJ’s to learn their style and improve your own afterward with practice to be a successful RJ.

Diversity in Job for Radio Jockey


A radio jockey requires some skills, besides its mandatory qualification. An RJ will fit into different roles and positions that suit its skills following the requisite educational qualifications and abilities. The work of a jockey radio is diverse. The following functions can be assumed by an RJ.

  1. Satellite Radio Jockeys – Radio jockeys with satellite play close to radio jockeys of FM or AM. They frequently speak or play explicit material without taking into account the problem’s sensitivity. They are not governed by any committee or board.
  2. AM or FM RJ’s – AM or FM RJ’s play a part in engaging with the public, playing music, chatting, or doing both. Normally they operate on public radios.
  3. Sports Talk RJ’s – The Sports Talk RJy must communicate with the listener and discuss various sports news and events. Either a former competitor or presenter or a sportswriter can become a Sports Talk Radio Jockey.
  4. Chat RJ’s –  The function of radio jockeys is to only address social and political problems for the duration of the broadcast. They must also engage with the audience and the listeners of radio channels.

Eligibility for Radio Jockey

A minimum of 10 + 2 is required for becoming an RJ. For establishing themselves as successful RJ they must do a Diploma in Radio Production and Radio Jockeying (DRJ), Certificate Course in Radio Jockeying (CRJ), or Post Graduation Diploma in Radio and Broadcast Management (PGDR).

Vacancies for RJ

There are strong vacancies for RJ to pursue work in the public sector. But in the private sector too, there is a strong job variety. The applicants are hired based on their skills as voice modulation, clear vocabulary, correct pronunciation, and language. Any of the agencies that can hire RJ are as follows:

Opportunity in the Private Sector – There are plenty of job opportunities in the private sector in major corporations like Red FM, Big FM, Radio Mirchi, Radio Mid-day, Radio Star, Times FM, and several other free radio stations. RJ gets decent pay, a favorable atmosphere, bonuses, etc. in the private sector. The private sector’s working climate is very dynamic, something that does not happen for the government because it is not structured to achieve business goals.

Opportunity in the Government Sector – Radio Jockeys can be found on governmental bodies such as AIR, state-owned radio, and other radio stations. There are numerous opportunities to expand in the government sector and pay schemes are high as well. Besides the annual remuneration, various health benefits, pensions, etc. have been given to Radio jockeys. Government workers have job stability and the perks, such as gratuity, pension, the superannuation fund, etc. that are unavailable for the private industry, with allowances.

Salary of Radio Jockey

An RJ can earn between INR 10,000 and 30,000 at first, but the RJ salary can be between 1,5 and 2 lakhs per month, provided the expertise and fame they have gained. Also, famous RJs have additional earnings, including private shows, voice over for TV, and also radio advertisements.

Career Growth Opportunities

An RJ can grow and evolve further after he or she is successful. And for this choice, a starting point is a must. Here are some top radio agencies in India in which you can get hired:

  • Red FM 93.5
  • AIR (All India Radio)
  • Radio Mid-day
  • Big F.M 92.7
  • Radio Mango 91.9
  • Radio Star
  • Club FM 94.3
  • Radio Wani
  • Radio Mirchi 98.3
  • 104 Fever FM
  • Times FM
  • Many other free radio stations

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