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Amity Law School, International Collaborations

Amity Law School stands as a beacon of academic excellence and professional prowess. Established with a commitment to nurturing legal minds, Amity Law School has become a distinguished institution known for its unwavering dedication to shaping the future of the legal fraternity. With a rich legacy, Amity Law School blends a comprehensive curriculum with practical insights, preparing students not only for legal practice but also for leadership roles in the dynamic legal landscape. The institution boasts a faculty of legal scholars and practitioners, ensuring that the education imparted at Amity Law School is not only theoretical but also deeply rooted in real-world legal scenarios. Join us as we delve into the transformative journey offered by Amity Law School, where the pursuit of justice meets academic brilliance.

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Overview of Amity Law School

Amity Law School stands as a bastion of legal education. Established with a vision to redefine legal studies, Amity Law School combines tradition with innovation. The institution offers a diverse array of programs, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape. With a distinguished faculty dedicated to imparting knowledge and practical insights, Amity Law School ensures a transformative learning experience. Moot court sessions, legal research initiatives, and internships are integral components, aligning education with real-world legal practice. The state-of-the-art infrastructure and a rich tapestry of legal programs make Amity Law School a distinguished choice for those aspiring to make a mark in the dynamic field of law.

Programs and Specializations at Amity Law School

Programs Specializations
1. Bachelor of Laws (LLB) – Criminal Law
– Business Law
– Constitutional Law
– Family Law
2. Master of Laws (LLM) – Human Rights Law
– International Law
– Intellectual Property Law
– Corporate and Commercial Law
3. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) – Legal Research and Jurisprudence

Amity Law School provides a comprehensive range of programs and specializations to cater to diverse legal interests. The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) program offers a solid foundation in various legal domains, including Criminal Law, Business Law, Constitutional Law, and Family Law. For those seeking advanced knowledge, the Master of Laws (LLM) program provides specializations in areas such as Human Rights Law, International Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Corporate and Commercial Law. Additionally, Amity Law School encourages scholarly pursuits with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program, focusing on Legal Research and Jurisprudence. These programs collectively reflect Amity Law School’s commitment to delivering a well-rounded legal education.

Faculty Expertise at Amity Law School

Legal Prowess:

The faculty at Amity Law School comprises seasoned legal professionals with diverse expertise, ranging from constitutional law to international law.

Academic Eminence:

Many faculty members hold advanced degrees, contributing to the academic rigor and intellectual environment at Amity Law School.

Industry Experience:

In addition to academic credentials, several faculty members bring valuable industry experience, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Published Scholars:

The faculty is actively involved in legal research, with numerous publications in esteemed journals, showcasing Amity Law School’s commitment to advancing legal scholarship.

Legal Advocacy:

Some faculty members have notable experience as legal practitioners, offering students practical insights and a firsthand understanding of the legal profession.

Mentorship Culture:

The faculty fosters a mentorship culture, providing personalized guidance to students at Amity Law School, nurturing their legal acumen and professional development.

In essence, the faculty at Amity Law School brings a rich blend of academic excellence, industry exposure, and a commitment to legal scholarship, creating a dynamic learning environment for aspiring legal minds.

Admission Process at Amity Law School

Application Submission:

Begin by submitting an online application form available on the official Amity Law School website.

Entrance Exam:

Depending on the program, candidates may need to appear for an entrance exam, evaluating their aptitude for legal studies.

Merit-Based Selection:

Amity Law School follows a merit-based selection process, considering academic achievements and performance in the entrance exam.

Personal Interview:

Shortlisted candidates may undergo a personal interview to assess their suitability for the chosen law program.


Successful candidates are required to submit relevant documents, including academic transcripts and certificates, during the admission process.

Notification of Admission:

Once the selection process is complete, admitted students receive official notification from Amity Law School.

Fee Payment:

Admitted candidates proceed to complete the enrollment process by paying the requisite fees within the stipulated timeframe.

Orientation and Induction:

New students participate in orientation and induction programs, providing them with essential information about Amity Law School’s academic and campus life.

Commencement of Classes:

The academic journey at Amity Law School begins with the commencement of classes, marking the start of a comprehensive legal education.

Continuous Support:

Throughout the admission process, Amity Law School ensures transparency, support, and guidance to prospective students, facilitating a smooth transition into the legal academic environment.

Scholarship and Financial Aid at Amity Law School

Diverse Scholarship Opportunities:

Amity Law School offers a range of scholarships, recognizing academic excellence, leadership, and community engagement.

