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Common questions asked in a job interview

If you want to know which common questions are asked in a job interview, you are in the right place. Before going to sit for an interview almost everyone is tensed regarding how the interview session is going to be or what kind of questions will they ask. It’s not that they are just going to ask you questions related to your academics only, they may ask you anything from anywhere. So while appearing for an interview there is no such syllabus which we need to go through in order to crack it. There are few common questions asked to an interviewee regardless of which stream or profession they belong to. So today I’ve come up with such questions and it’s answers to make you ready for interview from now onwards.

What are your strengths?

You need to answer to this question very confidently. And please don’t use words to describe your strengths.

For example,

Example 1 – Sir/Ma’am I’m very punctual and dedicated.

Example 2 – Sir/Ma’am, my strengths are that I maintain punctuality and do all my allotted tasks dedicatedly and within the deadline.

So you see both the differences? You already know which one is more impressive right? So go for a bit detailed answer but not containing lots of details obviously. So example 2 is the justified answer. This is one of the common questions in job interviews.

What are your weaknesses?

No way. Don’t even think to answer the truth. That’s a tricky question and they obviously want a tricky answer. You need to speak about your strengths in a negative way and make them look more highlighted.

For example,

Example 1 – Ma’am/Sir my weaknesses are that I’m very short-tempered and cannot handle criticism.

Example 2 – Ma’am/Sir my weaknesses are that I cannot say no to anyone and end up taking lots of loads within a specific deadline and also being extremely perfectionist, I cannot hand over my task without completing it properly. As a result, it becomes stressful for me.

Example 1 shows that you are short-tempered and cannot handle criticism, which may make the interviewers think that you may mess up a situation while not being able to control your temper and may do something unexpected or harmful to the company when you receive criticism.

On the other hand, example 2 shows that you cannot say no, which means you are humble. Not only that, you can take up a lot more load of work than others and be punctual you prioritise to finish them within the deadline. Adding more to it, you being a perfectionist give your best in each and every task. So these all basically signify your strengths.

So these are the tips and tricks about your strengths and weaknesses that you definitely need to remember. This is one of the common questions in job interviews.

Why should we hire you?

This is a very tricky as well as easy question. The answer should be said in well and confident manner without involving a lot of details.

For example,

Example 1 – Sir/Ma’am you should hire me because, Ummmm, because I have skills like, Ummm, I mean I have proper skills, Ummm, that is required for this job. I want to, umm, make a contribution to the, Ummm, to the success of the company.

Example 2 – Sir/Ma’am you should hire me because I’ve suitable skills that are required to suit for this job. Along with that, I will get an opportunity to utilise my training along with making some contribution towards the success of the company I’ll be working with.

So you see, how attractive it looks when you read the second example. That’s exactly how confidently you should speak with fumbling. This is one of the common questions in job interviews.

How long do you want to work with us?

This is also a tricky question so you need to know how to answer such questions.

For Example,

Example 1 – Sir/Ma’am I’ll work here for a few years to gain experience and will eventually apply for other MNCs or open my own company.

Example 2 – Sir/Ma’am I’ll love to work with this company as long as the company wants me.

So who is going to get the job? Obviously example 2. No one will want a candidate who learns from you and leaves you after gaining experience. So keep these little things in mind while giving your interview. This is one of the common questions in job interviews.

Will you continue this job if you get a huge amount of money from lottery?

This too is a tricky question that a lot of interviewers may ask in order to understand what’s going inside your mind. Well in this case I won’t give an example because we all have somehow imagined what we would do if we get a lottery, so you know what you would answer. This is one of the common questions in job interviews.

But yes, if you want to answer a no, then please don’t. They don’t want to hear that no from you. They just want to test whether you are just going to apply for this job for money. Because you see, they will only hire you when you will utilise your skills for the success and achievements of their company.

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