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The Relevance of Women Colleges in Today’s World

There is immense relevance of establishing educational institutions that exclusively caters to the right to education of women. When we look back in the 19th or 20th century, the relevance and important of establishing women colleges was important. During that period, women were denied access to education and therefore their freedom was also taken away. Women for centuries were devoid of rights to attend well-established educational centers; they were encouraged to leave their schooling and take up household work. Thus, the establishment of women colleges encouraged more and more women to enter colleges and acquire education; after acquiring education they could financially sustain themselves and break the curbing norms of the patriarchal society.

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Henceforth, it was imperative to establish educational centers that focused on women’s right to education. Now, if we compare that scenario with the current times, can we say that we need exclusive educational centers for women? Yes, undoubtedly, times have changed and now more and more women are encouraged to acquire educational and be economically independent. Gender discrimination is a crime and no one can be denied access to education as it is our Fundamental Right.

But, can we say that women are equal to men in our society? If we dive into the reality, women are still considered a minority, the gendered norms which position women inferior and suitable for household chores are still practiced in our society.

India is country where patriarchy has impenetrated itself deep into the Indian society and its cultures; therefore, for women to be completely at par with men, we need to understand how power dynamics works in our country.

So, today we are going to see and understand how relevant women colleges are even in today’s world.

Provides a Safe Space-

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Our society is highly unsafe for women, we cannot deny the fact how unsafe women feel in our country. With the continuing and increase in cases of sexual harassment, women do not feel comfortable in numerous spaces.

It is very important that first we try to focus on uplifting our society, we must work towards making our society a place where women do not have to be concerned about how to conduct themselves. Therefore, women must feel free and in control of their own decisions and choices. Up until these changes are completely guaranteed to women, any institution that works exclusively on uplifting women in the country would be relevant.

Most women join women colleges because they feel extremely free to express themselves without being interrupted by a man.

Grants a space to associate with their identity-

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Women enter colleges with the determination to achieve something in life, we sketch a successful life for themselves where they are in control of their decisions. Education has the power to secure financial independency to people and provides women a sense of freedom which they always longed.

Women colleges are a collective vision of so many determined, ambitious, intelligent and powerful women who cherish their strengths together and builds a community where everyone uplifts each other. It is simply eccentric to be around people who motivate you to grow and push harder, this environment motivates women to not let patriarchy crush their voices and also rise above it. The feelings of solidarity and the seeds of equality is beautifully drawn in women colleges. Women colleges garners women the privilege of shaping their life; the experience differs for individual depending upon their economic, social and political dispositions and these colleges give them a platform to voice their opinions.

Instill a sense of self-dependency-

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The journey of a woman is a lot different from that of a man. They encounter sexism and alongside that there are many different prejudices embedded in our society for someone belonging from a marginalized group. Women do not deserve to encounter these prejudices; they don’t want to take the more complicated path to survive.

Equal opportunities must be available to all and no one should be discriminated on the basis on their gender. Patriarchy also makes living difficult for men, it affects them in various negative ways, but majorly women are on the receiving end of it. Men are at least spared the institutional oppression, those who have been constantly been discriminated on the basis of their gender are women and queers. Therefore, these educational institutions exist to create a space where women can learn to depend on themselves.

If we take a picture of our society, women are always told to depend upon men for their safety and livelihood. It is necessary to instill a sense of self-dependency among women and these institutions are highly capable of doing that.

Women get leadership opportunities where they are in charge of themselves. Therefore, it is important to provide women a space where they can develop and find their own identity, where they can explore without any self-consciousness and where they have the authority to self-determination.

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