Merit-Based Scholarships:

High-achieving students are eligible for merit-based scholarships, encouraging and rewarding outstanding academic performance at Amity Law School.

Need-Based Financial Aid:

Amity Law School is committed to inclusivity, providing need-based financial aid to support students who may face financial constraints.

Specialized Scholarships:

The institution offers specialized scholarships for students pursuing specific legal fields or demonstrating excellence in particular areas of law.

Transparent Application Process:

Applying for scholarships at Amity Law School is a transparent process, ensuring accessibility and equal opportunity for all eligible students.

Investing in Future Legal Minds:

By providing scholarships and financial aid, Amity Law School invests in the education and future success of aspiring legal professionals, fostering a diverse and talented legal community.

In summary, Amity Law School’s commitment to scholarship and financial aid programs reflects its dedication to making quality legal education accessible and inclusive, ensuring that financial considerations do not hinder the pursuit of legal knowledge and excellence.

Internship and Placement Opportunities at Amity Law School

Robust Internship Programs:

Amity Law School offers comprehensive internship programs, enabling students to gain practical exposure and apply legal theories in real-world scenarios.

Industry-Relevant Training:

The curriculum is designed to incorporate industry-relevant training, ensuring that students at Amity Law School are well-prepared for the dynamic legal landscape.

Diverse Placement Partnerships:

The school has established partnerships with a diverse range of law firms, corporate houses, and legal organizations, facilitating extensive placement opportunities for its graduates.

Moot Court Experience:

Participation in moot court sessions enhances practical skills, contributing to a competitive edge in securing internships and placements post-graduation at Amity Law School.

Global Exposure:

Students benefit from global exposure through internships and exchange programs, broadening their understanding of international legal practices.

Placement Support Services:

Amity Law School provides dedicated placement support services, connecting students with potential employers and guiding them through the job application process.

Amity Law School’s commitment to internships and placements aligns with its mission to produce well-rounded legal professionals equipped for success in their careers.

Internship and Placement Opportunities at Amity Law School

Interdisciplinary Approach:

Amity Law School fosters an interdisciplinary approach to legal research, encouraging collaboration between law and other fields.

Research Centers:

Specialized research centers within Amity Law School focus on diverse legal domains, providing a platform for in-depth exploration.

Faculty-Led Projects:

Experienced faculty members at Amity Law School lead research projects, ensuring a mentorship-driven approach to legal inquiry.

Student Involvement:

Amity Law School actively involves students in research initiatives, offering them opportunities to contribute to scholarly work.

National and International Collaborations:

The school promotes research collaborations with institutions globally, enhancing the scope and impact of legal research endeavors.

Publication Opportunities:

Amity Law School provides avenues for students and faculty to publish their research findings, contributing to the legal scholarship landscape.

Legal Symposia and Conferences:

Regular symposia and conferences organized by Amity Law School serve as platforms for discussing and disseminating cutting-edge legal research.

Policy Advocacy:

The legal research initiatives extend beyond academia to influence policy, reflecting Amity Law School’s commitment to societal impact.

International Collaborations at Amity Law School

Global Exposure Opportunities:

Amity Law School fosters international collaborations to provide students with diverse and enriching global exposure opportunities.

Exchange Programs:

The institution facilitates exchange programs with renowned law schools worldwide, allowing students to experience different legal systems and cultures.

Joint Research Initiatives:

Amity Law School engages in joint research initiatives with international partners, fostering a collaborative approach to legal scholarship and knowledge exchange.

Moot Court Competitions:

Participation in international moot court competitions is encouraged, offering students the chance to showcase their legal skills on a global platform.

Guest Lectures by International Experts:

Amity Law School invites legal experts from around the world for guest lectures, providing students with insights into international legal perspectives.

Dual Degree Programs:

Collaborative efforts with international institutions may lead to dual degree programs, allowing students to earn qualifications from both Amity Law School and its partner universities.

Cultural Exchanges:

Beyond academia, international collaborations at Amity Law School include cultural exchanges, promoting a holistic understanding of global legal practices.


Amity Law School offers a range of programs, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral courses in law.

The admission process involves submitting an online application form available on the official website. Detailed information on requirements and deadlines is provided in the admissions section.

 Yes, Amity Law School offers various scholarship programs based on merit, leadership, and financial need. Details can be found on the official scholarship page.

Amity Law School places a strong emphasis on practical training through moot court sessions, internships, and legal clinics, ensuring students are well-prepared for real-world legal practice.

International collaborations provide students with global exposure, exchange programs, joint research initiatives, and opportunities to participate in international moot court competitions, enriching their legal education.