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Things you should not feel guilty about

If you want to know about things you should now feel guilty about, you are in the right place. So human beings have an emotional feeling of guilt that comes when doing something wrong or wrong to someone. Well, that’s obvious and good to realise your mistakes in order to apologise and not repeat them further in life. But the problem occurs when we feel guilty for something in which we had no fault. Or more precisely, we are made to feel guilty by someone intentionally for something which they did and blamed us. Even there are few situations where we feel guilty about ask for our own deservings or belongings. So in this article, I’m going to share the few reasons and things for which you should never ever feel guilty. So here we go.

Simply ignoring a call

Look, it’s true that at some times it can be a serious or emergency call and people may get furious if you don’t attend them. But on the other hand, you should also remember that it’s your life, it’s your phone, and it’s completely your decision to attend it or decline it or simply ignore it by letting it ring till the end. So if someone tries to make you feel guilty regarding this issue then you can definitely charge them that your own life and it’s not possible for you to always entertain people whenever they call up because you have your own busy schedule right?

Decisions for your personal life

So you see, when it comes to your own life, own decisions or preferences and choices, then you don’t need to feel bad about that. Others will always have a tendency to make you work accordingly to their preferences and will obviously won’t like you if you don’t do so or disagree with them. So let them judge, let them feel anything about you, it’s not your headache, instead it’s completely their headache. So yeah, remember that you should never feel guilty about your own decisions even if they are wrong because it’s okay to regret with your decisions rather than regretting after working according to other’s and getting failure.

Your religious and political views

Dude, that’s completely your choice. Not everyone has the same choice. You shouldn’t feel guilty when others troll you for that. Yeah but if you realise that you are supporting a corrupt thing or some meaningless religious acts which you yourself don’t believe then that’s probably because you are egoistic and want to pretend that you are idealistic. But on the other hand, if you think that you are supporting the right thing and strongly believe in something which may even be illogical then that’s completely all right. Normalise having your own views because it’s better to get trolled that acting cool in front of others but deep down literally burning inside.

Parents and their income

You are just a toxic piece of creature if you actually are ashamed of who or how your parents are their earnings. Brother/ Sister, they are doing their best to give you a secured and better life than them. And when you feel guilty of ashamed about that, you are actually making your parents feel insecure about them and their present conditions. So don’t even dare to hurt them intentionally. And even if you cannot accept that you can’t afford something due to your family condition then you should have the guts to speak out, and if someone trolls you for that then they literally don’t deserve to be your friends. Let the toxicity get out of life but don’t become a toxic person in order to hold the toxicity back.

Prioritizing your mental health

Well, keeping your mental state healthy should obviously be your priority and hence you should never feel guilty about that. You can do anything to keep your mental state healthy, be it by cutting off toxic people from your life, making your own preferences, saying no to people, ignoring a phone call, replying late to texts, anything and everything. But remember one thing, that you should never hurt someone else intentionally in order to achieve your healthy mental state because that’s being toxic. So you should know the fine line between these two. You may often see that people will judge you for prioritising your mental health especially when you say no or disagree with something that other’s ask from you, be it a help or favour or anything. But remember one thing, that they don’t owe you anything in this life so you have nothing to feel guilty about.

So these were the main things and points about which you should never feel guilty about even if someone blames you or tries to make you feel guilty or tells you that you are going to regret in future for your decisions.

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