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Celebrity suicide and its impact on students


Most of you guys must be aware of the recent celebrity suicides that have occurred, especially during the pandemic. The one which has incited a lot of rage among students and the youth is the famous “Sushant Singh Rajput” suicide case. Certain celebrity deaths rock our world in ways we don’t anticipate. It leaves us shocked, raged, and shattered. 

We think about the reason for him/her to take such a drastic step, right? We also start talking about topics that we don’t pay much attention to. For instance, after Sushant’s death, most students, celebrities, politicians, etc took to various social networking sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. to discuss mental health issues, didn’t they?

Even someone you had no connection to, maybe you weren’t even a fan of them but still, it just hits you hard. There have been many celebrity suicides lately, which has severely affected students in a way or the other. 

Why do these deaths affect us so much?

Significant influence

Celebrities have a significant influence on our thinking, actions, mindsets, etc. We look up to them on various matters. We usually get influenced by the products that celebrities advertise too. We feel that if such a huge personality is saying a particular thing then it must be true and beneficial.

Role models

Certain celebrities are also role models. Their stories, struggles, lifestyle, passion, professionalism, personality, way of communicating, way of dressing, etc. have a great impact on our lifestyles. We wish to become like them, don’t we? Many of them become our inspiration for a successful future and career. We think highly of them. We develop a connection with them even when we do not know about their actual lives or their reality. Their fame and glamour influence us a lot. 

photo of a public speaker/ celebrity

So, when we hear about their suicides, we feel disheartened, aggrieved, and sometimes angry too as to why they took such a step. These deaths drastically affect students. They start paying so much attention to these suicides rather than their studies. They all want to know the reasons for suicide. 

Effects of celebrity suicides on students

Social media and the news channels get flushed with these particular celebrities’ suicide cases. This further influences students and seeks their attention to the topic even if they wish to not think about it. This sometimes also leads students to emulate such acts. This is because students are so much influenced by these celebrities that they feel like copying their acts. A suicide “activates neurons that are correlated with suicide” and makes suicide more acceptable to those at risk.

Self destruction

After controlling for some realized self-destruction hazard factors, celebrity self-destruction was demonstrated to be freely connected with self-destructive ideation. Individuals who had demonstrated to have been influenced by celebrity self-destruction were 5.93 occasions, bound to have a serious degree of self-destructive ideation (Adult Suicidal Ideation Questionnaire score ≧31) than individuals who had not been influenced.

Self-destruction is the second driving reason for death among 15-to 29-year-olds around the globe, as per the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, and has dramatically increased in the previous decade.

gif of Celebrity suicide and its impact on students

Superstar self-destruction is a danger factor for self-destructive ideation over a present moment just as over a long haul. Bringing issues to light of the conceivable negative impact of big-name self-destruction through suicide counteraction programs in the network is required.

Superstar suicides influence their friends and family, however, the incalculable fans who revered them. A few notable melodic superstars have broadly ended it all previously, including Kurt Cobain, lead artist of Nirvana, and Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park. Robin Williams and Gee’s Cory Monteith are two entertainers that met a similar destiny. It very well may be pulverizing for anybody when they discover their preferred superstar has kicked the bucket from suicides.

What we learn from celebrity suicides

At the point when a big name ends it all, it leaves us confounded. It uncovers the dull truth behind what we see and what it is in all actuality – the public countenances versus their private lives. Dr. Gaurav Deka, a clinical specialist, a transpersonal psychotherapist, and an essayist shares, ‘I feel that ‘bafflement” and the presence of an ‘inward void‘ are center purposes behind somebody to reach up mind-blowing stature and afterward breakdown as a self-undermining component – for this situation, it’s suicide. 

gif of Celebrity suicide and its impact on students

The dread of progress, the dread of money related freedom lies in the core of our inner mind, that once you and I have everything, it would be not just exceptionally simple to carry on with the existence that we generally needed to live, yet additionally it would be anything but difficult to be frustrated by what is left at this point. Numerous multiple times, we have an old inner void. A void that can’t be satisfied by substance, by cash, by voyaging, by food, by the TV … something that exists in our passionate scene as a gigantic hole – either because of segregation, or misuse, or misfortune or sadness. 

What’s more, we as a whole attempt to utilize that void as an inspirational element to pursue achievement. Yet, when we have enough of it, we are as yet not full. Since it was never about progress or having enough. It was tied in with mending that void. Furthermore, thusly we return to the void. We hurt ourselves, we damage ourselves, we slaughter ourselves. This is because there comes a state of immersion when you wind up having as much as you had consistently needed. You wind up having more and substantially more than you could have envisioned but then the void proceeds. 

gif of Celebrity suicide and its impact on students

As you develop and accomplish achievement, the emotionally supportive network debilitates. Fewer individuals begin identifying with you and much lesser associate with you. This is the reason it turns out to be critical to keeping your shut ones closer as you develop and remain associated with your foundations.

~Mumbai-based driving analyst Seema Hingorani

It can undoubtedly get very desolate on top.


Suicides can influence a great many individuals, yet by perceiving the signs before the individual ends it all and helpfully detailing superstar suicides, we can diminish suicide rates.

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