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Is technology discarding the idea of human touch?

The idea of the usage of technology has been the most abstract concept than ever to the human race. Everyone has been using technology in some form or other – either through their smartphones, or other electronics to bring a certain advancement into their lives. Today, technology is used in tasks, big and small – either to call someone or make a presentation or to understand and interact with someone’s lives across the globe. It is associated with tools that help us improve the functioning of our lives in some way or another. It brings to us a certain sought of relief when the functioning is carried out effectively and efficiently. It shapes the way we carry out our routined life and also has an impact on the choices we make. Suppose someone is hungry and is not in the mood to cook. He /she is most likely to order food from a restaurant. Today technology has made it possible, to order food from the comfort of our phones by the use of specialized applications which not only gives us a variety of restaurants and food item options to choose from but also ensures fast delivery of the same within a price range of our choice. Thus, the use of technology has made it evident that nothing is impossible and it is not only limited to a particular age group or economic situation. In this article, you will find Is really technology discarding the idea of human touch? and impacts in your future life, social life, distracting human interaction.

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With the progression of human minds, technology has developed too. Earlier technology was just limited to the use of communication but today, it is more about making our life simpler and better. With the introduction of gadgets, laptops, iPods, internet– everything is moving at a faster pace than ever. Today technology is portable and available anywhere and everywhere. But the question lies, this technology which was once devised to better understand communication, is it not altering with human interaction today? Is it not distancing us from our loved ones? Is it really bringing us more comfort or is this technology driving us to a social distance from the things we love?

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The impact on human interaction

Today technology has bridged a big gap in the society. It definitely has brought to us a lot of possibilities to achieve bigger goals. It has made things faster and progressive. Technology has done us a lot of good in a way better way than we can imagine. However, it still has brought to us a certain amount of harm. It has brought between individuals a certain sense of virtual distance. This virtual distance refers to a distance wedged between people who are even though physically together in person are in reality detached from each other because of this technology. People these days are so engrossed in their phones that they forget that engaging more in person. How often do we see people with friends yet detached by a digital space or engrossed in the usage of social media?

People are more into texting than meeting in person. It is like the usage of social media has brought to us a completely different lifestyle. Even when we talk of relationships, people have trouble talking about the troubles in relationships in person. They rather prefer talking more through the use of textual messages. Being a part of the digital world draws attention more towards the lives of famous individuals than in their own and related individual’s related lives. This continuous disruption of information on the internet either through social media handles on Facebook, Twitter, etc. has actually brought to everyone an abundance of arguments and negativity in the individual lives.


What can we do as individuals?

Humans are born into a socio-cultural environment, there’s no other way about it. We are bound to intermingle with each other and form cross-culture connections. But it is also becoming equally important to draw a distinctive line between our intimacy and connectivity online. Human interaction and intimacy are necessary to create an everlasting bond with each other. The basic human interactions bonds are built over trust, honesty, and truthfulness. These emotions take time to build and cannot happen the online way. To live in a conservative environment where all that one can do is to leave messages online, can never benefit the society from the social aspect. Technology as advancing as it is can never replace the feeling of an in-person relationship. It is bound to create some sought misinformation and misinterpretation.

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It is important to understand that it is not the introduction of technology that is the problem. We need technology for the basic functioning of our lives – from setting alarms in the morning to calling in sick at work. But it is the realization that we need on an individual level which helps us to distinguish between what we really need and what we use just for the sake of it. We cannot let this digital revolution take away our loved ones from us.


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