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8 Graduation courses at Brigham Young University, USA

Brigham Young University is a name and fame for an unending knowledge quest. Infact, their mission conveys the similar thing. The mission is to assist individuals in their quest for a perfect and meaningful life. Also, the University aims at providing character building, intellectual enlarging, leading to ‘Lifelong Learning and Service’. The University offers the students a number of different courses for pursuing diverse career paths.

It has an abundant variety of courses that interests several individuals and makes a match to their dreams and hopes of shining and scantling for a bright future ahead. Brigham Young University—Provo has ranked #80 in the list of best National Universities of USA and #11 in the list of best value schools.

Getting into the insights of the course, there are Master degrees provided in:

MA – Art Education

MA – Art Education is a course that’s fulfilling people’s desire of becoming a professional by in-depth curriculum development. It encourages students to inspiringly teach the world that learning is an art and through that, they can make the world a better place to live in. More the learning, more the education provided, more a brighter world and a sensible place to live in.

Admission Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Arts
  2. An all-encompassing interest for teaching.
  3. Experience of working previously in a public school.
  4. Resume attached along with proof of documents.
Graduation courses at Brigham Young University

MA – Anthropology

MA – Anthropology is a course that interests people in the happenings of previous times, the dig and study of biology, philology and prehistoric archaeology. Students perform a constructive study on different points and different phases of archaeology. Additionally, they have to get through a lot of research and also have to work on the hypothesis about the basic factors of Archaeology.

Admission Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology or associated field.
  2. Comprehensive understanding of human diversity.
  3. Learning the Research skills.
  4. Ability of communicating effectively.
gif for anthropology

Master of athletic training

Athletic Training is a course where the students are provided with extremely qualified and skilled health care professionals and instructors who would help them master the art of medical conditions.

Admission Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree related to the field
  2. Interested candidates must submit the supplementary documents ( physical exam certification) before the first semester of  Master of Athletic Training (MAT).
  3. Resume along with the proof of documents.
Graduation courses at Brigham Young University

Master of fine arts – Creative writing

This course, as the name entitles, is all about bringing out the innovative mind that captivates the readers and makes them glued to your writing. The moment one starts reading, he/she gets immersed in the writing. This course will help in a clear diversification and bring the ‘best version’ of your writing skills by bringing the best out of your creative minds.

Admission Requirements:

  1.   Good writing skills.
  2.   Potentiality to produce original content
  3.   Focus on content development.
  4.   Qualitative and coherent thinking.
gif for fine arts

Master of Science – Food science

The Food Science course deals with the study of the nature of the food, the causes of decomposition and the fundamentals that are implied in the process of food processing. Health and food science are two interdependent concepts. It’s high time that people should be more aware that it’s important to work towards attaining a healthy lifestyle. This course takes you through a perfect definition of a healthy lifestyle.

Admission Requirements:

  1.   Related undergraduate degree.
  2.   Critical thinking and Prompt Decision maker.
  3.   Good at Analysing Data.
Graduation courses at Brigham Young University

Master of Arts – Linguistics

Linguistics is an art of becoming proficient in a language, including the study of grammar, syntax and phonetics. The students also have the choice to learn in its associated field such as Anthropological Linguistics, Socio Linguistics and Language oriented Computing. The course is designed especially for those who want to gain expertise in Linguistics, expecting career paths as Speech and Language therapist, Language teacher, Copy editor, Proof reader or a role in Communications.

Admission Requirements:

  1.   GRE score
  2.   TOEFL score
  3.   Excellent communication skills.
  4.   Ability to analyse things and Critical thinking.
gif for linguistics

Master of Arts – Mass communication

Mass Communication is a highly sought-after course nowadays. Once the candidate gets selected and he completes the course, there are abundant opportunities in fields like Ad agencies, Journalism, PR events, Event organisations, Event Managements, Broadcast journalism and as a Radio Jockey too.

Admission Requirements:

  1.   GRE score
  2.   High competence in oral and written communication skills.
  3.   Resume along with the proof of documents.
photo of campus

MA- Media performance Studies

Media performance studies is an interdisciplinary course which offers a progressive and a futuristic training  to excel in the field of media, visual arts and performance.

Admission Requirements:

  1.   TOEFL OR IELTS score
  2.   Any related Undergraduate course
  3.   Minimum 1 year experience in Media background.
  4.   Resume along with the proof of documents.

This was all about Graduation courses at Brigham Young University, USA.

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