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How to study without tuition in 9th class?

You have successfully been promoted to class 9th and are now a high school student. The words “high school” comes with its own set of fear and excitement. On one hand, you might be excited for progressing in your academical journey and having high hopes for the future while on the other hand you must be nervous and scared thinking about the workload, hard subjects and even harder exams. For precisely that reason, many students choose to undergo extra training by enrolling in tuition classes, but it is in no way is it a necessity if you keep in mind (and follow) these tips that how you can study without tuition in class 9th.

Make a timetable

study without tuition

First and foremost of the rule of self-study is to have a proper schedule or a timetable. In this way, you can make sure you are doing the assigned work, spending enough time on your learning, and not wasting too much time by engaging in unnecessary activities. When you start following a timetable, you will find yourself less stressed out about your tests and assignments and more confident when appearing for exams. The timetable should push you to your maximum capability without draining you out too much and at the same time should be realistic enough for you to achieve your daily goals.


Practice makes perfect

This cannot be stressed upon enough. Students choose to go to tuitions so that they maintain consistency in their studies even after going home and in the hope that their tutor makes them solve extra questions that might be useful in for their exams. If you opt for self-study then you must have the same dedication as other students and use the extra time to your advantage by practising numerical problems, conceptual questions etc. at any time you can. This will help you in being thorough with the concepts and you will find yourself to be comfortable with a variety of questions asked in the examination. This tip will help you to study without tuition in class 9th.


No shortcut for hard work

Whether or not you believe it, all the hard work that you do will pay off as long as you focus and concentrate while working. There are no cheat codes to being successful therefore be ready to work your brain as you have never before.


Time management

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Time management does not mean sitting on your desk for 3-4 hours and completing your lesson. Instead, it means to use your time in a way that maximizes your productivity and the result. Do no study everything of one subject at once or in one sitting. Make sure you take enough break so as to not exhaust yourself and study different subjects for shorter periods of time; this way your brain will remain more engaged and attentive.



Giving more time to subjects that you are good at or subjects that are comparatively easier will not bear fruitful results. Prioritize your subjects, topics, and the subtopics according to what carries more weight in the examination and has more chances of being asked in the question paper.


Finding the right study material

Everyone has a different method of studying. For some, it may be understanding concepts while for others it may be practising. Whatever you study, make sure it aligns with your mode of learning, for example – if you are able to remember things well when represented diagrammatically or pictographically then make notes or find material that caters to those needs. This tip will help you to study without tuition in class 9th.


Don’t compare

The second you start comparing your preparation to the preparation of students who attend tuition classes, all your hard work will lose its value because even though you know the answers, you are not confident enough in yourself to write it down. Come to terms with the fact that they have their reasons for going to tuition classes and you have your reasons for studying at home. Whatever the outcome is, it cannot be blamed or credited upon tuition or no-tuition. It all depends on your dedication and passion. A student who goes for tuition classes may not extract the full reward of the classes and you may be doing the opposite by studying on your own.


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Thorough and effective revision a day or two before the exams are very essential and you must have some notes solely for reference at the time before the exams so it’s easier for you to revise by just scanning your eyes through the sheet. Try to avoid going through various notes and formulas a few minutes before the exam as this does little to no good, no matter how beneficial you think it is. This tip will help you to study without tuition in class 9th.

However, it is that you choose to study on your own, make sure you have enough faith in yourself to keep going as it is never a good decision to drop or start something in the middle of the academic year. Be motivated and have the passion to learn every day when you reach home from school or you will soon find yourself in the clutches of laziness and procrastination.  


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