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How to Top in 12th Biology Exam

If you want to know how you can top in 12th biology exam, you are in the right place. Biology is the part of science that deals with life. Though it’s the easiest subject in 12th science (according to my opinion) but somehow students are not able to focus much on it due to huge pressure of subjects like physics, chemistry and maths. As a result, they get overconfident and end up getting the lowest marks in biology. After this, they get more demotivated to study this subject. So today I’ll share a few supercool ways that may help my juniors to top the exam. This is just going to be an overview, no detailed information is given on this article.

But before that let me tell you something, if I only share ideas and you don’t work upon them then reading this article is going to be worthless for you all. I’m not going to share some monster ways because I’m myself not of studious kind. But by applying these ways I had scored the highest marks on biology among other subjects.

So let’s get started.

NCERT: 16 chapters Allotted To Class 12th Biology

Before starting I’ll group the interrelated chapters in order to help you learn in an easy way.

Start With Chapters 13 to 16

Chapter 13 – Organisms and Population
Chapter 14 – Ecosystem
Chapter 15 – Biodiversity and conservation
Chapter 16 – Environment issue

If you want to top in 12th biology exam, start with these chapters. These are the easiest chapters because there’s nothing much new to learn and the things will automatically set up in your mind once you read them thoroughly twice.

Jump To Chapters 1 to 4

Chapter 1 – Reproduction in the organism
Chapter 2 – Sexual Reproduction in flowering plants
Chapter 3 – Human Reproduction
Chapter 4 – Reproductive health

These chapters are going to be new and interesting for students and they are very important because you will get to know about a lot of hormones and cycles that are involved with our sex organs. But this time you won’t just understand everything just by reading it twice. What you need to do is to draw and practice the schematic diagrams of the most important topics and genesis in order to have no confusions left in your brain. For example, once you totally understand important topics like spermatogenesis, oogenesis, placenta formation then you will never forget them. But if you just try to mug up these things then the numbers and processes and the name of the cells will totally confuse you and you’ll end up forgetting everything. This will get you one step closure to top in 12th biology exam.

Come To Chapters 9 and 10

Chapter 9 – Strategies for enhancement in food production
Chapter 10 – Microbes in human welfare

So these chapters have mentioned a lot of new technologies and factors that you need to learn about. It’s not at all difficult. Maybe to some extent, I didn’t find them much interesting too. You have to remember a lot of names here too. These chapters won’t take much time to prepare because there’s nothing so difficult to understand here. This will get you even close to top in 12th biology exam.

Most Interesting Group- Chapters 11 and 12

Chapter 11 – Biotechnology principles and processes
Chapter 12 – Biotechnology and it’s application

Biotechnology is itself a very interesting and vast aspect of biology. So we are lucky enough to get to read these chapters from class 12th onwards. Though it’s interesting it’s a bit difficult too, so take time to learn the things and of course, Google up whenever you have questions popping on your mind. The more the questions pop, the better you understand and get deep into a topic. This is another strategy if you want to top the 12th biology exam.

Slightly Difficult Part: Chapters 5 to 8

Chapter 5 – Principles of inheritance and variation
Chapter 6 – Molecular basis of inheritance
Chapter 7 – Evolution
Chapter 8 – Human Health and disease

Remember one thing, we only find something difficult when we don’t know deeply about something or try to run away from a chapter. I’ve mostly seen students who tend to omit the most important chapters like inheritance and evolution just because they are difficult than others. But let me tell you one thing, running away is just not an option, you will fall into a deeper tunnel every time you think of skipping something.

So after all the groups are learnt and prepared properly start focusing on the last group. Take the most time to study but do try to understand inheritance. It is very important for you to have knowledge about inheritance. Once you actually start understanding, you will love it.
It’s almost like organic chemistry, you only love it when you understand it’s facts.

So by reading and studying in the above-mentioned procedure you will get great marks in biology. But one thing that I would like to mention is that not the same procedure suits everyone. So if you have your own procedures to learn something then ignore this. This procedure is mainly made for those who skip studying and in the end, do not understand where to start from. So at least I gave you an idea of where to start from. So once you start, you can end it on your way. Hope this article helps you. All the very best for your future exam.

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