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Reasons To Work At Flipkart

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Flipkart And its Enthralling Debut



Founded by two fellow engineers from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, namely, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007. Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company with its headquarters in Bengaluru, Karnataka. It started with selling books online and eventually, grew enough to include diverse lines of commodities from clothing, home appliances, foodstuffs, and perishables to other electronic items and books.

One of the things that the e-commerce world attributes to Flipkart is its innovation of ‘cash on delivery or CoD.

They came up with it to penetrate the working class of India. Flipkart counts its biggest competitors in giants like Amazon, Myntra, and Alibaba among others. In 2018, due to American multinational retailer, Walmart’s ambitions to enter headfirst into the Indian markets, and beat their mutual competitor, Amazon, in the retailing game, it stepped out to merge with Flipkart and ended up acquiring 77% of shares in the company after the whopping $16 billion deal. And today, the company is a behemoth e-commerce platform that was voted the best company to work at by LinkedIn’s annual list of Top Companies 2019: Where India Wants to Work, last year. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as to why we chose Flipkart to talk about as an ideal company or a workplace to start working at. However, we will try to list down the Reasons to Work at Flipkart.

You Will Find a Place For Yourself : Reasons to Work at Flipkart

You Will Find A Place For Yourself Flipkart


Being an e-commerce giant that is steadily moving upwards, and investing in all kinds of products for sales that would serve almost all demographics, it has simultaneously been successful in creating diverse job opportunities for working professionals. From managers to sales executives to engineers to web developers to marketing experts to researchers, analysts, advertisers as well as kids pretending to be adults everyone can find a purpose to work for Flipkart. So be it any specialization including, and not at all limited to, fashion, sports or designing and have relevant skills for the same then you would most definitely find a place for yourself in the company.

Flipkart Offers a Great Workplace Culture : Reasons to Work at Flipkart

Flipkart Offers A Great Workplace Culture


Listed as the No. 1 company on LinkedIn’s Top Companies to work at in India for the 4th consecutive time now, it hardly leaves any space for speculations as to whether its employees love working there. As mentioned once (or probably more than once) in a column that features Flipkart Stories, the company, since its formative years, continues to maintain and promote acceptive and motivating workplace culture.

It tries and by the results, it even succeeds at encouraging and empowering its employees to not just follow and work as per their job profile but to explore their ideas and alternative fields of interest to learn and grow without any bounds. In the personal anecdotes shared by the company’s current as well as former employees, they vividly explained how Flipkart’s work culture helped them pursue what were mere ideas talked about around a coffee table and turn them into full-fledged projects, regardless of whether you are a senior or an intern. Thus, working here would definitely broaden your horizon like never before.

It Inculcates Entrepreneurial Spirit Among it’s Employees : Reasons to Work at Flipkart

It Inculcates Entrepreneurial Spirit Among It’s Employees


Starting from an online bookstore to becoming a unicorn, a title given to those start-ups that go on to be valued at more than $1 billion, it’s pretty easy to assume that their entrepreneurial spirit is almost always high. Being among the most successful start-up stories, Flipkart does not fail to inspire and encourage its employees to dream big and wish to attain similar successes.

The featured story mentioned before also includes how a data survey conducted in 2017 explains that Flipkart’s ex-employees went on to generate at least 177 new start-up ventures among the total 700 start-ups. It is safe to say that the company creates a base for its employees to have a hands-on experience in learning about entrepreneurship and a much closer look at how to grow a business venture, far more nuanced and practical than a business school. Thus, it could be said that Flipkart breathes and breeds entrepreneurship.

It Helps Promoting Local Vendors and Artisans: Reasons to Work at Flipkart

It Helps Promoting Local Vendors And Artisans


Apart from that, Flipkart also promotes local vendors and artisans to sell their products or artifacts by offering them spaces and a platform with a reach of over a billion customers. So this could come in handy if you are planning to start a small e-commerce business. Though, it is advisable to create your personalized website for your product or line of similar products to direct the customers’ attention solely to your product.

These were some of the reasons why we think you would want to work for Flipkart apart from well, the salary package it offers to its employees. We hope you found this insightful.

It Ensures Proper Work-Life Balance: Reasons to Work at Flipkart

It Ensures Proper Work Life Balance


Flipkart offers a variety of learning, social, and development programs to help employees achieve a good work-life balance. Work-life balance refers to how people prioritize their time and effort between skilled and personal commitments. It helps you get enough time and energy to focus on your personal life, making sure to see friends, enjoy time alone, do things you enjoy, and so on.

Financial & Retirement Benefits: Reasons to Work at Flipkart

Financial & Retirement Benefits


To ensure the financial well-being of its employees, Flipkart provides financial incentives, such as a 401(k) matching program. If an employee decides to leave the company, they can keep their contributions and match contributions by rolling them over or withdrawing them. However, there’s a penalty of 10% plus taxes. Apart from the retirement benefits mentioned above, Flipkart also qualifies for pension benefits. These benefits will allow them to lead a peaceful retired life with no hassles whatsoever in terms of finance.

Good Company For Those Who Are Hard-Working: Reasons to Work at Flipkart

Good Company For Those Who Are Hard Working


Flipkart is a good company for those who are hard-working. Here you will always get the opportunity to prove yourself. You will also be given easy access to people and more resources. People here are always willing to help you become a better person and more successful. You may have to work for a bit longer and sometimes a little more than you are expected to but the benefits will always be plenty. However, you must be prepared as it will be hard to keep up with everything. You might go through a tough time while trying to create a life balance.

Wonderful Experience But Highly Demanding: Reasons to Work at Flipkart

Wonderful Experience But Highly Demanding


Working at Flipkart gives you a great experience. It has great chances to help you grow. Also, the company lets you work with several qualified employees. They will always push the envelope when it comes to creating new ideas.

You can work for long hours that come with a very high level of commitment. The environment at Flipkart is always on change. The people here are so dynamic but there is not much leisure provided.

A Lot of Learning is Done: Reasons to Work at Flipkart

A Lot Of Learning Is Done


Finally, if you want to learn a lot of things, Flipkart is the place to be in. It will help you explore, observe and collect new ideas and viewpoints. You will also be given a clear vision of where the company stands at this point. Whether it is good or bad, you will get to know the company even more. Also, a company like Flipkart has all the resourceful people you will love to meet. They will guide you throughout your journey in Flipkart and help you work on your technical skills too.

Conclusion: Reasons to Work at Flipkart

So, if you are confused that why you want to work for Flipkart follow the above-mentioned tips. While working at Flipkart, surprises come with a large number of Flipkart benefits. If you are hard-working, constant, and determined to work 70 hours a week, this job is perfect for you. And in case you are not willing to work on it, you have to look for a job elsewhere. Nonetheless, if you have liked this post please do share it with your friends and family. Thank you for reading!

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By- Ishika Bhandari 

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